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CA Laser Masters – AYC’s Paul Miachika Relives the “Old Days”

AYC 1st Year Member Paul Miachika participated in the California Laser Masters Championship in San Diego on the May 5th/6th weekend. His verdict: “It was a blast.” Here’s his report.

Fifteen salty dogs did battle on the Pacific Ocean in front of Mission Beach with sailors coming from as far away as Colorado and Northern California. Winds were on the lighter side (5 to 10 knots) for the most part, with the windiest race being the last with a steady 12 to 15 knots of wind, but from the south rather than the traditional west. There were big rollers coming in (5 to 6 feet) from the west with wind chop on top which made focusing on steering through the waves upwind vitally important in addition to normal close-quarter issues. The other big variable was the ever-menacing presence of loose kelp; if it caught on your dagger board or rudder you were dragging an instant sea anchor.

I started off strong with a hard fought finishes of 6, 10, 4, 6 on the first day and was leading a group of 4 other sailors holding down 5th place overall and 3rd in the Grand Masters division (55-64yrs). My starts were good but my sail was not up to par in the choppy conditions and resulted in some boat speed issues, although choosing the right route upwind was the key.

Sunday’s results were not as good despite being lent a newer sail from eventual 2nd overall winner Dave Leuck. The first 2 races I played the starboard side of the course, expecting a gradual clocking of the southerly breeze that didn’t come. (Went too fast in the wrong direction.) In the 3rd and final race the wind was up and had a great start and was battling for position rounding the top mark in 3rd place. Felt like the old days hiking my a** off and looking back at boats instead of seeing them in front of me.

Still had some “rust” and with the waves coming from the west but the wind from the SSW, it made running downwind tricky. A wave kicked me over on the first downwind leg and I capsized. Pretty embarrassing. Worked hard to get it righted but ended up the next three legs trying to catch up. Overall regatta position 8th. Not a bad result considering almost 30 years since I competed at a high level.

The winner, Doug Hart, is a phenomenal sailor. At 58 and 165 pounds he is in great shape, makes his boat go fast upwind and downwind and is a local so the winds didn’t fool him. With four firsts and three seconds and with handicap adjustments, he blew the rest of the field away. The Grand Master division had six sailors and all were good ones. Met lots of nice people including Nils Andersson, the Laser Fleet Captain and race organizer who was super helpful.

I strongly recommend other Laser (and non-Laser sailors) who can organize getting to the coast to participate in any Master or regular Laser regattas in the future to do so. Mission Bay Yacht Club is a fabulous club and the setting can’t be beat. Neither could the open keg set up on the yacht club balcony for the Master Laser sailors! (Photos courtesy of Julie and Paul Miachika.)

Paul Miachika

Julie and Paul Miachika at MBYC

Editor’s Note: Laser Master’s are broken into four age divisions: Apprentice (35-44 years old), Master (45-54 years old), Grand Master (55-64 years old) and Great Grand Master (65+). At the highly competitive but very fun World Championships you race against competitors only in your age division. In North America the Masters typically race as one fleet but score in their age divisions.

Engagement Under Sail


Photo By: Ty Pace

Laser Wednesday – What You Missed

Living the dream…

Evening solitude, looking west from Spanish Town dock on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands.  Photo: Charles Landis

AYC 2012-2013 Board of Directors Election Results



95 Ballots were received, 89 were “accepted” (mailed by 5/1 and received by 5/8, signed by member on outer envelope for checking with Membership Roster), and all Board of Directors Candidates received at least 83 votes from the 89 ballots counted.

Immediately following vote counting a Board of Directors meeting was held with the NEW Board. The new board, chaired by new Commodore Michael Ferring, elected our Secretary and Treasurer positions completing our 2012-2013 AYC Board of Directors (see below).

The AYC Bylaw change to modify the definition of “Junior Member” was approved 80 YES to 9 NO (“Juniors” can now be up to 25 years old).

The AYC Bylaw change to allow “Electronic Voting” was approved 82 YES to 7 NO (please remember that “manual” voting will still be an option for any members desiring to receive paper ballots in the future.)

Congratulations – and THANK YOU – to our new AYC Board of Directors:

  • Sr. Staff Commodore – Joe Motil (2nd year of 2-year term)
  • Jr. Staff Commodore – Emory Heisler (1st year of 2-year term)
  • Commodore – Michael Ferring (his 2nd “tour of duty”)
  • Vice Commodore – Decker Williams
  • Rear Commodore – Bob Whyte
  • Racing Fleet Captain – Greg Woodcock
  • Cruising Fleet Captain – Michael Parker
  • Membership Director – Brenda Shears (2nd year of 2-year term)
  • Membership Director – Thom Dickerson (1st year of 2-year term)
  • Treasurer – Tony Chapman
  • Secretary – Peter Lehrach

Thank you to our outgoing Sr. Staff Commodore Greg Jackson for your 5 years of service, and also thank you to everyone that voted for your support of our voting process.

Fair Winds! to our new and FULLY STAFFED AYC Board of Directors.

Emory Heisler
Election Committee Chairman

Fleet of the Month – Catalina 22

The Catalina 22 is a classic, one of the most popular one-design sailboats in the world. More than 15,000 boats manufactured for over 35 years make them readily available and relatively inexpensive.

The older boats are as competitive as the newest ones, providing a level playing for everyone.

We may not sail the fastest or highest-tech boat on the lake, but for flat-out, boat-on-boat racing, the Catalina 22 fleet at Lake Pleasant is awesome. Great competition is the name of the game—double digit numbers of boats wanting the “front row” at the line and six-plus boats converging on marks. Make a mistake and four or five boats blow by. Positions are constantly in flux. Deciding who to cover? Might as well flip a coin.

Want to learn more about the fleet, ride along for a race, find a boat, or join the fleet? Contact the Fleet Captain and let’s get started!

Fleet Captain: Martin Lorch 602.954.8324

May 2012 – Compass Points

CLICK HERE for the PDF Version

It’s May, end of the line for the 2011-2012 AYC year and time for Congratulations and Thank Yous!

  • Congratulations to our Fleet Champions and best of luck to them in the Championship of Champions – the AYC Championship!
  • Thank You!!! to all the sailors and their families that do so much to make our club so great, from the Board of Directors to the volunteers that all made 2011-2012 a great year of sailing in the desert.

REMEMBER TOO…IT’S TIME FOR THE PARTY!  Our AYC Membership meeting 5/8/2012 has no program.  We’ll be counting votes  election of our new board and for Bylaw changes.  You’re welcome to stop by and socialize and help with the counting.

And then we’ll hope to see you at THE PARTY to recognize the “Changing of the Guard”, to announce the election and Bylaw results and to celebrate 2011-2012 together!

Check it all out in this month’s COMPASS POINTS!

  1. Commodore’s Corner – Thank You AYC!
  2. Get Ready for “THE PARTY”
  3. Bob Worral Takes Line Honors – Greg Jackson 3-peats at Tall Cactus
  4. Arizona High School Sailing Champs: Luke Marino and Jack Griffin
  5. Congratulations to AYC Fleet Champions
  6. Trash Talk – AYC Keeps it Clean – Join in the Fun 5/19 at Lake Pleasant
  7. Not What You See from Cruise Ships – Martin Lorch Shares San Jaun Sailing
  8. Fleet of the Month – Thistle
  9. For Sale! Want Ads!

May 2012 Calendar of Events

      • SATURDAY, MAY 5
        • AYC CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP Races at Lake Pleasant
      • TUESDAY, May 8
        • 7:00pm Election Vote Count at Tempe Rolling Hills – Caddie Shack
      • SATURDAY, MAY 12
        • 6:00pm THE PARTY! Food! Music! Friends! Fun!!!

Commodore’s Corner – May 2012

Wow! What a year! We had our share of “headwinds” and “windshifts” but all in all together we—your Board and all of us volunteers—turned out another fabulous year of desert sailing.

As I write my last “Corner” it’s time to say thank you to recognize a few of our more outstanding successes from AYCs 2011-2012 sailing year:

  1. OUTSTANDING MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS!  Maryellen and Mike Ferring, you turned out an exceptional series of programs with national and international sailing stars and experts together with our own local cruising experts.  Thank you Maryellen and Mike!
  2. CRUISING FLEET CONTINUED RESURGENCE!  Michael Parker, you continued sharing your love of  “non-buoy” racing and cruising with us all, all to OUR benefit with the Governor’s Cup, Tall Cactus, and don’t miss the upcoming Catalina Cruise in July!  Thank you Michael for keeping the cruising fleet activities growing!
  3. RACING, RACING, RACING!  Trey Harlow, you MORE than just delivered on the water, you also delivered in the “Delivery Room!” We all know racing is by far racing what we do the most of in AYC (despite having a new little sailor in the house) Trey and many, many volunteer hands on RC, on boat maintenance and elsewhere made for another excellent year of racing.  Thank you Trey – and Nina too!
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY REGATTA!  Joe and Katherine Motil you two together with a host of volunteers including new and long-time members and even non-members provided the entire Southwest with another great celebration of our Club and of “winter” sailing in the desert.  Thank you Joe and Katherine and all involved!
  5. ARIZONA SAILING FOUNDATION-ASF: John Mayall, George Tingom, Lisa Lake, Leo Bauman, Greg Dean and a cast of US Sailing Certified Instructors and other “Just happy to be on the water” volunteers continued this great legacy of the Arizona Yacht Club. Our ASF classes continue to overflow and the ASF team continues to ensure our passion for sailing is passed on to many new sailors every year thanks to their efforts.  Thank you ALL!
  6. “VIRTUAL” VICE-COMMODORE:  Thank you Rob Gibbs and Mike Ferring and “yours truly”  for combining to fill the vacant Vice Commodore role and deliver club communications – i.e. our website and Compass Points.  And, yes, we may have missed a topic or a deadline here and there, but by and large we kept up the great AYC tradition of excellent, frequent and comprehensive coverage of all things happening in and around the AYC and ASF.  Thank you Rob and Mike for all your extra efforts!
  7. “MY” BOARD:   Thank you each and every one of you for your guidance, your engagement, your TOLERANCE of me and my many faults and frailties.  Together, we did a job that we all can and should very proud of.   I am.  Thank you all!

And lastly, let me thank all of you in the AYC that brought me into the club 10 years ago with such joy, passion and commaraderie.  Thank you for your trust to allow me to be your Commodore this past year.  Thank you for your kind words—and your challenging requests :),  and for making this such a great club and great “family” of people who make sailing in the desert so wonderful for all of us!

Fair winds!   Arrr!

Emory Heisler
AYC Commodore

Congratulations Fleet Champions – AYC Championship 5/5/2012

The annual AYC Championship Race will be Saturday, May 5, with the first gun at 9:30.

This face-off pits 8 fleet champs against each other in Thistles at Lake Pleasant to see who can hold the Big Cup for the next year. The captains include reigning Champ Martin Lorch (who qualified again by winning C22), Thistle winner Trey Harlow, PHRF Spin’s Norm Anderson, PHRF Non-Spin’s Greg Woodcock, Sportboat’s Mike Ferring, C14 winner Alexia Lorch, Buccaneer champ Matt Davis, and Laser winner George Sheller.

Thistle fleet captain Ben Doane volunteered to be the PRO for the event, sailed round-robin in 8 Thistles. Ben and Trey were kind enough to share their boats and their sailing and tuning tips with the other competitors during an informal orientation at Lake Pleasant Sunday, April 29. In a mixture of light and puffy air, a pack of non-Thistlers tried to identify too many lines while stumbling over the center trunk of the boat and hiking on the too-skinning gunwales, while being guided by the comforting hands of Ben and Trey. This could be interesting.

Race documents can be found here.

Spectators are welcome to watch the race and Ben says he’s still looking for a few more race committee members. Contact him at this email address.

Fleet of the Month – Thistle!

The Thistle is a 17-foot open dinghy designed for racing and daysailing. The sail plan consists of a main, jib, and spinnaker. The large sail area makes the boat fast in most winds.

The original boats were built in the 1940’s, constructed of wood and are still very competitive. Thistles are now built with fiberglass hulls, but still use wood for the rails and gratings. The boats are fast and beautiful.

The Thistle class is a national organization. It’s broken into districts throughout the United States, each district made up of several fleets located in separate cities.

Fleet 127 (part of the Southern California District) in Phoenix, Arizona has 12 boats, including new boats built in 2000, older wooden boats, and everything in-between. Our skippers have just as wide a range of experience from novice to very experienced.

If you’re interested in racing or daysailing please Contact Fleet Captain Trey Harlow for more information. Or click to the Thistle national site.

Tall Cactus Regatta – April 28, 2012

The Tall Cactus Regatta will be run this coming Super Sunny Saturday with high temps around 90 degrees with the rum punch hovering around 40 degrees.

This will be a sprint course compared to the marathons the last few years. The idea is to sail the course hard, then drop the hook—or tie up on someone and enjoy the great weather and a wee bit of competition onshore between fleets, Clubs, and/or individual boats.  Some random prizes will be awarded for the victors.

This is no Hunger Games.  Pull up a chair and feast on steak, chicken, salmon patties, salads, corn on the cob, beans, deserts, and cold drinks, but only if you’ve ordered in advance or if we happen to have some leftovers.



Montgomery  17                       11:00:00

Sunfish                                      11:02:00

Catalina  22                              11:02:00

Capri  14.2                               11:02:00

O’Day 222                                 11:03:48

San Juan  23                              11:06:36

Tanzer 22                                 11:06:48

O’Day 25                                 11:08:00

Montgomery  23                       11:09:12

Catalina  25                              11:10:24

Ranger  22                               11:10:24

Santana  20                              11:11:36

Capri  26                                  11:14:36

Buccaneer  18                          11:17:36

Santana  23                              11:21:12

J/24                                           11:21:12

Evelyn  26                                11:21:48

Merit  25                                  11:22:24

J/80                                          11:30:48

Wavelegth  30                          11:32:00

J/29                                          11:33:12

Viper 640                                 11:33:48

Corsair F27                              11:39:48

Reynolds  33                            12:11:58

NON- spin boats Course:

Marks to PORT

  1. Start at between the South Ramp lake exit buoy and the RC.
  2. Horse island
  3. Castle Creek buoy
  4. Balance Rock
  5. Horse Island
  6. Finish between East Shore and R/C boat near the North end of Humbug Cove

SPIN Boats Course:

  1. Start at between the South Ramp lake exit buoy and the RC.
  2. Coles Bay buoy
  3. Castle Creek buoy
  4. Balance Rock
  5. Horse Island
  6. Finish between East Shore and R/C boat near the North end of Humbug Cove
  • Date – Saturday, April 28th
  • Skippers Meeting – 9am Spinnaker Point – is where you will get YOUR sailing instructions.
  • Start – 11am
  • Finish – Humbug Cove between R/C boat and shore (aim is 3pm finish)
  • Dinner – Steak – Chicken – Salmon Patty served open face sandwich-style with salad, beans, and dessert and my special Party Punch!
  • Friendly competition between clubs to determine who gets to clean the bean pot.

Enter here.  Or see Mike Parker at the lake Saturday. The entry fee is $15.

Need more information? Contact Mike!

Michael Parker – 2012 AYC Cruising Captain

Fireballs Are BACK!

The hottest little boat on the water are bringing their WESTERN REGIONAL event to Lake Pleasant the 14th and 15th of April!  For more information contact Clay Paulson at cm_poulson@yahoo.com  or go to the Fireball NA Page.


April 2012 – Compass Points

CLICK HERE for the PDF Version

What a great March!  In like a Lion!  Out like a Lion!  March was full of heavy spring breezes in AZ and at the SD NOOD Regatta, and if great sailing wasn’t enough the month was topped off by a personal visit to AYC by Anna Tunnicliffe – Olympic Gold Medal Winner, #1 Ranked Women’s Match Racer and ISAF World Sailor of the Year (her second) for our Membership Meeting 3/13/2012.

Nominations are set for 2012-2013 Board of Directors and so next up must be Tall Cactus Regatta, the AYC Club Championship and our AYC Annual “Closing Ceremonies” – aka THE PARTY – coming in May.

It’s time to RACE our way to the finsh of 2011-2012 sailing year!

Check it all out in this month’s COMPASS POINTS!

  1. Commodore’s Corner – Heading for the Docks, and THE PARTY!
  2. AYC Bylaw Changes / Nominations Up for Vote
  3. This Year’s Commodore’s Celebration – dubbed “THE PARTY”
  4. Olympic Gold Medalist Anna Tunnicliffe Visits AYC
  5. Anna Tunnicliffe’s Roll Tack Tips
  6. 2012 Arizona High School Championship
  7. Tall Cactus Cruise to Humbug – April 28th!
  8. Fleet of the Month – PHRF Spinnaker Fleet
  9. For Sale! Want Ads!

Commodore’s Corner – April 2012

Spring Training may be over, but the 2011-2012 AYC season sure isn’t and as always we’re saving some of our best events for last!

Final races at LP and TTL are on tap of course and April means time to kick-back and cruise to Humbug with the gang for Tall Cactus Regatta.

In addition to Tall Cactus we’ll have a busy month for “paperwork” with Election ballot mailing – hopefully the last via snail mail – and two recommended AYC Bylaws changes to vote on. Please give your serious consideration to both these motions from the board:

  1. Expansion of “Junior” membership to sailors 25yrs and younger (currently up to 21) to allow more of our ASU students to join us on the water at “Junior” rates.
  2. Modification of votion procedures to allow members to “Opt” to vote electronically rather than requiring mailing of paper ballots.

Both of these changes look like good improvements and I hope you’ll “bounce around” these ideas with your crew and friends and share your feedback with us online with comments and on the AZYC Yahoo Group.

Have a great April!

April 2012 Calendar of Events

      • Sunday, April 1
        • 9:00am LP Race Day 8
        • 1:00pm Opti 1-2 Sailing Classes (TTL)
      • Tuesday, April 3
        • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
        • 6:30pm AYC Board Meeting
      • Saturday, April 7
        • 9:30am ASF Start Sailing Right Day 4
        • 1:00pm ASF Sailing Skills Development Day 4
      • Sunday, April 8
        • Easter Sunday
        • ASF Opti 1-2 Day 4 (TTL)
      • Tuesday, April 10
        • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
        • 7:00pm AYC General Membership Meeting
      • Saturday, April 14
        • 12:30pm LP Race Day 9
      • Sunday, April 15
        • 9:00am LP Race Day 10 – FINAL DAY!
        • 1:00pm ASF Opti 1-2 Day 5 (TTL)
      • Tuesday, April 17
        • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
      • Sunday,  April 22
        • 3:00pm TTL Race Day 8
      • Tuesday, March 27
        • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
      • Saturday, April 28
        • 9:00am Tall Cactus Regatta – Skipper’s Meeting
        • 11:00am Tall Cactus Regatta
      • SATURDAY, MAY 5
      • SATURDAY, MAY 12
        • 6:00pm THE PARTY!  Food!  Music!  Friends!  Fun!!!

Emory Heisler
AYC Commodore

Arizona High School Sailing Championship

The Fourth Annual Arizona High School Sailing Championship is scheduled to be held on 21 April 2012 at Tempe Town Lake.

Last year Alexia Lorch won and her crew was Scott Soethe.  She is was junior at Xavier College Preparatory and Scott was a student at Brophy College Preparatory.  A perpetual trophy to display at the school of the skipper for half the time until next years race (the other half of the time to be displayed at the school of the crew) was presented after the races.  Individual trophies were presented for the winners to keep.

This year’s competition promises to be great.  For more information and to get your race documents visit this link: http://arizonayachtclub.org/arizona-high-school-sailing-championship/

Fleet of the Month – PHRF Spinnaker

Sail Very Fast

The PHRF Spin boats are among the fastest of the regatta, usually driven by larger crews over longer distances than the other classes. These folks are hard core—sailors who love nothing more than to win a close start or push the boat up on a plane.

The fleet is made up of a diverse collection of boats, made more or less equal through the PHRF handicap scheme and includes “big chute” boats from 20 to 30 feet and beyond!  Check out the current fleet:

Crunch Time

Crunch Time

  1. Santana 2023
  2. Ranger 22
  3. J/24
  4. Merit 25
  5. Evelyn 26
  6. J/29
  7. Hobie 33 (prepping for Transpac 2013!!!)

Interested in joining us for a race, a day, a weekend or the whole series?  Learn more by contacting Fleet Captain: Bruce Andress


March 2012 – Compass Points

CLICK HERE for the PDF Version

It may still be winter elsewhere but SPRING IS HERE in Arizona! Excellent temperatures and breezes have our sailors out in force at Lake Pleasant and Town Lake for sailing and ASF Classes, and also venturing out for events on the CA Coast as well.

March brings us more great sailing AND Anna Tunnicliffe-Olympic Gold Medal Winner, #1 Ranked Women’s Match Racer and ISAF World Sailor of the Year (her second) for our Membership Meeting 3/13/2012.

Nominations for 2012-2013 Board of Directors will also be held that night so please contact your Fleet Captain, Cruising Captain Mike Parker, or one of our “At Large” Nominating Committee  members Tom Errickson or Tom Ohlin to submit a nomination to the Committee.

Happy Spring AYC!!!

  1. Commodore’s Corner – March Madness!
  2. March Membership Meeting – Olympic Gold Medalist Anna Tunnicliffe
  3. Tall Cactus Cruise to Humbug – April 28th!
  4. Welcome New Members to AYC
  5. Lake Havasu Pocket Cruiser Convention
  6. Notice: 2011-12 Officers Nominating Meeting
  7. Fleet of the Month – Laser
  8. For Sale! Want Ads!

Commodore’s Corner – March 2012

A fabulous spring season is off and running with over 50 boats registered for LP and TTL racing and 35 students registered for ASF Sailing Education courses.

March is an especially busy month for Arizona Sailors with as 15-20 boats heading to San Diego for the NOOD regatta along with our regular slate of LP and TTL Racing. Good luck and safe travels to the Viper, Buccaneer and other sailors heading to San Diego for the 3/16-3/18 SD NOOD!

On the Board of Directors front please on the lookout for RECOMMENDED BYLAW CHANGES being proposed by the Board to land in your in-basket in the next few weeks.

Have a great March Madness!

March 2012 Calendar of Events

TTL Sailors…remember the time change!  TTL Racing “First Horn” moves back an hour in March to 3:00pm for first horn.

    • Saturday, March 3
      • 12:30pm LP Race Day 3
    • Sunday, March 4
      • 9:00am LP Race Day 4
      • 1:00pm Opti 1-2 Sailing Classes (TTL)
    • Tuesday, March 6
      • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
      • 6:30pm AYC Board Meeting
    • Sunday, March 11
      • 1:00pm Opti 1-2 Sailing Classes (TTL)
      • 3:00pm TTL Race Day 6
    • Tuesday, March 13
      • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
      • 6:00pm AYC Board Elections – Nominating Committee Meeting
      • 7:00pm AYC General Membership Meeting – Anna Tunnicliffe!
    • Friday, March 16
      • SD NOOD Regatta Day 1 of 3 – San Diego, CA
    • Saturday, March 17 
      • GO GREEN!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day
      • 12:30pm LP Race Day 1
    • Sunday, March 18
      • 9:00am LP Race Day 2
      • 1:00pm ASF Opti 1-2 (TTL)
    • Tuesday, March 20
      • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
    • Saturday, March 24
      • 9:30am ASF Start Sailing Right Day 3
      • 1:00pm ASF Sailing Skills Development Day 3
    • Sunday, March 25
      • 3:00pm TTL Race Day 7
      • Sunday, February 2
    • Tuesday, March 27
      • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
    • Saturday, March 31
      • 12:30pm LP Race Day 7

    Emory Heisler
    AYC Commodore

WELCOME New AYC Members!

Dennis Davis took the Learn to Sail Right class with his brother in Fall 2011 and thinks ASF instructors are GREAT!! He is running two Lasers at TTL; Ema is currently taking High School Sailing. They are looking to add larger boats to the family fleet – maybe a buccaneer!
The Edwards Family, Kevin, Stacy, Austin and Hollis, are long-time Scottsdale residents that pursue many outdoor activities. Kevin has been involved in sailing for many decades and has crewed on Team Gravity at Lake Pleasant for over six seasons.  He crews with the “Shockwave” sailing team out of Long Beach, has been on many ocean excursions and continues to enjoy boating with friends and family.  Austin, is a student at ASU and looks forward to participating in the sailboat racing program at Tempe Lake this spring. Stacy and Hollis both enjoy boating very much but have taken a more casual approach to their sailing experience. They look forward to being active members and getting know more of you at the Arizona Yacht Club.

Chalz Kirubi is a mechanical engineer who has helped in building a 20-foot wooden Catboat called Kinship with his family in the Boston area. He has been on sailboats all 40 years of his life. He has lived in Phoenix for the past six years and owned a 22-foot Laguna Windrose that he would tow to Lake Pleasant. He is now looking to sail a bit more casually than owning by adopting a boat at Tempe Town Lake or crewing with others.

Peter Lehrach taught himself to sail at age 13 on a Sunfish (the only boat he’s ever owned) and began racing competitively in college.  He is experienced sport boat crew on J/22, J/29, & J/80s and raced extensively on a Pearson 30 in the Gulf of Mexico.  As foredeck on a Farr 37, they won class at the 2003 Key West race week earning the crew an invitation to the National Offshore Championship at the US Naval Academy.  The highlight of his sailing career was being #1 foredeck on a 70’ ketch for Antigua Race Week and then racing the same yacht in the America’s Cup Jubilee at the Isle of Wight, England.  His cruising resume includes Marion (MA) to Bermuda, Newport to Ensenada, Turks & Caicos to Nassau, and bareboat charters from Guadeloupe, and the BVIs.

Court Roberts joined AYC in the fall and right away took the championship in the 2011 Governor’s Cup!  He hails from Anthem and sails a Melges 24 and recently has begun sailing in the Laser fleet on Tempe Town Lake. Last year he began racing his Holder 20 in AYC Lake Pleasant races. Court originally grew up in Southern California where he starting sailing Sidney Sabots way back in the day as a kid. He spent many vacations sailing with his family to Catalina Island and other coastal cruising and often participated in the boat parade in Huntington Harbor. He moved with his family to Northern California in the late 70’s and picked sailing back up in the early 90’s. He owned and operated a night club and restaurant in Eureka, California for 15 years until the move in 2005 to Anthem; some of the summer months are still spent at his home in Northern California taking in the summer racing in the Humboldt Yacht Club, where he is also a member. Court says he is excited to be a member of the AYC and involved with such a great group of fine sailors who enjoy sailing just as much as he does. We look forward to his active racing involvement in Arizona.

Devin Sloan became interested in sailing while completing the Deepwater Cruising course series at USC. While the course was geared towards offshore sailing in larger keelboats, it did include some experience with smaller boats such as 420s. He then helped crew in the Marina Del Rey beer can races for 2 years.  Unfortunately due to work and relocation he has not been on the water for almost a decade and is looking to get back into sailing. He is interested in racing and assisting with equipment maintenance.

Matthew and Jacob Thomas joined as Junior Members in the fall. They have participated in the High School Sailing Program.

George and Pam Weaver have come full circle, having learned to sail in the early 70’s with an AYC member, racing on Lake Pleasant and participating in a cruise to Isla Tiburon off Hermosillo. They have since sailed a variety of boats in the Chesapeake, San Diego Harbor, the Willamette & Columbia Rivers in Oregon, the Pacific Ocean off Honolulu, and the Pacific Northwest as proud owners of a 50’ Sea Ranger trawler.  George is a retired Captain with Continental Airlines; Pam is an interior designer turned writer and is now the accomplished author of three books. They live in Scottsdale with their Papillion Angel, an experienced watch-stander on the flybridge.

If you are a new member and have not been introduced through Compass Points, please send a brief writeup about you (and your family) to membership@arizonayachtclub.org.

Brenda Shears
Arizona Yacht Club Membership Director

Pocket Cruisers at Lake Havasu

Linda and I just spent a week in Lake Havasu at the Havasu Pocket cruiser convention and had a great time. There were around 200 boats from all over the US and Canada that showed up for some really fun sailing and racing, which I believe was a little more than just fun for some. The races are very loosely ruled, and no Protests are allowed, just gentlemanly conduct, and there was a lot of that. Everyone behaved well, and there were several race seminars held for those who didn’t understand the rules.

There was also a parade of boats under the London Bridge. If you would like to see a collection of photos from this years convention,
CLICK HERE and they are already posting photos there.

Lake Havasu has a great organization putting on this event and have quite a few seminars, manufacturers, sail makers, west marine, and ruddercraft, JO woodworks and many more there. They procured great deals on the rooms at the London Bridge resort, we stayed there and all rooms are suites and very nice, and are next to the convention center and boat docks, and 5.00 a night slips, free launching, and they sponsor their local Sea Scouts, and had a book sale this year, auctioned a donated boat, and built a dinghy behind the convention center this year for the Sea Scouts. Of course they also had a great party Thursday night, and Saturday night was awards and trophy’s for racing, and more.
The Pocket Cruiser Convention is very family oriented, but only about 4 children showed up that I counted. The real reward was meeting so many nice people, seeing so many beautiful boats, and returning to a sailing venue I hadn’t seen in 20 or so years. By the way, there is no entry fee, and all the seminars and racing are free, and you only have to spend the gas money to get there. I am already planning to be there next year, and would hope to see a lot more Arizona yacht Club burgees flying at the marina.
Yes, this interferes with the first LP Race weekend, but if you are interested we can work with the board to take this event into consideration on next year’s calender. Either way, to me it is worth missing a race weekend to enjoy the good food, plenty of racing, a whole week of sailing, or you could just come for a couple of days since there are no entry fees. Let Sean know you’re coming and he puts this whole thing together. Check the web site www.sailhavasu.com/ or contact me if you would like to know about this great Arizona sailing event.

Dennis Lynde

Dennis, Linda Lynde and "Tynee"