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Latest Heat Stroke Scores

The latest Heat Stroke Series Scores are posted on the Race Results page.

Heat Stroke Week 8

The scores for week 8 of the Tempe town Lake 2011 Heat Stroke are posted here.

TTL Heatstroke Series – Week 7 Scores

Week 7 of the Tempe Town Lake 2011 Heat Stroke are posted here.


 Buccaneer 18 Fleet
    Sail   Boat                  Skipper
1  5239 Erin Morgan        Heisler,Emory
2  5231 Lazy Bones        Chapman,Tony
3  1235 Dang Gina          Brown,Stephen
4  524                            Pillote,Cynthia

 Capri14.2 Fleet
    Sail   Boat                   Skipper
1  4818  Sea Ya!              Ferring,Mike
2  3         Hot T/Iced T      Tingom,George
3  4650 Sec’nd Wind        Lake,Lisa
4  1438 Was BirdBath      Lorch,Alexia
5  4567                           Kennedy,Stephen
Laser Fleet
    Sail       Boat                     Skipper
1  177634                              Bernard,Mike
2  AYC1   AYC Adopt-a-Boat  Verplanke,Edwin
3  184560 Yak Meat               Sheller,George
4  20440                                Harlow,Trey
5  8           Skeeter                 Gibbs,Rob
6  88241   Merlin                     Willis,Dave
7  AYC2   AYC Adopt-a-Boat   Murphy,Garrison

 Portsmouth Fleet
      Sail      Boat                     Skipper           Type
1    15034                               Poulson,Clay   Fireball
2    7          AYC Adopt            Poulson,Clay   Sunfish
3    181      Waterdog               Motil,Joe         Megabyte
4    3310                                 Eanes,Sean     Prindle 16
5    AYC1  AYC AdopT             Reger,Lori       Sunfish
5    72        Fatboy                   Barnett,Joe      Megabyte


TTL Heatstroke Series – Week 6

Week six of the Tempe Town Lake Heat Stroke Series results are posted here.

Heat Stroke Scores are posted.

Week 5 of the Heat Stroke Series at Tempe Town Lake are posted here.

Tempe Town Lake Scores

The scores for the combined Fall & Spring series are posted. Congratulations to the fleet winners. Click here for the results.

Tempe Town Lake Scores

The Final scores of the Spring Series are posted. The combined Fall & Spring will be posted tomorrow. Click here for the scores.

Lake Pleasant Fall & Spring

The combined scores for Fall 2010 & Spring 2011 are posted. Congratulations all fleet winners!

Click here for the results.

Lake Pleasant Scores Posted.

The final weekend of the Lake Pleasant Series have been sailed.. From cold, wet and windy on Saturday to be greeted Sunday morning with snow on the Bradshaw’s and light to no wind and warm sun, Lake Pleasant showed all it’s various moods in one weekend. Click here for the scores.

Tempe Town Lake Scores

The scores are posted for last weekend of racing at Tempe Town Lake. Click here for scores.

Lake Pleasant Scores are posted.

A great weekend of racing at Lake Pleasant. From gusts that knocked a couple of boats over to ghosting along, wind shifts that had us sailing all over the lake and at one time boats under spinnaker heading at each other, from different ends of the lake. Lake Pleasant at it’s best/worst. A great dinner from the Catalina 22 Fleet. Good times! Click here for scores.

Tempe Town Lake Scores

Scores for TTL 13 Mar are posted.

Click here for Scores.

Lake Pleasant Scores are up.

What a 180 degree different weekend the the last race weekend. Warm, sunny, light wind, instead of the cold, rainy, blowing the dogs off the chains of the previous week.

Click here for the scores.

TTL Week 6 Scores

Scores for Tempe Town Lake Week 6 are posted.

Click here for results.