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High School Championship Set For April 19

HSChamp2013-Rounding-FeatureThe annual High School Championship regatta will be run Saturday, April 19, in Capri 14.2 sailboats on Tempe Town Lake. In addition to the ASF high school class, all students are eligible to participate.

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions
Entry Form

Last year’s champion, Cedric Lorch, will be back to defend his championship. Here’s the story on last year’s event.



Spiffing Up the ASF Fleet

More C14s are ready for classes. Photo: George Tingom

More C14s are ready for classes. Photo: George Tingom

On Saturday (3/15/14) many helpers got the last of the refitting the better hull 14.2s into sailing class condition. We now have ten 14.2s with good sails. ASF is committed to training sailors how to sail with decent equipment and to allow the ASF/AYC adopt-a-boat program to continue.

Those who helped on Saturday:  Michael Ferverda, Peter Blake, Brian Dye, Peter and Eric Schweizer, Don Hubele, Danny Moore, Martin Lorch, Phil Freedman and my friend from Atlanta, Greg Janos.

With 10 boats, our Adult Beginning Sailing class will have room for 20 students. We don’t have the dates set now, but the first of the four Adult Beginning Sailing Classes will start near the end of September and every other Saturday for four class days. We plan to hold the cost of the class at $350 per student. I’m taking names of those would like to sign up, with any overflow going on a waiting list.

—George Tingom

Fixing Up the ASF Boats for Spring

On two Saturdays (1/25 and 2/1) many helpers came to keep the ASF student boats in good condition.

As part of the High School Sailing class, students to volunteer three hours toward maintenance and upgrades. Also helping were sailors who are part of the “adopt-a-boat” program in cooperation with the Arizona Yacht Club. Others just helped. Thank you all.

Rick Johnson, Paula, Peter Blake, Dennis Davis, Ema Davis, Wilson Davis, Edgar, Jennie, Mike Ferring, Phil Freedman, Rob Gibbs, Paul Eyssautier, Mitchell Wenger (brought cookies too), Mark Howell, Madison Cordova, Gareth Minson, Emma Welch-Murphy, Danny Moore, Lisa Moore, Don Hubele, and Rick Gilchrist. (I may not have all names 100% correct.)

We still have three boats in need of repairs and trailers that require new bunks. Most of these are at my home so that we don’t have to buy TTL permits before we use the boats for instruction.

—George Tingom, ASF President

Fixing up the ASF Capri 14.2 sailboats in preparation for spring classes.

Fixing up the ASF Capri 14.2 sailboats in preparation for spring classes.

Spring ASF Classes Coming Soon to a Lake Near You

The spring salvo of Arizona Sailing Foundation (ASF) classes fires off soon: Kids’ classes beginning February 9 and the adult Learn to Sail class on February 15. High school classes are already underway.

Kids getting ready for Opti action.

Kids getting ready for Opti action.

The line-up includes two Opti classes for young sailors, an Opti I and Opti II. Those are joined this spring by the Junior Performance Racing Class, sailed in the new O’Pen Bic boats. That class is already full, but there’s still some room in the Opti classes. Sign up here.

If you know someone who’s always wanted to try sailing, the adult Learn to Sail class is just the ticket. Starting from “where’s the wind?” and progressing through tacks and jibes and capsize recovery and much more, the students graduate ready to handle a dinghy. There’s this most exciting part: they begin sailing on their very first day. No extended book time for these people. It’s a speedy trip from “here’s a boat” to “trim in and let’s go”!

More information and registration button here.


ASF Welcomes 11 New Sailing Instructors

A grueling pair of weekends, wrapping up after dark on Sunday, produced 11 new grads to help teach the Arizona Sailing Foundation (ASF) classes.

Here are the graduates:

1 Kyle Brown
2 Rick Cotman
3 Dennis Davis
4 Ema Davis
5 Martin Lorch
6 Donny Mayfield
7 Daniel Mobley
8 Eric Schweizer
9 Lewie Wallace
10 Greg Woodcock
11 Chris Smith

The next time you see any of them, offer your congratulations.

All of the students have agreed to help with the training of future Arizona sailors. If you’d like join them, mention it to George Tingom. He says the next class will probably be three years from now.

US Sailing Instructor Class is Full!

Some 50 boats sailed on Tempe Town Lake Sunday, October 27. Photo: Phil Freedman

Kids and adults learning to sail on Tempe Town Lake. Photo: Phil Freedman

Great news! ASF President George Tingom reports that the January US Sailing level one small boat instructor class is full and cannot accept any further students.

Now there will the 12 new instructors available to teach the ASF classes.

The class is extensive and taught by one of the best: the instructor of instructors, Ray Treppa. The classes are all day on January 4-5 and 11-12 in Tempe, with on-the-water work at Tempe Town Lake.

The news that the class has filled is in sharp contrast to the last two years when the class had to be canceled for lack of participation.

If you wanted to enroll in this class but missed out, make sure George has your name for future classes. Call ASF president George Tingom at 480.948.3814 or email him.

Magical, Mystical Opti Class

The Opti group, getting ready to sail. Photo: Mark Howell

The Opti group, getting ready to sail. Photos: Mark Howell

Mark Howell was watching and listening as 9 kids and 9 Opti sailboats lined up on the plastic dock at Tempe Town Lake last Sunday afternoon.

Actually, he called it eavesdropping and this is what he heard about sailing theory:

  1. Hang on to the tiller and the mainsheet.
  2. Sit on the opposite side of the boat from the sail.

Then, he said, “they pushed them off the dock one by one, and they were sailing.  Magic.”

Let’s hope it’s the first sail of a lifetime of sailing fun.OptiDock

And then they pushed off and sailed.

And then they pushed off and sailed.

AYC’s Wilson Davis Competes in O’Pen Bic Event in SF

Wilson Davis hikes on SF Bay. Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget, America's Cup

Wilson Davis hikes on SF Bay. Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget, America’s Cup

O’Pen Bic sailboats are high-performance fun for junior-high age kids and last weekend (8/17), AYC’s Wilson Davis (age 11) got a full dose of it at the O’Pen Bic event at the America’s Cup venue in San Francisco.

Here are four minutes of high speed coverage:

Pre-Season Powerboat Classes

We have two powerboat class sessions scheduled before the racing heats up (and unfortunately before the weather cools off!).

31 Aug is an “Accelerated” course.  If you already have powerboat experience, you can take the Boat US Course online found here, then come challenge the US Sailing test, and then we’ll go out on the water and do some drills to prove your seaworthiness.

The next “full class” is being offered the evening of 5 Sept for the classroom portion and then 14 Sept for the on the water portion.

Either way, please go to this link to sign up.

Each course is limited to 12 students, so please sign up today!

Fall Sailing Classes Underway

Learn to sail, just like this, on Tempe Town Lake. Photo: Mike Ferring

Learn to sail, just like this, on Tempe Town Lake. Photo: Mike Ferring

Classes are now underway for the Arizona Sailing Foundation educational courses—for adults and kids.

Soon, a new course this fall for kids who have outgrown Optis and would like something a little faster, a performance sailing course using the new O’Pen Bic sport boat. This fast, sleek boat is the kind of tool that should challenge Need for Speed for adrenalin-stoked action.

The other courses include:

  1. Kids Opti I & II
  2. Adult Learn to Sail
  3. Adult Sailing Skills Development
  4. Introduction to Sailboat Racing

Introduction to Sailboat Racing registration is open now. The others will have another session in the spring.

The Fall 2013 Opti class lined up on the floating dock at Tempe Town Lake. Photo: Mark Howell

The Fall 2013 Opti class lined up on the floating dock at Tempe Town Lake. Photo: Mark Howell

ASF Work Party Spruces Up TTL Storage Area

The work party builds storage units at Tempe Town Lake.

The work party builds storage units at Tempe Town Lake.

A flock of workers have helped George Tingom and ASF fix, rearrange, cleanup and re-construct the storage area at Tempe Town Lake.

Bruce Andress hauled off the heavy steel storage box. A crew built a storage rack for the new O’Pen Bic junior sports boats and took it to the lake. Then another crew built a new sail storage box, cleaned up and improved the racks in the trailer, and hauled off extra racks for storage in George’s backyard.

The Saturday work crew: J.M. Kiel, Gail Kiel, Martin Lorch, Cedric Lorch, Mark Howell, Bruce Andress, David Cummings, Phil Freedman, George Tingom.

The O’Pen Bic rack builders: Don Hubele, Phil Freedman, Dennis Davis, Wilson Davis, Chris Tingom, and Emory Heisler.

This homemade boat lift helps free up boat trailers for repair without taking 4-5 people to lift the boats.

This homemade boat lift helps free up boat trailers for repair without taking 4-5 people to lift the boats.

Wilson Davis to Compete in O’Pen Bic at America’s Cup

Wilson Davis has been chosen to be one of 20 Top Junior Sailors to sail immediately following AC72 races of the Louis Vuitton (Challenger) finals Saturday and Sunday August 17th and 18th in San Francisco in the O’pen Bic Hi-Wind Sailing Slalom Challenge.

Wilson will be representing the Arizona Yacht Club and Arizona Sailing Foundation. At age 11, Wilson is the youngest competitor of the 20 qualified sailors by a year and the only sailor from Arizona.

Competitors will be coming from: New Zealand, Hawaii, Florida, San Diego, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Sweden to name a few. Wilson’s helmet will proudly display logos of Arizona and the Arizona Yacht Club.

Wilson is currently a 6th grader at Veritas Preparatory Academy. We’re told that after Wilson comes back from the America’s Cup he’ll need a larger helmet, a secretary, and a limo driver. Good luck, Wilson.

By Philip Freedman

Wilson Davis aboard the O’Pen Bic.

Friday: Meeting to Help Grow Your Club

Rob Gibbs notes that AYC has hovered around 200-240 member families for a couple decades and he’d like your help to build the club by building our sailing education programs.

He notes that people who sign up for the Adult Beginning Sailing class (formerly “Start Sailing Right”) are motivated and genuinely interested in learning how to sail. Now, he says, we need you to offer a hand—to share your sailing experience with these beginning sailors to help us grow our sport, whether your interest is racing or cruising.

If you’re interested in giving back to the sport that has given you so much enjoyment over the years, Rob invites you to his house Friday (July 12) at 6 pm for dinner and discussion. If you can make it, please email Rob at If you can’t make it but want to volunteer to go for a sail with us, he says: “Email me anyway!”

Exciting New Sport Boat for ASF Intermediate Sailors

Gerald Byrnes tries out the new O'pen Bic on Tempe Town Lake. Photo: Phil Freedman

Gerald Byrnes tries out the new O’pen Bic on Tempe Town Lake. Photo: Phil Freedman

The Arizona Sailing Foundation has bought four new O’pen Bic sport boats for Junior ASF sailors.

ASF president George Tingom says the boats will fill a need to offer a high performance alternative to the Optis for young sailors who have topped out and are looking for something faster and sportier.

The name is a play on the name of the product we all know—the ubiquitous Bic ballpoint pen. But the boat is a play on the new shape of sailing—high performance.

It’s thermoformed polyethylene and rotomolded construction with full roach, fully-battened, clear mylar mainsail. With an open transom, there’s none of that Opti bailing stuff if the boat takes on water.

The O’pen is an international one-design class and you can tell from the promotional video that kids really enjoy them.

Register for AYC-US Sailing Powerboat Class May 16 and 19

Instructor Rob Gibbs

Instructor Rob Gibbs

Rob Gibbs will conduct a powerboat training class on two days in May. The classroom portion is Thursday, May 16 from 5:30 to 9:30 pm at the Tempe Police Department, Apache Substation. The on-the-water portion will be on Sunday, May 19, from 8am to 1pm at Lake Pleasant.

The course is offered by the Arizona Sailing Foundation (ASF) as a courtesy to AYC members—for no charge. Since we need additional certified boat drivers for AYC events, if you’re not a member, you may take the course for just $50 if you intend to help on race committee.

Perfect Conditions for High School Championship

Cedric Lorch and the V for Victory! Photos: Phil Freedman

Cedric Lorch signals V for Victory! Photos: Gerald Byrnes

After the first race of the 2013 Arizona State High School Sailing Championship, after hearing the yells from the winning boat, it was apparent whose names would be etched on the championship aulde mug trophy.

Cedric Lorch (son of multi-year AYC club champion Martin Lorch) from Valley Lutheran HS and Mitchell Wenger from Connolly Middle School took home the hardware. But of the seven boats racing, the team of Graydon Sharp and Peter Blake kept the heat on with steady finishes and took second, just four points behind.

Race committee chairman, high school sailing coach, and instructor George Tingom said that this year’s event was by far the best for the championship and thinks next year’s could be even stronger.

“We have a fantastic core of volunteers that will make this event a strong foundation for high school sailing in Arizona,” he says. “We’re hopeful of fielding a bigger turnout of between ten to fourteen boats culminating with a barbeque.”

This year’s champions vow to be back for a repeat.

—Words by Philip Freedman

Rounding the mark at the 2013 High School Championship Regatta.

Rounding the mark at the 2013 High School Championship Regatta.

(Corrected Results with Throw-outs)

1st Place 6 Points – (Cedric Lorch / Mitchell Wenger)

2nd Place 10 Points – (Graydon Sharp / Peter Blake)

3rd Place 15 Points (Bharath Tata / Jake Xu)

4th Place 19 Points (Luke Marino / Lliya Panfilinco)

5th Place 22 Points (Madison Cordova / Isabella Hutchinson)

6th Place 22 Points (Alec Arthur / Daniel Moore)

7th Place 30 Points (Wilson Davis / Austin / Lannitti)


Wing-on-wing downwind at the Championship Regatta.

Wing-on-wing downwind at the Championship Regatta.


Competitors surround organizer George Tingom. Champ Cedric Lorch holds the hardware.

Competitors surround organizer George Tingom. Champs Cedric Lorch and Mitchell Wenger  hold the hardware.







High School Championship Saturday, April 20

2012 High School Champions

2012 High School Champions

The annual High School Championship regatta will be Saturday, April 20, at Tempe Town Lake. The boats will be C14s, using boats from the Arizona Sailing Foundation (ASF). Here are the documents you’ll need to enter. Contact Regatta Organizer George Tingom if you have questions.

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions
Entry Form

Gary Jobson Picks Former AYC Junior as One of Eight All-Stars

Each year Gary Jobson scours the country for the top young sailors and gives them recognition in his Sailing World column, shining a light on what he calls All-Star finalists. And this year, he picked a former Arizona Yacht Club Junior sailor.

Scott Buckstaff just turned 18, but most of us remember him as a promising Opti sailor, guided by his talented sailing parents, Dan and Kathleen Buckstaff. The family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area a few years ago and Scott continued to sail. Did he ever!

Gary Jobson notes that last year Scott won the U.S. Youth Sailing Championship in the 29er class with crew James Moody. Besides his skiff sailing, Scott has been sailing on keel boats and this last summer served as tactician aboard the J/90 Ragtime and won the YRA of San Francisco Champion of Champions Regatta.

In his spare time, says Jobson, Scott mountain bikes and trains for triathalons.

Dan and Kathleen were instrumental in gearing up the Arizona Sailing Foundation’s Junior Program, helping acquire a fleet of Optis, setting the curriculum and building excitement for the program, even taking the kids to national competitions. Scott’s success shows where a program like that can lead.

US Sailing Level 1 Instructor Course Here in January

Registration is now open for the US Sailing Level 1 Instructor course, to be taught here on two intensive weekends in January—the weekends of January 5&6 and 12&13.

US Sailing requires a minimum of 8 students in the course, a number we’ve failed to meet the last two times this course has been offered in Phoenix. So we really need your support this time.

Here’s the sales pitch: Not only does the course prepare you to teach sailing, but it also makes you a better sailor. Course instructor Ray Deppa has taught all of the US Sailing Instructor courses in Phoenix, and he’s a real pro, someone who will leave you knowing more about this game we play. But teaching sailing is actually the best part. Introducing new people to the sport is a lot of fun—seeing them begin to understand how a boat moves through the water by wind alone and seeing the joy they get from figuring it out.

Sign up four weeks or more before the class and it’s $325; after that it’s $345. If you pass the course and teach for the Arizona Sailing Foundation, ASF will reimburse half your tuition. (If you’re a high school or college student, check with George Tingom for possible higher reimbursement rate.)

I just paged through some of the US Sailing material on the course. You’ll find some information here. And the registration begins here. There’s quite a bit of paperwork involved and you’ll need to be a member of US Sailing (a good thing anyway) and you’ll need to pass a first aid and CPR course (definitely a good thing anyway). The prerequisites are extensive. My advice: don’t let any of that discourage you. The other students and Instructor Ray Deppa will help you through it. If you want to pass, you’ll pass.

For questions on the course, check with George Tingom, who’s organizing the course and has been involved in every one we’ve held since 2003 (when I took it).

Sailing Discovery Day at Tempe Town Lake

We’d like to invite everyone to the first Sailing Discovery Day at Tempe Town Lake on Saturday October 13 from 1pm to 5 pm. Stop by before you go to the Tempe Oktoberfest party!

Who should come: Anyone who’s interested in learning more about sailing, sailing in Arizona, our club, or fun people in Arizona.

We’ll have several types of boats there and with any luck there will be a comfortable breeze to take some rides and get your first sailing experience. We’ll also have information regarding classes and other ways to get involved in the sport of sailing!