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Class dates match the Tempe Town Lake Sunday race dates: Starting January 21, February 11, February 25, March 11, March 25, April 15, April 29, and May 6. The class starts at 1 pm in January and February and at 2 pm in March, April and May.

The O'Pen Bic Sport Boat you'll use in this class.

The O’Pen Bic Sport Boat you’ll use in this class.

What it’s about: Fun on the water by learning to race. Sail and race in O’pen Bic sport boats. Learn boat handling, safety, docking and racing procedures and tactics. After learning to race, you’ll participate in actual Arizona Yacht Club races on Tempe Town Lake in your own fleet of O’Pen Bics.

Who should attend: Any junior between the ages of 10 and 13 who’s completed the Opti 1 and Opti 2 programs or has passed a sailing skills expertise test. Classes open to all skill levels. Small class size means personal attention and rapid learning.

Instructors: Highly-experienced, US Sailing-certified sailors

How much: $140 per student

All boats and costs are included. You must provide your own PFD and helmet (Bicycle or Skateboard helmet is suggested).

Here’s a fun promotional video for the Bic.

Contact:  Rob Gibbs

Student Colin Gibbs on a Bic, trailed by Chief Instructor (and dad) Rob Gibbs. Photo: Mike Ferring

Student Colin Gibbs on a Bic, trailed by coach (and dad) Rob Gibbs. Photo: Mike Ferring