PHRF Non-Spinnaker

A Fleet for All Boats

If you have a cruising boat, you have a PHRF Non-Spinnaker racer.

Without a spinnaker, the boats can run with smaller crews (typically 2-3 people). The PHRF handicap system evens up the racing among all kinds of boats, giving you a chance to out-sail the fleet. And because you can “run what you brung,” it’s an ideal place for new racers to discover racing and sharpen sailing skills.

If you’re new to racing, read Mike Ferring’s “Racing at Lake Pleasant”.

US Sailing PHRF Ratings and Information

Southern California PHRF rules

SoCal Ratings by Manufacturer

PHRF Non-Spin Fleet Rules for AYC

Currently there aren’t enough boats in this fleet to qualify, but we’d love to see it come together again.