Tall Cactus Regatta

The spring fun sail on Saturday, April 25, with your start time based on your PHRF rating.

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Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

Spring Racing Series

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Day Entry: fill out this form and bring it with credit card number, check or cash to the race committee. You’ll need an entry for each day you race. Day entries are not eligible for series scoring.

Lake Pleasant

Entry list in Excel as of Friday, February 6, at 3pm

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions
Lake Pleasant Chart L
Additional Chart Information
TransLoch Race Chart

Race Committee Assignments
Feb 7 & 8 – PHRF Spin
Feb 21 & 22 – Thistles & PHRF Non-Spin
March 7 & 8 – Catalina 22 & Portsmouth
March 21 & 22 – Santana 20
April 18 & 19 – PHRF Sportboat
Races begin at 12:30 pm Saturdays and 9 am Sundays

Tempe Town Lake

Official notice: The races Sunday, March 29 will start at 4pm to avoid a conflict with Dragon Boat races that day.

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions
Tempe Town Lake Chart D

Race Committee Assignments
Jan 25 – C14
Feb 1 – Buccaneer 18
Feb 15 – Laser
March 1 – Portsmouth
March 15 – C14
March 29 – Buccaneer 18
April 12 – Portsmouth
April 26 – Laser
January & February races start at 2 pm; March & April races start at 3 pm

Here’s a list of the people who hold certification to drive AYC powerboats. AYC requires that anyone driving an AYC-owned boat at Lake Pleasant be 18 or older and hold certification for safe powerboat operation from US Sailing. Boats at Tempe Town Lake are owned by the Arizona Sailing Foundation (ASF) and drivers of those boats must be approved by the City of Tempe. The approved TTL boat drivers include US Sailing-certified powerboat operators, US Sailing-certified Small Boat Instructors, and anyone who has been checked out and approved by the City of Tempe. If you’re interested in having certification for safe powerboat operation, please contact Rob Gibbs to join the next powerboat class. If you have received certification by US Sailing but are not on the list, please contact AYC Fleet Captain Steve Brown.

Here’s a link to the Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016. And a link to the Judges Manual, Appeals, and Race Management books.

Don’t have a boat for Tempe Town Lake Racing? Adopt One of Ours!

New to racing? Want to try it? Consider being crew, taking our introductory class, or plunge in using your own boat or an adopted boatHere’s a written introduction to Lake Pleasant racing and here’s a brief introduction to Tempe Town Lake racing. The procedures are a little different at each lake.

Here are links to racing tips on this website.

Rules and Start Sequence: Here’s a chart to help you follow our five-minute Lake Pleasant start sequence. And the three-minute Tempe Town Lake start. At Lake Pleasant, AYC follows the US Sailing RRS 5-minute start sequence, but to save time we use rolling starts. When one fleet’s race begins, another fleet is immediately on the start clock.  The Lake Pleasant Course Chart “L” shows the configuration of the “Boards” we use to start races.

Arizona Yacht Club Fleets

Arizona Yacht Club has several fleets, each active with many boats and good sailors. The fleets include:

We have two scheduled race series at Lake Pleasant in the spring and fall of each year, plus the annual Birthday Regatta in January. Small boats race Sunday afternoons at Tempe Town Lake, with races running nearly year-round. Race day start times vary by time of year so that racing ends near dusk.

Each Lake Pleasant series contains five race weekends and we normally get in five-six races each weekend, depending on wind. Races begin at 12:30 p.m. on Saturdays and at 9 a.m. on Sundays. See the calendar for schedules.

Lake Pleasant is less than one hour north of central Phoenix. If you’ve never been there, plan at least 90 minutes to get your boat ready, in the water, and all the way to the starting line. Here are directions to Lake Pleasant.

Tempe Town Lake Marina is plunked down in the middle of metro Phoenix, bordered on the north by Route 202. Here’s more information and directions on how to get there.

Many racing documents are Adobe Reader pdf files. If you don’t have an Adobe Reader on your computer, you can get one free by clicking on the Acrobat logo below.  It’s easy. Really.