SolarPower2Go – New AYC Website Sponsor!

I’m happy to announce that the AYC Website has a new sponsor:  SolarPower2Go!  They specialize in high performance, portable solar charging gear for your devices.  Their backpacks and computer bags come with embedded solar panels that charge a state of the art battery pack, able to charge your cell phone, iPod, GPS, DSI, Camera, iPad or even a laptop & more! These bags are tough, lightweight, waterproof and made from recycled materials.  Check them out at and watch for them in the Compass Points and on our website.

44th Marina Del Rey to San Diego Race

As you may be aware, the date for the 44th Marina Del Rey to San Diego Race this July 2-3rd is coming up real soon.

I wanted to take this opportunity to personally invite you to participate in this great event celebrating the birth of our Nation, which has for years been one of the premier events in our Marina Del Rey and in the coast of California offered by Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club and Southwestern Yacht Club.

Specially this year since the Marina Del Rey to Puerto Vallarta has been canceled, this would be a great opportunity for us all to enter this event, start in our own Marina, race down to a GREAT location within the safety of our borders and still be back in time for your own barbeque plans if you so desire.

As a further incentive, the first 20 entries will receive a free event T-Shirt, we are to have a great party at our club on the 1st of July (Friday) with Painkiller’s Rum with Chocolate covered Strawberries specials, a BBQ dinner to start the festivities and a breakfast to participants and their crews on the morning of the 2nd prior to the start of the skipper’s meeting.

So get organized, get the crew and boat ready and come party down with us and a relaxed cruise back as we celebrate the freedom that a race such as this brings.
For more information, visit us at our website SMWYC .org, call us at 310-827-7692 or contact me
Themis Z. Glatman at 818-425-8752.

June 2011 – Compass Points

Summer is upon us!  New Board of Directors, time to renew your membership, time to head for cooler climates for sailing, time to get the family out for FAMILY NIGHT and take the challenge!

1) Commodore’s Corner

2) June 14 Membership Meeting – FAMILY NIGHT!

3) Commodore’s Celebration Photos and Awards

4) Renew Your Membership Today!

5) Summer Cruising – Helpful Links for San Diego Info

6) 2011 AYC Club Champion – Martin Lorch!

7) On Sailing – A Story….and a Challenge

8 ) Fleet of the Month – Catalina 22

9) For Sale!  Want Ads!

CLICK HERE for the PDF Version

Commodore’s Corner June 2011

Ahoy Arizona Yacht Club!  So here I am, Commodore!  Whoa! You really can’t believe how surprising it is to me that I’m in this position.  Well, ok, yeah I suppose it’s pretty surprising to some of you too.

Experience?  OK, I ain’t got it….but fortunately, we have a great Board of Directors to help keep me out of trouble and help create a great year for us all.  We have past Commodores (Joe, Greg, Mike and Mike), former Commodores from other clubs (Roger, Philip), tried and true BoD mainstays of the past few years in Trey, Cindy and Tony, my good buddyJohn Mayall at the helm of the ASF and our lone “newbie” Brenda Shears that has no qualms about keeping me in my place.  THAT is some talent.  (Thank goodness!)

Talented as this bunch is, a ship the size of AYC needs a big crew too and that means we need YOUR help too.  So step up, “grab a line”, ask how you can help “trim” the sails on this vessel we call the Arizona Yacht Club.  Crew comes in all shapes and sizes and there are roles just right for everyone to make a difference, from racing, sailing classes, and equipment maintenance, to helping re-energize our juniors program, getting our “Golden Sailors” on board, and on and on.  “Many hands make light work!”

First on the agenda for the year is FAMILY NIGHT.  Come on out and bring the kids for a night of fun for everyone.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you this year!

Fair winds!


June Membership Meeting 6/14 – Family Night

Join us for Arizona Yacht Club Family Night at the June meeting.

Where: Rolling Hills 19th Hole – 1415 N. Mill Ave. Tempe, AZ 85281 • (480) 350-5275 (across from Salt River Project)
When: 6pm Social Hour, 7pm Program

Here’s the plan:
– Tuesday – June 14th – meeting starts promptly at 7:00 pm
– Everyone under 16 receives a T-Shirt
– Name the Opti Boat Part Game for those under 10 – no help from parents
– Join in the fun with a group game; each team of 4 or 5 people with at least one member under 16 as a participant
– We’ll test your sailing knowledge with interactive games with PRIZES for the top two teams….DON’T MISS IT!!!!

And then….enjoy some WILD sailing videos and then we’ll call it a night

Watch for details on Ice Cream Social Night in July.  Ever tried a root beer float with Jack Daniel’s?

MIKE FERRING – Rear Commodore

Commodore’s Celebration – Thank You Long-time AYC Members!

We had a great celebration with almost 60 attendees, and lots of fun watching photos of ASF students practicing capsize drills and making fun of each other in our semi-annual Blunder Bucket award selection process.

The Board and Members of AYC would like to take this moment to recognize our long time members, the people and families that have built the club we all have to share and celebrate!

THANK YOU AYC for “Paying it forward!” “Paying it back!” And “Staying the course!”

50+ Year AYC Members
Frank & Mary Lou Bigelow 52
Roger & Paula Hocken 51

40-49 Year AYC Members
Charles McCoy 49
Joe Aneta & “Punkie” Rowe 46
Donald Hubele 45
Donald DeFreze 44
John & Jackie Lugo 44
Bill Jennings 44
Thomas & Rose Marie Gilb 44
Jack & Harriet Haskell 40

30-39 Year AYC Members
Robert & Suzanne Frazier Jr. 37
Robert & Melanie Ball 37
Dennis & Linda Lynde 37
Anthony & Karen Zelenak 37
Jim & Katherine Swartz 37
Dan Schott 36
Al & Sandy Lehman 36
Ronald & Diane Campo 35
Joyce Alverson 34
Pat & Janet Guthrie 33
Jerry & Marty Booher 33
Tom & Carol Ohlin Sr 32
Wayne & Dotty Tucker 32

20-29 Year AYC Members
Arthur K. & Jean Carlson 29
Joseph & Linda Laux,Jr. 28
Patty Rosky 26
Charles & Deborah Fife 26
Frank & Margaret Putman 26
Michael & Teresa Easley 24
June H. Ginall 24
George & Carol Sheller 24
Tom Errickson 23
Mike Champlin 23
Ricky & Susan Gilchrist 23
Paul & Teresa L Pinter, Jr. 23
Al & Christina Lehman 22
Larry & Debra Green 22
Steve & Angela Nahkala 22
Michael Yarnell 22
Tia Renshaw 22
Dan & Sheila Rinder 21
Bill & Angela Hutchinson 20
J. Stephen & Lucy Howell 20
Jim & Paula Douglas 20

10-19 Year AYC Members
Raymond & Marjorie Gazzera 19
Jo & Dale Mogle 18
Robert & Joyce Worrall 18
Edward & Reiko Lynch Jr. 18
Rick Johnson 17
Thomas Coury 16
David Cummings 16
George & Barbara Tingom 16
Tom & Sheryl West 16
John & Kristine Wilcox 15
Patrick & Marsha Blumm 15
Peter & Lindamarie Schweizer 15
Skip & Christy Kempff 15
Roger Butterwick 14
George & Barbara Irwin 14
Darrell Carapetyan 14
Dennis Martinelli 14
Sheila Reed 14
Cyrus & Joan Zittle 14
David Cummings 14
Michael T & Tracy L Ewens 14
Jason & Brenda Rziha 14
Hartley & Lesley Gardner 14
10-13 Year AYC Members!
Steve Groce 13
Mark Mollison 13
Chris Robertson 13
James & Elaine Batz 13
Robert Nesbit 12
Larry & Kathleen Wheaton 12
Rusty & Jill Keagle 12
Todd Schiller 12
Mike & Maryellen Ferring 11
Brett Bigelow 11
Dale & Jean Zobel 11
Diana Johns 11
Steve & Jan Dolter 11
Mark & Jean Lasee 10
David & Carol Rawstrom 10
Kyle Clark 10
Travis & Jennifer Kenyon 10
Dave & Wendy Christensen 10
Ed Lindow 10
Ben Doane 10
Andrew Jody Dean 10
Steve Kusic 10

THANK YOU AYC for “Paying it forward!” “Paying it back!” And “Staying the course!”

Time to Renew Your Membership!

It’s that time again, June 1, 2011 is the first day of annual Membership Renewal period.

Don’t wait till the last minute…CLICK HERE to register now, or if you need some help come on down to the June membership meeting and we’ll get you signed up there and then!

Prefer to use the good old US Mail and a pen or pencil?  Drop an email to one of our “Ace” Membership Directors and they’ll get you a hardcopy form to fill out and you can mail in your check.

Time’s a waistin!  Renew your membership today!

Roger Butterwick – Membership Director
Brenda Shears – Membership Director

San Diego Summer Cruising – Local Knowledge & Savings!

Flying the AYC Burgee south of the Coronado Bridge on a Catalina 270, rented from Seaforth Boat Rentals. I was sailing single handed on April 20th, a cloudy day with intermittent light rain or drizzle, and winds of 10-15 kts with some higher gusts. A beautiful day to practice sailing.
Lots of us will be heading to the Pacific Coast soon, with our boats or to charter theirs.  Either way it’s good to where the SAVINGS ARE if you are chartering, and where the DANGER IS in either case. 
Chartering?  Check out the affiliate member rates at Harbor Sailboats!  Arizona Yacht Club is the one and only affiliate club of Harbor Sailboats sailing club.  Get members-only rates by showing your Arizona Yacht Club membership card.  Click here for boats and rates. 
Need some San Diego Bay “local knowledge?”  This is a great link to the “Local Knowledge” pages of San Diego Waterfront’s Website that includes information like:
–         Hazards to Navigation
–         Submerged jetty and shoal locations
–         Anchorage and Mooring locations
–         Launch ramps
–         Fuel docks
–         Emergency Contacts!!!
Have a great time keeping COOL in San Diego, Long Beach or wherever you journeys take you!




AYC Club Champion – Martin Lorch!

Tingom / Lorch

Your 2011 AYC Club Champion is Martin Lorch, supported by able Capri expert George Tingom as crew!

Congratulations to all of the fleet champions.
Buccaneer – Matt Davis
Capri 14.2 – Mike Ferring
Catalina 22 – Martin Lorch
Laser – Mike Bernard
Merit 25 – Roger Butterwick
PHRF Non-Spin – Mike Ferring
PHRF – Dave Christensen
Portsmouth – Joe Motil
Thistle – Skip Kempff
Viper – Charles Kaye

On Sailing – A Story and a Challenge

I love sailing.  I’ve only been doing it for about 6 years now with varying frequency and intensity, but I noticed that as time progressed the ways that it enriches my life change.  This changing dynamic of how it fits into your life is part of why I think it becomes a lifelong passion for people.  Let me explain by sharing a few of my own personal experiences.

My first experience on a sailboat was with my boss at the time.  My buddy and I had worked for months on this big project and when we were done and all the Exec’s were happy, he invited us and our wives out on his Catalina 30 in San Diego.  We motorsailed with just the main up in the bay for a while then he looked at me and said “are you ready to go sailing?”  I was quite confused because I thought we were already sailing but said “sure” or something like that.  He reached down, turned off the diesel and had me unfurl the jib.  Things got quiet and all you could hear was the rush of the wind and water.  I was hooked.

When I got back I discovered the Arizona Yacht Club.  I started coming down to Tempe Town Lake and crewing for people like George Tingom and Peter Schweizer.  I discovered racing.  I grabbed a sunfish and gave that a try.  I ran into Emory Heisler and saw how much fun he was having and thought to myself “I want to hang out with those Buccaneer guys…they are having a great time!”  The most important thing any of us can do for new sailors is get them out on the water!  Give them the opportunity get wet, race, hang off the rail, flip the boat…whatever…just get them out there!


So then I got a Buccaneer 18.  I raced the heck out of it.  With crew, without crew…it didn’t  matter…I wanted to compete.  My daughter was too small to go with me at that point (this is important later) but I was out as often as I could get out.  I also took the Sailing Instructor course, but at the time for me, taking the course was more so I could learn more about sailing.  I was intent on winning and improving my skills.  And I did.  I won the Club Bucc Fleet in 2006.  Quite frankly I think it was because I showed up more than anyone else…but hey, that’s 50% of it, right!  I had a lot of friends help me learn along the way as well.  Mentors and friends that were always willing to answer questions like “how did you beat me in that race” or “why doesn’t my boat point as high” or “how do you replace the centerboard gasket?”  These are the kinds of friends a beginning boat owner needs to have so they don’t get frustrated and stonewalled.

It was about this point that the real estate market started to nose dive.  At that same time the ASF decided it needed a paid professional, so I took on the responsibilities at the ASF Director of Sailing Education.  This was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.  People along the way had given me a lot, more than I even knew.  Now it was my turn to give back.  The surprising thing was that the people I encountered (and still encounter) all have a fresh enthusiasm for our sport and their enthusiasm invigorates me.  I got at least as much from spending time with them as I hope they got from me.  You don’t have to be a “qualified instructor” to give back either.  I’m sure you know someone who has expressed interest in learning to sail.  Take them on as crew.  Give them that chance.  Come out and help with a Start Sailing Right class or a High School Sailing class on the water some afternoon.  You don’t need to be certified…you just need to want to give back to your sport.

Then it was the Buccaneer North American Championship campaign.  18 months of prep and training with crew Patrick Edwards resulted in the B Fleet Trophy coming home to AZ yet again.  But when that was over, I decided that now my two kids were both big enough to be out on the water, but the Bucc wasn’t the right fit.  After much discussion with my loving wife, we decided to get a bigger boat.  Reluctantly, I traded my Championship steed to Mike Parker for a sporty, but decidedly more pigish, Santana.  What I enjoy about sailing now is not the thrill of victory or the intensity of competition.  It is time with my family and friends that would dare crew with a 6 and 3 year old on the boat (we almost named the boat “Stop It” after one weekend.)  It’s seeing my daughter drive the boat while my son sleeps in the v-berth.  My wife starting to “get it” when it comes to launching and dousing the enormous spinnaker.  Having my son come help me drive the boat.  These moments, and many others, are what I get out of sailing now.

The point here is that every step along the way, sailing has fulfilled me in ways I’m only just starting to understand.  And every step along the way the people I encountered are what made the difference.  I hope I have been that person for others.

And now here is the challenge.  This season, be that person for someone else.  Take on a greenhorn as crew for a season.  Sponsor a Fleet Tuning day to bring everyone’s level of competition up.  Come out on a Start Sailing Right afternoon and help out.  Volunteer to help with the Leukemia Cup.  Our club has hit a bit of a plateau in membership and event participation.  The only way to push through isif everyone takes the opportunity to be that person that makes a difference in someone else’s sailing experience.  Make this the first season that you make a conscious effort to give back to the sport and club that we all love so much.

(Thanks to Mike Ferring, Chrisann Tortora for Photos)