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New Year’s Day Raft Up in Cole’s Bay!

I hadn’t heard anything else about this so I thought I would post something…I’m going to leave the dock around 10:00 with hopes to make it to Cole’s Bay in the 12:00 hour.  Forecast looks pretty good!  Hope to see you out there…


AYC Hits Sailing World Magazine

The Arizona Yacht Club elbowed its way into Sailing World magazine, the Jan-Feb issue, with emphasis on the Birthday Regatta.

Commodore Emory Heisler is colorfully quoted. Chris Smith gets photo credit. Frank Hunter endorses us. Very cool. When you read it, you may be excused for thinking that Lake Pleasant must be a hundred miles from nowhere, but it certainly sounds like a fun place to be.

On the same page: Anna Tunnicliffe, our March meeting speaker!

Scuttlebutt Christmas Wishes

A “Sailor’s Christmas Carol” – from Scuttlebutt #3496 (Website:





(Courtesy of Captain Jeffry Matzdorff)

T’was the night before Christmas, I swung on the hook, With snowflakes a’landing, asleep with my book.
When up on the deck I heard footsteps and stuff, “I’ve been boarded!” I thought, and I tried to be tough.

Then down the companionway hatch came a dude, He was dressed like a nut and I thought, “I’m so screwed”.
But he laughed and he hummed as he surveyed my junk, So I figured he must be the resident drunk,

His eyes were lit up like a junkie on speed, But he gave me a whole bunch of stuff that I need.
Like rum and cigars and new charts and a dinghy, And some kind of fancy electrical thingy.

I knew it was stolen but I wasn’t telling, I just hoped he was giving and wasn’t just selling.
And I poured him a grog which he downed with a wink, Then I poured one for me (Lord I needed a drink!)

Then he staggered above to the dark snowy night, As I peeked I beheld an incredible sight.
Eight tiny dolphins and a beautiful sleigh, And the dude hopped aboard and prepared to make way.

The dolphins were ready to power the sled, But the guy raised a genny and mains’l instead.
With a burp and a chuckle he gathered the breeze, And called to the dolphins, now swimming with ease.

“Hey Stalker and FEMA and Cancer and Nixon!
Or Stinky and Pepper Spray, Mason, and Dixon!
Or whatever your names are, you cute little fishes, Here’s to every last sailor, my best Christmas wishes!”

As he sailed away leaving a wobbly wake
I hoped he had not many stops left to make.
He got close to shore and he soon was aground, But the dolphins proceeded to pull him around

And I heard him exclaim as he sailed out of sight, “Killer whales!! …
I’m just kidding, don’t be so uptight!”

Tempe Town Lake Fall 2011 Final Scores!

The final scores from the last week of racing this fall are posted here.

The final weekend of TTL Racing proved to be blustery and some serious fun for those sailors ready to brave the chilly temperatures and early rain squalls.

Congratulations to all the sailors, fleet champions, and Adopt-a-Boat sailors getting their “feet wet” down on our “Town Lake”!

Fleet – Champion
Buccaneer – Matt Davis
Capri 14.2 – Alexia Lorch
Laser – Edwin Verplanke (on an adopt-a-boat Laser!!)
Portsmouth – Clay Poulson (Fireball)

Adopt-a-Boat Fleet on RC - Decker Williams, Emory Heisler, Jeff & Mary Miller


Merry AYC Christmas

Pat Favier displays one of the bottles of Bailey's that was later "picked." Photos: Mike Ferring

Liquor once again proved to be the hot item at the Buccaneer Gift Exchange Tuesday night, December 13.

With an excellent turnout and a heaping table of gifts, the social decibel level was at max most of the night. Two “thefts” of open presents was the rule and while the thievery began slowly, it was still rippling through the crowd as the evening ended—mostly bottles of spirits changing hands. Pat Favier managed what was probably the night’s heaviest thievery traffic, owing to her ability to spot the hot presents on the table, including two bottles of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Other top picks to pick: A classic boat lantern and a model sailboat.

Mike Parker also guided the group through the semi-annual Ye Blunder Bucket voting, “won” by Ray Gazzera. Rob Gibbs waved photo evidence of Ray’s Blunder: His Catalina 22 sitting bow up, stern down, still on its trailer, when Ray failed to secure the trailer hitch. Ray is a Blunder Bucket nominee many times over, but this is his first actual “victory.” In fact, Ray had been nominated so many times that in 2007 we awarded him an honorary “Life Achievement” Blunder Bucket.

What, more booze?

Gene Walentiny nominates Bob Worrall for a Blunder Bucket. Bob nominates him back.

Gene Walentiny nominates Bob Worrall for a Blunder Bucket. Bob nominates him back.

Lots of excellent presents for the annual party.

Katherine Motil checks out the choices.

Katherine Motil checks out the choices.

Birthday Regatta & Leukemia Cup Set for January 13-15

Click Here to Register for the Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup

This is the biggest event of the AYC  year, with boats from other parts of the country coming to try out Arizona weather in January.

But the event means more than a great weekend at the lake. Click Here for more information on the Leukemia Cup and what your entry/donation means for the fight against blood cancer here in AZ.

As in past years, the Birthday Regatta is Saturday and Sunday of MLK Weekend – 14 & 15 January.  Come race on Friday, January 13, too, for the Centerboard Challenge, open to anyone who can get the time off to race.

The Leukemia Cup will be awarded based on the Saturday Birthday Regatta results. If you sign up for both the Leukemia Cup and Birthday Regatta, entry Friday is free.

65th Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race

Newport Ocean Sailing Association

…home of the Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race

Commodores and Racers

All Yacht Clubs

Subject: Update Information for The 65th Newport to Ensenada International
Yacht Race

Attached find updated information regarding the 65th Newport to Ensenada
Yacht Race. Excitement continues to build for the 65th Newport to Ensenada
International Yacht Race due in large part to several important changes
made, many based on the feedback we have received from our racers.

Make sure you have your reservation made at the Coral Hotel for its room or
hospitality suites, as reservations are building. Also, if your club is
planning on hanging a club banner from a room balcony, note the maximum size
banner that can be hung is 82″ wide x 67″ tall.

Please post the enclosed details in your clubhouse and on your website. This
will allow your members an early chance to make their hotel and marina
reservations at the new NOSA headquarters in Mexico, Hotel Coral and Marina.

The NOTICE OF RACE and additional information is available at our website:  .

Let your racers know entries open December 1, 2011, with a substantial
discount for December entries:

o The entry fee is $125 through December 31st, 2011.

o The entry fee is $175 from January 1, 2012 through April 12, 2012.

o The entry fee is $225 for any entry received after April 12, 2012.

We have attached two recent articles that appeared in Sailing Anarchy
concerning changes that have occurred at NOSA.

Please share this with your membership.

If you have any questions or input, please contact the NOSA Entry Chair, Tom
Madden: 949-351-9905 or <>

Chuck Iverson Tom Madden

Commodore, NOSA Entry Chair, NOSA

Governor’s Cup Rescheduled for December 26

The Governor’s Cup lives: 11am Monday, December 26th. Registrations will be honored, new registrations accepted, and an additional event will be included. This is the postponed running of the race that was canceled because of too much wind on Thanksgiving weekend.

Thistles on Lake Pleasant. Photo: Chris Smith

As requested by dinghy sailors, all centerboard classes are invited to participate in a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) starting with the Full Marathon sailors and be eligible for the coveted Governors Cup Trophy! Entry Forms will be on the website. Please note “HALF” on the form if you are entering the half marathon.

The 30 sailors who showed up ready to brave the high winds and cool weather to participate in the 2011 Governors Cup Regatta were greeted with winds steady above 20kts, and gusting well over 30 blasting down the lake. The waves (with 4 miles of fetch) crashing on the dam were reminiscent of the ocean swells crashing on harbor breakers. There were already three victims on the beach—one small sailboat on the rocks at the base of the dam and two on the island near Pleasant Harbor.

Our start line just happened to be yards in front of the dam.  For the safety of the racers and their boats, I abandoned the race for the day.

Mike Parker, Event Organizer


Vipers in Front


Photo By: Trey Harlow

Snow capped mountains


Photo By: Trey Harlow

Lake Pleasant Fall 2011 Final Scores

From the snow capped mountains of Lake Pleasant the last weekend scores are posted here.

Congrats to Martin Lorch, Greg Woodcock, Norm Anderson, Steve Brown, Peter Hartleb & Trey Harlow.

Snow on the Mountain.

December 2011 – Compass Points

CLICK HERE for the PDF Version

What a great Fall Season!  And as it nears its end our AYC  Holiday Season gets going with December 13, General Membership Meeting and the “Buccaneer Gift Exchange!”

Help us with Compass Points and please submit your stories or photos or both about all your “Winter Cruising” trips into the “Lower Lattitudes.”

And remember to get your Leukemia Cup Fund Raising going for the January 2012 Arizona Yacht Club Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup to help the Leukemia Lymphoma Society in their mission to cure blood cancers!

1) Commodore’s Corner – What a Great Fall Season!

2) Birthday Regatta – Fund Raising Basics

3) Peter Reggio Blitzes AYC November Membership Meeting

4) Governor’s Cup Regatta – Blown Away…to Dec 26, 2011

5) Maggie Blumm and Carina Freedman Win Ruth Beals Cup

6) Fleet of the Month – Sport Boat Fleet

7) For Sale! Want Ads!

Commodore’s Corner – December 2011 – Great Fall Season!

Ahoy AYC Friends and Family! What a great Fall Season we’ve had for the Arizona Yacht Club! Along with our standard fare of LP and TTL sailing with warm breezes and cool water we’ve had some of the best Membership Meeting programs on record thanks to the great works by Mike and Maryellen Ferring!

And if you happened to miss out on these great meetings you can get an excellent “taste” of what you’ve been missing by checking out the video Mike Ferring put together from Peter Isler’s visit (CLICK HERE). Thanks again to Mike for sharing his expert A/V and editing skills with us.

Whether you’re an AYC “Los Viejo Marinero”, a new AYC member, or just joining the fray in Start Sailing Right, we’ve had lots of fun for everyone to enjoy this Fall.

Next up???? Buccaneer Gift Exchange 12/13/2011! And then on into the New Year!
December’s membership meeting brings the annual AYC gift exchange, a gift exchange with a twist. You might say twisted, even. The meeting is at 7 pm, Tuesday, December 13, at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe.

Here’s how the gift exchange works:

  • You bring a wrapped gift valued at less than $20.
  • You pick a number from a hat to determine the order we select gifts.
  • We’ll have two people called to the front of the room at the same time.
  • Each person can choose to pick a wrapped gift from the pile or play pirate and take the gift from someone who’s already opened one.
  • Gifts can be “pirated” only twice before they’re safe from further theft.

Consider giving AYC goodies as Christmas gifts. The Ship’s Store will be open at the meeting. Other gift suggestions: Liquor always seems to bring applause!

Have a great Holiday Season! I hope to see you at the General Membership meeting next week, and at the re-scheduled Governor’s Cup, otherwise I’ll “see” you in Compass Points next year!

Emory Heisler
AYC Commodore

Leukemia Cup Fund Raising – Help Cure Blood Cancers!

Fund Raising Sign-up continues this Tuesday night at the December AYC General Membership meeting. Our Desert Mountain States (DMS) Leukemia Lymphoma Society (LLS) partners will be on hand to register sailors for Leukemia Cup Regatta Fund Raising….and chances to win cool prizes.

If you can’t make the meeting, contact Tiffanie Hawkins at DMS/LLS to get your Fund Raising web site up and running!

And also, if you have loot for the LCR auction on January 14th, ballgame tickets, time-shares, art, sports memorabilia, even a bottle of rum – they’re all worth silver and gold and will help us in our cause to Cure Blood Cancers!

Click here to contact Katherine Motil, or call her at (480) 967-6990 and she’ll keep it safe until the Birthday Regatta.

Joe Motil (480) 967-6990
Birthday Regatta Chairman
Junior Staff Commodore

Peter Reggio Blitzes AYC Meeting

Race Officer Peter "Luigi" Reggio speaking to the November AYC meeting.

Race Officer Peter "Luigi" Reggio speaking to the November AYC meeting. Photo: Mike Ferring

International Race Officer Peter “Luigi” Reggio says he’s worried about whether the next America’s Cup will go off smoothly or whether there will be enough strong contenders, but he also thinks it’s worth a shot—a reasonable gamble in a sport that could use a bolt of excitement to attract casual fans.

Luigi told a packed room at the November AYC membership meeting that he was worried that the America’s Cup organizers were trying to do too much too fast. And he said he had an uneasy feeling that Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison was trying to stack the game too much in his favor. But he also said he thought the technology and showmanship could advance a sport that doesn’t translate well to television.

Luigi is a rarity among race officers: someone who’s earned his living running races for the last 15 years. He’s done America’s Cup, Louis Vuitton Cup,the  Olympics, and a host of other races from Finns to Melges. During 2008 he says he was so busy running races that he spent only 35 days at his Connecticut home.

Peter Reggio wonders whether the America's Cup will come off as planned.

Peter Reggio wonders whether the America's Cup will come off as planned.

His winning philosophy: he’s there to serve the sailors. He knows that his job is to provide lots of good races so sailors go away having had a good time on the water.

With the big-time races, sometimes that proves challenging, with commercial and political interests putting pressure on the PRO to put them first. One of those times came during the 2008 Olympics when at the very end of the racing day, organizers demanded that he start the 49er finals even though conditions were terrible and the forecast for the next day was much more favorable. All the 49ers crashed or capsized in rough water and heavy wind, setting off a wave of protests and complaints.

Luigi came to AYC as part of the US Sailing Speaker Series, sponsored by Old Pulteney Single Malt Whiskey. His trip to Phoenix was bracketed by work in Korea and the Canary Islands as he circles the planet running sailboat races.

Coming up: ISAF Sailor of the Year Anna Tunnicliffe tells us she thinks she can make the AYC February meeting!

Governor’s Cup Blown Away

In the days leading up to the Governor’s Cup regatta, the wind forecast was rising. By Saturday morning of the race (11/26), the wind was blowing over 20 with gusts to 30+ and no sign of slackening. Race organizer Mike Parker occasionally lifted his yellow wind gauge into the blast just to make sure, while walking from boat to boat to find out what people planned to do.

“Not race,” was the usual response. Keep the boat on the trailer. Some of the 18 entrants had rigged their boats and were standing by to see what happened. A little less wind and it would have been a great event. With this much, it was a scratch. Not that some weren’t ready to risk their equipment to give it a try and we understand some sails were trashed in the effort.

The revived Governor’s Cup is a long-distance race that threads around the edges of Lake Pleasant in order to reach marathon length: 26.2 miles. Last year the wind was good but not this good and the racers all finished quickly. Not this time. This time the giant Governor’s Cup trophy IS TENTATIVELY RESCHEDULED TO 12/26/2011.

Maggie Blumm and Carina Freedman Win Ruth Beals Cup

2011 Ruth Beals Cup Winners (left to right) Carina Freedman and Maggie Blumm and reigning champ Amy Grothe

The ASU/AYC member racing team of Captain Maggie Blumm and crew Carina Freedman dominated this year’s annual Arizona Yacht Club Ruth Beals sailing regatta, winning four of five races. The competition took place on Tempe Town Lake Saturday, November 12, and required women at the helm.

Ruth Beals was the woman who founded the Arizona Yacht Club in 1958. She died this year.

Racing was held at the east end of Tempe Town Lake in light breezes reaching up to 10 knots, directed by AYC Race Officer David Rawstrom and his team. All races went off without incident or protest.

Both Maggie Blumm and Carina Freedman attend ASU and are up-and-comers on the ASU Sailing Club’s Women’s Racing Team. Maggie is a native of Arizona and Carina is from Southern California.

Former Ruth Beals Cup winner Amy Grothe finished in second place with crew Kory Deleado. And Cynthia Pillote with crew Mike Ferring finished third.

ASU Racing Coach Philip C. Freedman, a former America Cup skipper watched Maggie and daughter Carina snatch the cup, saying “These young women sailors had strong starts and sailed smart, strategic races, both up and downwind. I’m proud of them!”

Tight turn at the mark.

AYC Rear Commodore Mike Ferring added, “We want to involve more women in the sport and this annual event is a great way to let them show their skill.”

The Ruth Beals Cup will happen at the same time and place in 2012. All women are welcome to compete and anyone may volunteer to help or watch from the viewing area or on the water.

For further info and photos of the event visit Facebook/Ruth Beals Cup 2011.

Fleet of the Month – PHRF Sport Boat Fleet

A-Sail Racing Action

The Sport Boat Fleet is built for speed.

It’s the new home of the Viper 640, the light, rapid, carbon-fiber-rich 21-foot, scoop-tailed speed boat.

Viper 640 at speed

Viper 640 at speed. Photo: Chris Smith

And suddenly AYC has picked up a bunch of J/80s. These 26-foot speed machines fly in a breeze with lots of sail area and a deep keel.

And we hear that 2010-2011 PHRF Spin fleet champ Dave Christensen will put his new, fabulous, home-built Mini 650 on the line.

Exciting, right?

PHRF Sport Boats are monohulls flying asymmetrical spinnakers. They conform to the SoCal PHRF rules.

US Sailing PHRF Ratings List

Southern California PHRF rules

For further information, contact Fleet Captain Mike Ferring

Fleet Captain Mike Ferring

Fleet Captain Mike Ferring