Fleet of the Month – PHRF (non-spin)

A Fleet for All Keel Boats

If you have a cruising boat, you have a PHRF Non-Spinnaker racer.

Without a spinnaker these boats can run with smaller crews (typically 2-3 people) and the PHRF handicap system evens up the racing among all kinds of boats, giving you a chance to out-sail the fleet, even if they get to the finish line first.

With no limits on boat types and the PHRF handicapping system to “keep things equal” the PHRF non-Spinnaker Fleet is an ideal place for new racers to discover racing, build their sailing skills – and have a good time doing it!

Current boats in PHRF non-spin include a wide range, from Santana and Holder 20’s to Tanzer 22’s, Catalina 25’s and Catalina 28’s. 

For more information about PHRF “handicap” ratings see these sources:

US Sailing PHRF Ratings List   Southern California PHRF rules

SoCal Ratings by Manufacturer   PHRF Non-Spin Fleet Rules for AYC

Greg Woodcock

Contact PHRF Non-Spin Fleet Captain Greg Woodcock for more information.