Lake Pleasant Results

And the winner of Big Bass Days is, oops wrong event. High winds, rain and cold. Old Man Winter served up an exciting weekend of racing on March 18&19 (scroll down to see both of the pictures below). The scores are posted on the results page or you’ll find them by clicking here.

Chris Smith, Craig Quist, and Sheila Reed blast along on Chris's J/80 on a wild Sunday ride. Photo shot using a GoPro camera mounted on the stern rail.

Or, if you like your horizons level and your boats heeled, try this one.

Dick Strand Restores Classic Motor Yacht

AYC member Dick Strand sent us this picture (below) of his just-restored classic motor yacht, Euphrates. It’s a 1949 Matthews, a 40′ wooden motor-yacht, that just finished her ten-year restoration last year.  She is a new member of the Classic Yacht Association and is berthed in Newport Beach.  Dick invites AYC members to visit this summer.

Here’s what Dick said about her recent sea trials:

“It was an open ocean trip from Newport Beach to Long Beach for Opening Day of the Classic Yacht Association (CYA),  about three hours in each direction.  We topped off our tanks with gas before we left.  At sea we ran around 1800 to 1900 RPM producing a speed of around 9 knots, which is pretty much our maximum theoretical hull speed.  In the harbors we ran around 1000 RPM producing a speed of 5 knots which is the harbor speed limit.  For the whole day, including two 3 hour ocean runs and our parade, we burned just under forty gallons.  This is about the same amount of running that would take us to Catalina and back.  At 5 bucks per gallon at the marine gas station that comes to around 200 bucks.  So pretty reasonable for that amount of running.  But best of all Euphrates ran perfectly, felt rock solid and she has a very sea kindly motion.  Partner Brad had the helm for most of the run and did a great job.  Bob Hersh of PrimeTime Yachts kept an eye on both of us however!

“The CYA is an international organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enjoyment of classic wooden motor-yachts.  The Opening Day function was held at the Long Beach Yacht Club.  The Southern California Fleet Commodore Larry Walker gave a nice welcoming speech and specifically mentioned Euphrates.  He said she looked better than the day she left the factory.  He invited me to say a few words about her restoration so I did.

“After the meeting there was a tour of members boats and then a parade around Los Alamitos Harbor by several of the wooden classics.  The current International Commodore, as well as one of the original co-founders of the CYA forty years ago, both chose to ride with us on the Euphrates.  A nice honor for us.  We received several nice comments from other classic boat owners like “stunning, ‘beautiful’ and ‘wonderful’.”

The restored 1949 motor yacht Euphrates.

March 2012 – Compass Points

CLICK HERE for the PDF Version

It may still be winter elsewhere but SPRING IS HERE in Arizona! Excellent temperatures and breezes have our sailors out in force at Lake Pleasant and Town Lake for sailing and ASF Classes, and also venturing out for events on the CA Coast as well.

March brings us more great sailing AND Anna Tunnicliffe-Olympic Gold Medal Winner, #1 Ranked Women’s Match Racer and ISAF World Sailor of the Year (her second) for our Membership Meeting 3/13/2012.

Nominations for 2012-2013 Board of Directors will also be held that night so please contact your Fleet Captain, Cruising Captain Mike Parker, or one of our “At Large” Nominating Committee  members Tom Errickson or Tom Ohlin to submit a nomination to the Committee.

Happy Spring AYC!!!

  1. Commodore’s Corner – March Madness!
  2. March Membership Meeting – Olympic Gold Medalist Anna Tunnicliffe
  3. Tall Cactus Cruise to Humbug – April 28th!
  4. Welcome New Members to AYC
  5. Lake Havasu Pocket Cruiser Convention
  6. Notice: 2011-12 Officers Nominating Meeting
  7. Fleet of the Month – Laser
  8. For Sale! Want Ads!

Commodore’s Corner – March 2012

A fabulous spring season is off and running with over 50 boats registered for LP and TTL racing and 35 students registered for ASF Sailing Education courses.

March is an especially busy month for Arizona Sailors with as 15-20 boats heading to San Diego for the NOOD regatta along with our regular slate of LP and TTL Racing. Good luck and safe travels to the Viper, Buccaneer and other sailors heading to San Diego for the 3/16-3/18 SD NOOD!

On the Board of Directors front please on the lookout for RECOMMENDED BYLAW CHANGES being proposed by the Board to land in your in-basket in the next few weeks.

Have a great March Madness!

March 2012 Calendar of Events

TTL Sailors…remember the time change!  TTL Racing “First Horn” moves back an hour in March to 3:00pm for first horn.

    • Saturday, March 3
      • 12:30pm LP Race Day 3
    • Sunday, March 4
      • 9:00am LP Race Day 4
      • 1:00pm Opti 1-2 Sailing Classes (TTL)
    • Tuesday, March 6
      • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
      • 6:30pm AYC Board Meeting
    • Sunday, March 11
      • 1:00pm Opti 1-2 Sailing Classes (TTL)
      • 3:00pm TTL Race Day 6
    • Tuesday, March 13
      • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
      • 6:00pm AYC Board Elections – Nominating Committee Meeting
      • 7:00pm AYC General Membership Meeting – Anna Tunnicliffe!
    • Friday, March 16
      • SD NOOD Regatta Day 1 of 3 – San Diego, CA
    • Saturday, March 17 
      • GO GREEN!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day
      • 12:30pm LP Race Day 1
    • Sunday, March 18
      • 9:00am LP Race Day 2
      • 1:00pm ASF Opti 1-2 (TTL)
    • Tuesday, March 20
      • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
    • Saturday, March 24
      • 9:30am ASF Start Sailing Right Day 3
      • 1:00pm ASF Sailing Skills Development Day 3
    • Sunday, March 25
      • 3:00pm TTL Race Day 7
      • Sunday, February 2
    • Tuesday, March 27
      • 4:00pm High School Sailing Program
    • Saturday, March 31
      • 12:30pm LP Race Day 7

    Emory Heisler
    AYC Commodore

March: World’s #1 Ranked Women’s Match Racer Anna Tunnicliffe

Anna Tunnicliffe in action. Photo: John Payne

Our March speaker has a sailing resume that starts off this way: #1 Ranked Women’s Match Racer.

Scroll down to read about her latest honors: ISAF World Sailor of the Year (her second) and, in an award presented February 23, US Sailing’s Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year (a record-tying fourth). Click on that link to watch the ceremony. Then there’s the Olympic Gold Medal from 2008 for Laser Radial.

Oh, and she’s terrific person. The sort of person who gives away all those flashy Rolex watches she won to parents and teammates.

Anna Tunnicliffe will be our speaker for the Arizona Yacht Club membership meeting at 7 pm, Tuesday, March 13, at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills Golf Course, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe. Guests are welcome to attend.

This summer, Anna will compete in the Olympics in Weymouth, England, with teammates Molly Vandemoer and Debbie Capozzi in match racing on Elliott 6m boats.

Born in England, Anna’s parents moved to the U.S. when she was 12 and she began sailing on Lake Erie, proving to be a natural. She competed for Old Dominion in college and then focused on sailing in the Olympics, bringing home to the U.S. the first women’s gold medal in sailing in 20 years.

The traditional trophy-smacking shot. Photo: Daniel Foster


WELCOME New AYC Members!

Dennis Davis took the Learn to Sail Right class with his brother in Fall 2011 and thinks ASF instructors are GREAT!! He is running two Lasers at TTL; Ema is currently taking High School Sailing. They are looking to add larger boats to the family fleet – maybe a buccaneer!
The Edwards Family, Kevin, Stacy, Austin and Hollis, are long-time Scottsdale residents that pursue many outdoor activities. Kevin has been involved in sailing for many decades and has crewed on Team Gravity at Lake Pleasant for over six seasons.  He crews with the “Shockwave” sailing team out of Long Beach, has been on many ocean excursions and continues to enjoy boating with friends and family.  Austin, is a student at ASU and looks forward to participating in the sailboat racing program at Tempe Lake this spring. Stacy and Hollis both enjoy boating very much but have taken a more casual approach to their sailing experience. They look forward to being active members and getting know more of you at the Arizona Yacht Club.

Chalz Kirubi is a mechanical engineer who has helped in building a 20-foot wooden Catboat called Kinship with his family in the Boston area. He has been on sailboats all 40 years of his life. He has lived in Phoenix for the past six years and owned a 22-foot Laguna Windrose that he would tow to Lake Pleasant. He is now looking to sail a bit more casually than owning by adopting a boat at Tempe Town Lake or crewing with others.

Peter Lehrach taught himself to sail at age 13 on a Sunfish (the only boat he’s ever owned) and began racing competitively in college.  He is experienced sport boat crew on J/22, J/29, & J/80s and raced extensively on a Pearson 30 in the Gulf of Mexico.  As foredeck on a Farr 37, they won class at the 2003 Key West race week earning the crew an invitation to the National Offshore Championship at the US Naval Academy.  The highlight of his sailing career was being #1 foredeck on a 70’ ketch for Antigua Race Week and then racing the same yacht in the America’s Cup Jubilee at the Isle of Wight, England.  His cruising resume includes Marion (MA) to Bermuda, Newport to Ensenada, Turks & Caicos to Nassau, and bareboat charters from Guadeloupe, and the BVIs.

Court Roberts joined AYC in the fall and right away took the championship in the 2011 Governor’s Cup!  He hails from Anthem and sails a Melges 24 and recently has begun sailing in the Laser fleet on Tempe Town Lake. Last year he began racing his Holder 20 in AYC Lake Pleasant races. Court originally grew up in Southern California where he starting sailing Sidney Sabots way back in the day as a kid. He spent many vacations sailing with his family to Catalina Island and other coastal cruising and often participated in the boat parade in Huntington Harbor. He moved with his family to Northern California in the late 70’s and picked sailing back up in the early 90’s. He owned and operated a night club and restaurant in Eureka, California for 15 years until the move in 2005 to Anthem; some of the summer months are still spent at his home in Northern California taking in the summer racing in the Humboldt Yacht Club, where he is also a member. Court says he is excited to be a member of the AYC and involved with such a great group of fine sailors who enjoy sailing just as much as he does. We look forward to his active racing involvement in Arizona.

Devin Sloan became interested in sailing while completing the Deepwater Cruising course series at USC. While the course was geared towards offshore sailing in larger keelboats, it did include some experience with smaller boats such as 420s. He then helped crew in the Marina Del Rey beer can races for 2 years.  Unfortunately due to work and relocation he has not been on the water for almost a decade and is looking to get back into sailing. He is interested in racing and assisting with equipment maintenance.

Matthew and Jacob Thomas joined as Junior Members in the fall. They have participated in the High School Sailing Program.

George and Pam Weaver have come full circle, having learned to sail in the early 70’s with an AYC member, racing on Lake Pleasant and participating in a cruise to Isla Tiburon off Hermosillo. They have since sailed a variety of boats in the Chesapeake, San Diego Harbor, the Willamette & Columbia Rivers in Oregon, the Pacific Ocean off Honolulu, and the Pacific Northwest as proud owners of a 50’ Sea Ranger trawler.  George is a retired Captain with Continental Airlines; Pam is an interior designer turned writer and is now the accomplished author of three books. They live in Scottsdale with their Papillion Angel, an experienced watch-stander on the flybridge.

If you are a new member and have not been introduced through Compass Points, please send a brief writeup about you (and your family) to

Brenda Shears
Arizona Yacht Club Membership Director

Pocket Cruisers at Lake Havasu

Linda and I just spent a week in Lake Havasu at the Havasu Pocket cruiser convention and had a great time. There were around 200 boats from all over the US and Canada that showed up for some really fun sailing and racing, which I believe was a little more than just fun for some. The races are very loosely ruled, and no Protests are allowed, just gentlemanly conduct, and there was a lot of that. Everyone behaved well, and there were several race seminars held for those who didn’t understand the rules.

There was also a parade of boats under the London Bridge. If you would like to see a collection of photos from this years convention,
CLICK HERE and they are already posting photos there.

Lake Havasu has a great organization putting on this event and have quite a few seminars, manufacturers, sail makers, west marine, and ruddercraft, JO woodworks and many more there. They procured great deals on the rooms at the London Bridge resort, we stayed there and all rooms are suites and very nice, and are next to the convention center and boat docks, and 5.00 a night slips, free launching, and they sponsor their local Sea Scouts, and had a book sale this year, auctioned a donated boat, and built a dinghy behind the convention center this year for the Sea Scouts. Of course they also had a great party Thursday night, and Saturday night was awards and trophy’s for racing, and more.
The Pocket Cruiser Convention is very family oriented, but only about 4 children showed up that I counted. The real reward was meeting so many nice people, seeing so many beautiful boats, and returning to a sailing venue I hadn’t seen in 20 or so years. By the way, there is no entry fee, and all the seminars and racing are free, and you only have to spend the gas money to get there. I am already planning to be there next year, and would hope to see a lot more Arizona yacht Club burgees flying at the marina.
Yes, this interferes with the first LP Race weekend, but if you are interested we can work with the board to take this event into consideration on next year’s calender. Either way, to me it is worth missing a race weekend to enjoy the good food, plenty of racing, a whole week of sailing, or you could just come for a couple of days since there are no entry fees. Let Sean know you’re coming and he puts this whole thing together. Check the web site or contact me if you would like to know about this great Arizona sailing event.

Dennis Lynde

Dennis, Linda Lynde and "Tynee"

Notice: 2012-13 AYC Officers Nominating Meeting

The Arizona Yacht Club Board of Directors Election Nominating Meeting will be held March 13, 2012 at 6pm immediately prior to the March General Membership meeting.

Eligible members interested in volunteering to run for election to AYC Board of Directors positions, or that would like to nominate eligible AYC members should see their ACTIVE Fleet Captain, Cruising Captain Mike Parker or Commodore Emory Heisler to participate in the Nominating Committee or to submit nominations.

The ELECTION OF OFFICERS and NOMINATING committee and process are defined by the AYC By-Laws as follows:

9.1.2 Election of Officers. The following Club Officers shall be elected annually by the Membership for one (1) year terms: Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Fleet Captain, and Cruising Captain. Each year the following Club Officers shall be elected by the Membership for two (2) year terms: Membership Director, Junior Staff Commodore (who shall become Senior Staff Commodore in the second year of his tenure).

12.1.2 NOMINATING: All members of the Nominating Committee must be Voting Members of the Club. The Fleet Captain of each active fleet shall notify the Commodore of the Fleet’s representative. The Cruising Captain shall select one (1) member from the ranks of the predominately Cruising Voting Membership and the Commodore shall select two (2) members-at-large representatives from the ranks of the non-racing Voting Members of the Club. Such selections by the Active Racing Fleets, Cruising Captain and Commodore shall not be subject to approval or challenge by any other entity or person. For the purposes of this Article, an “Active Racing Fleet” shall mean a racing fleet which qualified for a separate start and has at least four (4) Voting Members registered to race, in the last completed Fall or Spring Series of the Club’s racing calendar just prior to the Nominating Committee’s first meeting. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall be the Commodore of the Club who shall have no vote on the Nominating Committee. No other Officers or Board Members may be on the Nominating Committee. There shall be no requirement for the Nominating Committee to nominate any incumbent Officer or Member of the Board of Directors to any Office or Board of Director Membership. The Nominating Committee shall procure approval of each of its nominations from the person being nominated prior to conclusion of its duties for the year. The Nominating Committee may nominate more than one (1) candidate for each position open. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Commodore shall automatically be nominated for the position of Junior Staff Commodore.

Fleet of the Month – Lasers

Laser Fleet

Hundreds of thousands of these high-performance, one-person Olympic-class boats have been built and raced—and most of the world’s best racers have sailed one.

AYC has fleets of competitive Laser and Radial Laser sailors and welcomes new entries. Lasers are easy to come by, inexpensive, and FUN!

All ages and skill levels are welcomed…AND…you if you don’t have a Laser you can still give one a try and join in the fun at TTL by adopting an AYC Laser (see Adopt-a-Boat page).

Learn more about Laser racing at the national Laser site.

Fleet Captain: George Sheller (