LPSC Will Not Dye Lake Pleasant Green

Because we don’t live in Chicago, don’t expect Lake Pleasant to be dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day. But Lake Pleasant Sailing Club (LPSC) can expect a great day of sailing and an even greater raft up on March 9-10.
The day will start with a Pot-of-Gold Treasure Hunt on Lake Pleasant. Ten numbered pots of gold will be hidden on the shore around the lake. You’ll be given 10 clues to help you find the treasure. In order to confirm your success, you must take a digital picture of  each pot-of-gold. The boat  crew with the most pictures will win a prize. In case of a tie, your cruise directors will think of some blarney-inspired way to declare one winner at the raft up that follows. Watch for more details on the LPSC website.
At 4 pm the Paynes and the Goldmans are hoping you’ll join them for a fun, blarney-filled raft-up in a location yet to be announced. Be ready to party hearty with the LPSC Irish and/or Irish wannabees. They’re planning a contest to test your knowledge of Irish trivia and a limerick competition. Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share (the more Irish-themed the better). Please plan to enjoy dinner on your own boat. Watch Meetup, the website and email for more details. Of course, all AYC members are invited to join LPSC at this event.
—Rhonda Brewer