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Wednesday Night Beer Can Racing

The Wednesday night commute traffic is still slow, drivers sliding past on 202 with the windows tightly shut and the AC on full-tilt. But at 5:30 they’ll spot a small clutch of sails milling about the start line at Tempe Town Lake, ready for some seriously low-key sailboat racing.

It couldn’t be any simpler: one-minute starts by whistle, one-turn penalties, no race committee, no prizes, and no scoring. An opportunity to chew it over later at Pho Cao, the nearby Vietnamese restaurant with lots of beer on tap. There’s also no entry, no entry fee, no… well, you get the idea. Just show up and join in.

This is all the brainchild of Laser fleet captain George Sheller and if you have any questions, he’s the guy to ask.

Lasers at twinkle time on TTL. Photo: Mike Ferring

AYC Loses 40-Year Member Bob Frazier

We’ll always remember Bob and daughter Maureen sailing at the front of the Catalina 22 fleet. Always good natured. Always fast. A great gentleman and AYC member for some 40 years.

Bob died in June at age 86. His memorial service will be July 6 at 10:30 a.m. at The Beatitudes Life Center Chapel. Maureen asks that you let her know if you plan to attend so they can plan.

The Arizona Republic obituary describes Bob’s very full life, rich with children, graduation from M.I.T., work at Motorola, sailing with Dave Shapiro and later with Maureen as crew.

Maureen writes, “No doubt he now sails again with Dave Shapiro and they are probably arguing tactics endlessly—just like the old days when I first began sailing with them on Class Action.”

Bob Frazier, recounting how he moved from the back of the pack to the front in the Thistle fleet. Bob was part of an AYC historic video.

Bob was one of seven longtime members who recalled the early days during a video we shot two years ago, describing how he first got into sailing and how (like all of us) he started at the back of the fleet during races, but then discovered better sails could make a big difference. Here’s a link to that video.

Friday: Meeting to Help Grow Your Club

Rob Gibbs notes that AYC has hovered around 200-240 member families for a couple decades and he’d like your help to build the club by building our sailing education programs.

He notes that people who sign up for the Adult Beginning Sailing class (formerly “Start Sailing Right”) are motivated and genuinely interested in learning how to sail. Now, he says, we need you to offer a hand—to share your sailing experience with these beginning sailors to help us grow our sport, whether your interest is racing or cruising.

If you’re interested in giving back to the sport that has given you so much enjoyment over the years, Rob invites you to his house Friday (July 12) at 6 pm for dinner and discussion. If you can make it, please email Rob at If you can’t make it but want to volunteer to go for a sail with us, he says: “Email me anyway!”

Santa Cruz 27 National Champ Gotcha

AYC Member Wins Santa Cruz 27 National Championship

Santa Cruz 27 National Champ Gotcha

The winning boat: Gotcha takes the Santa Cruz 27 national championship.

AYC member Joe Hagen is the new Santa Cruz 27 National Champion, with Chris Winnard of Ullman Sails driving and AYC member Al Lehman Jr. calling tactics.

Joe’s bright red Gotcha was the hands-down winner in the regatta that wrapped up Sunday, June 2, winning five races, finishing third in two more and tossing out an 11th place finish. They closed the regatta with a total of 11 points, well ahead of second place finisher Hanalei with 17. Here are the results.

Last year Joe and this same team also won the championship and in 2011 (with AYC’s Steve Quant at the helm) finished second.

The SC27 Nationals were held in conjunction with the first Made in Santa Cruz Race Week, showcasing the many boats designed and built in the California coastal city. The regatta was a big hit, as you’ll see in this report.

June Meeting: Sailing Around the World Scared

Camille Gannon

Camille Gannon

For the June monthly meeting, come hear the fascinating story of a woman who overcomes her fears to go ocean sailing.

The meeting is at 7 pm, Tuesday, June 11, at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe. Visitors are welcome.

Camille Gannon wrote a book about her exploits and the blurb of the book begins this way: Camille Gannon cannot swim. In fact, she suffers from a gut-wrenching fear of drowning. At the peak of her professional career, her husband, Peter, reveals his lifelong dream of circumnavigating the world on a sailboat, with Camille as first mate.

So begins a nearly two-year saga where Camille must suppress her fears and dreams and find the will to accept a life of isolation and her own inadequacies as a sailor. Living within the confines of a 44-foot sailboat, experiencing the awesome power of nature on the open sea, and enduring the intrusion of crew members along the way, she struggles to support Peter as they island-hop across the South Pacific. While landfalls and shore leaves are fascinating adventures, cruising is not all blue lagoons, sunsets, and tailwinds. Yet Camille’s anxiety slowly evolves into confidence in her abilities as a sailor, a wife, and a woman.

The book is called Woman Overboard and she promises it will resonate with all women faced with the choice of enabling the passion of a beloved mate when doing so means personal sacrifice and confrontation with their fears. The memoir is a warm-hearted glimpse into the life of a cruising couple as they discover the true meaning of bon voyage.