August Meeting: Sailing Game Night

Is this a Blunder or a Crash? Miss the hiking straps and it could be a Rule 14 kerplunk. Photo: Sailing World

Is this a Blunder or a Crash? Miss the hiking straps and it could be a Rule 14 kerplunk. Photo: Sailing World

How closely are you following the the America’s Cup action? Who leading the semi-final series? How do those boats go so fast?

If you can answer these questions, your team may be in line for some prizes at the AYC Monthly Meeting Game Night, Tuesday, August 13, starting at 7 pm (with dinner at 6 pm).

Like the last two years, we’ll split the crowd into teams, hand each team an electronic, interactive clicker, and flash questions on the screen. The team that gets the most right answers will be the winner. The questions will be a mixture of general sailing questions, some trivia, and some local knowledge. Bring your kids, because we’ll have some questions reserved just for them to answer.

The AYC monthly meetings are held at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills Golf Course, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281-1205 (map) and both members and non-members are welcome to attend.

Head for the Woods August 9-11

The campsites are set in the pines of cool Arizona. Photo: Mike Ferring

The campsites are set in the pines of cool Arizona. You’ll see everything from RVs to pup tents. Photos: Mike Ferring

The temperature at Kinnikinick campground is consistently 30-40 degrees cooler than Phoenix.

What more do you need to know?

Last year this traditional AYC outing in the cool woods was revived and strengthened by Steve Nahkala, and he’s back for a second year, teeing up pasture golf and the rest of the games.

Here’s the background, schedule, and so forth.

If you have questions, you can ready Steve on his mobile phone at 602.717.8962.

The night ends with a blazing fire and lots of chatter.

The night ends with a blazing fire and lots of chatter.

What’s happening at Pleasant Harbor Marina?

The Maricopa Water District plans some major upgrades for Pleasant Harbor Marina, now that it has taken over the operation.

The General Manager of the district, Glen Vortherms, told AYC at the July monthly meeting that they’ve already taken steps to upgrade service and facilities and they’ll continue to take steps over the coming months. Mr. Vortherms said they’ve stopped being surprised by the growing list of items that need repair and replacement, such things as missing parts for air conditioners to malfunctioning gas pumps (which were installed without a permit or inspection by the fire department).

He also said they’ve been amazed at the wide swings in rates customers pay for slips, as much as $400 per month variation for the same slip size. No more, he promised, saying that there will be published and non-negotiated rates in the future (while assuring Bill Hutchinson that he’ll get to keep his great contract rate through its term).

That much-disliked perimeter boom that made exiting the marina difficult and made navigating to the north boat ramp so tough? Already gone. Portions of it may go back when there’s heavy debris that needs to be kept out of the slips.

Several members urged Mr. Vortherms to set a low rate for overnight slip rental during AYC race weekends, suggesting he’d gain when we spend money in the restaurant and store. And we’d gain by not having to pull our boats out of the water.

Overlooking Pleasant Harbor Marina

Wilson Davis to Compete in O’Pen Bic at America’s Cup

Wilson Davis has been chosen to be one of 20 Top Junior Sailors to sail immediately following AC72 races of the Louis Vuitton (Challenger) finals Saturday and Sunday August 17th and 18th in San Francisco in the O’pen Bic Hi-Wind Sailing Slalom Challenge.

Wilson will be representing the Arizona Yacht Club and Arizona Sailing Foundation. At age 11, Wilson is the youngest competitor of the 20 qualified sailors by a year and the only sailor from Arizona.

Competitors will be coming from: New Zealand, Hawaii, Florida, San Diego, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Sweden to name a few. Wilson’s helmet will proudly display logos of Arizona and the Arizona Yacht Club.

Wilson is currently a 6th grader at Veritas Preparatory Academy. We’re told that after Wilson comes back from the America’s Cup he’ll need a larger helmet, a secretary, and a limo driver. Good luck, Wilson.

By Philip Freedman

Wilson Davis aboard the O’Pen Bic.