Big Kids Like to Play Too!

LPSCRemember those bicycle relay races you used to ride for neighborhood bragging rights? In our world the bicycles have become sailboats, and at 2pm on September 14 in Honeymoon Cove you can challenge for bragging rights all over again.
The Lake Pleasant Sailing Club will assign teams based on arrival at the cove—red team and blue team. You’ll simply sail around a mark and return to the start line. When the lead boat crosses the start line, tag!, the next team member blasts off on his/her leg. Red Team vs. Blue Team.
To add a wrinkle, each team will get a floating relay ring. The boats will pass the ring like track and field relay racers, only the boats will pass the ring by dropping it into a start-finish drop zone. The first boat of each team will drop the ring in the water when finishing, then the next boat of that team swoop past (timed perfectly of course), retrieve the ring and sail her leg. Do not miss the retrieval, or you‘ll need to circle back to snag the ring before sailing your leg.
After the event we’ll all meet for an afternoon raft-up, share stories and of course the winning team will claim the “purse.” The losing team members can levy protests, offer excuses and probably suffer through the bragging about the masterful strategies of the winning team. Add in some great food, adult beverages, and probably a cooling dip in the water and you have a great day at the lake. As always, AYC members are welcome to attend LPSC events. Please email Rhonda and Tim Brewer if you plan to join us. The more boats, the more fun!
Check Meetup, Facebook and your email for more info and updates.