Looking for Race Crew or a Race Ride?

August in the Caribbean is a good way to cool off - Hobie Max (18) from ClubMed is a fun, fast and easy-to-fly cat. Probably spent more time on one hull than two, staying true to my monohull tradition! -Victor Felice
If Victor Felice can keep this upright (and he did) in the Caribbean, imagine what fun it would be to crew on his J/24! Victor is nailing down fall crew right now.

If you’re looking for crew for the coming fall series, please consider the people on the crew list. Within the last few days we purged the entire list and asked interested folks to sign up again, so the names, contact information, and interests are all poppin’ fresh.
A number of these people are new to the club or new to the area and it’s vital that we give them an opportunity to sail with us. If I can help you find someone suited to you and your needs, please contact Mike Ferring. I’m happy to help.
Here’s the bottom line: We have people who don’t compete because they can’t find crew and we have people who don’t compete because they can’t find a ride. That’s nuts. Let’s put these two together to benefit everyone!