Welcome AYC's New Mark Boat

Shiny new AYC mark boat. Photo: David Cummings
Shiny new AYC mark boat. Photo: David Cummings

AYC’s new 23-foot Boston Whaler Outrage will be ready for action on Opening Day of the Lake Pleasant racing season.
The boat was partially paid for by a $10,000 grant from US Sailing, which Rob Gibbs successfully applied for. The rest of the purchase of the boat, a trailer, motor repair, and preparation (roughly another $10,000) comes from your AYC treasury. We hope to recover a chunk of the money from sale of the current runabout plus some other assorted assets, such as a trailer and motor.
Fleet Captain Greg Woodcock has spent untold hours acquiring the boat and getting it ready for the water, working with Complete Marine in Tempe and Gene Walentiny’s Glendale Marine. Besides repairing the motor and its tilt mechanism, Gene donated a pair of swim platforms for the back of the boat to make recovery of swimming sailors easier.
AYC member Dave Cummings removed a fish tank and did substantial clean-up of the boat. Lake Captain Bruce Andress helped out along the way. And the board of directors chipped in with loads of advice.
The new whaler promises to be a much more seaworthy and stable platform than the 18-foot aluminum runabout it replaces. The added length will also mean better storage for the club’s race marks. In the runabout, workers had to walk on the marks to move around the boat.
A new boat and motor like this one would be approximately $90,000, so this comes at quite a saving, but the 20+ year old Whaler comes with a salt water history (it was purchased from a private party in the Long Beach area). The Yamaha outboard has been a particular concern, however Glendale Marine was able to get it running well and gave us a one-year warranty on the repair. The board opted for fixing the motor rather than buying a new one because the roughly $17,000 price of a replacement would have depleted the club reserves. The board hopes to get a few years’ service out of this motor before needing to face the cost of a replacement unit.
In addition to doing duty as the race-day mark boat, the Whaler will be used for powerboat training classes and any operator of the boat will need to be over 18 years old and have passed the US Sailing Powerboat Operating Course.