Congratulations to AYC Fleet Champions

Now it’s all over but the Club Championship for Spring 2015 racing. The Champ Regatta will be at Tempe Town Lake on Saturday, May 2, with the first gun at 9:30. Even if you’re not racing, come watch!

Congrats to the TTL fleet winners.

Spring and Fall-Spring: Buccaneer 18, Matt Davis; Capri 14.2, Dave Haggart; Laser, Will Zornik; Portsmouth, Clay Poulson for spring and Lori Reger for fall-spring.

The spring scores are here.

The combined fall-spring scores are here.

Some wild and windy racing for the final weekend of the spring series at Lake Pleasant. Congratulations to the season and fleet champions! Click here to see Chris Smith’s photos of the day.

Spring: Catalina 22, Bob Worrall; PHRF Non-Spin, Jerry McLaughlin; PHRF Spin, Tom Baker; PHRF Sportboat, Court Roberts; Santana 20 (tie), Martin Lorch and Mike Parker (Martin wins tie-breaker); Thistle, Skip Kempff.

Fall-Spring: Catalina 22, Mike Baros; PHRF Non-Spin, Charles Landis; PHRF Spin, (tie) Paul Liszewski and Tom Baker (Paul wins tie-breaker); Santana 20, Martin Lorch; PHRF Sportboat, Court Roberts; Thistle, Skip Kempff; TransLoch, Steve Dolter.

The scores for week 5 of racing at Lake Pleasant are posted on the results page, or by clicking here.

The combined Fall 2014 & Spring 2015 scores are also posted on the results page, or by clicking here.


A spinnaker parade on the final day of spring racing. Photo: Chris Smith


Court Roberts Wins Blustery Tall Cactus

The 2015 Tall Cactus Regatta was one to remember for the 19 boats that raced in breezy and blustery conditions. Knockdowns and round-ups were the conversation at the post-race get-together.

Court Roberts, sailing his Melges 24 was first to finish the 14 nm course in just over 2 1/2 hours. The pursuit race with slower boats starting before faster boats brought a very close finish, with the second-place Catalina 22 of Scott Battle only seconds ahead of the third-place J/80 of Chris Smith.

—Tom Errickson, Event Chairman

The winning Melges 24 of Court Roberts. Photo: Tom Errickson

The winning Melges 24 of Court Roberts. Photo: Tom Errickson

LPSC Cinco de Mayo Raft-up

The Lake Pleasant Sailing Club has decided to invite AYC members to the club’s annual Cinco de Mayo Raft-up on Saturday, May 2. (Normally this big LPSC flotilla is restricted to its members.)

The event is in Two Cow Cove (see map) and boats will start gathering around 1 pm. You can monitor the traffic on VHF channel 68. Here’s a flyer with further information.

LPSC offers a word of warning: Lake Pleasant party boaters are shooting for a world record raft-up of 1000+ boats tied together in Humbug! Traffic at launch ramps and parking lots could be intense.


Cedric Lorch Wins His Third High School Championship

Cedric Lorch has now won the High School Championship for the third year in a row, each time teaming with different crew. This year Cedric teamed up with Alex Baros to snatch the 2015 crown at Tempe Town Lake, sailing in Capri 14.2s on Saturday, April 18.

The morning races were sailed in light air, but by afternoon the breeze stiffened and the regatta was completed in good wind.

Here is an account of the day from ASF high school coordinator and regatta organizer George Tingom.

Three-time winner Cedric Lorch (left) with crew Alex Baros (right) and event organizer George Tingom (the guy in the middle).

Three-time winner Cedric Lorch (left) with crew Alex Baros (right) and event organizer George Tingom (the guy in the middle).

Celebrate on the Water with the Commodore

The air-conditioned interior of the Phoenix tour boat.

The air-conditioned interior of the Phoenix tour boat.

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It’s been a great year. The Birthday Regatta. Racing at LP and TTL. Capacity crowds at meetings. New members. So let’s celebrate! Join your Commodore and fellow members and friends for Arizona Yacht Club’s Party of the Year on the Phoenix on Lake Pleasant. It’s going down (the party, not the boat) Saturday, May 9. The three-hour cruise, complete with music, food, drink, and more, departs promptly at 6 pm. Boarding starts at 5:30.

Sloop Dogg Racing (Chris Smith) will host a complimentary (Free!) and complimentary (You look great!) pre-party Happy Hour and a Half starting at 4:30 pm near the shuttle waiting area in the parking lot at the top of the hill.

AYC volunteers will ferry guests from the top of the hill to the marina boardwalk.

We’ve arranged to be able to enter the marina without paying the gate fee. Just tell the person at the gate that you’re there for the Commodore’s Celebration.

So, No Gate Entry Fee + Food + A Sunset Cruise on Lake Pleasant = $45 per adult and $35 per child. The food will be an Italian buffet and bottled water. Adult beverages will be available for $5 each (some fancy ones a bit more) and soft drinks for $2.50 at the on-board cash-only bar.

There will be dancing: Appropriate footwear recommended, barefoot dancing encouraged.

The Phoenix is a 65-foot, 149-passenger, air-conditioned vessel with an enclosed main deck and an open-air, canopy-covered upper deck. Each deck can seat up to 100. There are two restrooms on board and the boat is handicap accessible. You can learn more about the boat and its crew by visiting:

The Phoenix, our party room for the Commodore's Celebration.

The Phoenix, our party room for the Commodore’s Celebration.

Tall Cactus Regatta April 25

Crowd shot! The mob aboard Melissa Kay for the Governor's Cup. From left: Dave Haggart, Bob Whyte, Ryan Hanks, Becky Houston, Stacey Haggart, and Maryellen Ferring. Photo: Mike Ferring

Crowd shot! The mob aboard Melissa Kay for the Governor’s Cup. From left: Dave Haggart, Bob Whyte, Ryan Hanks, Becky Houston, Stacey Haggart, and Maryellen Ferring. Photo: Mike Ferring

Here are this event’s entries and start times.

How about a fun run around Lake Pleasant?

That’s the format for the Tall Cactus regatta this year. A straight duplicate of the Governor’s Cup Regatta. If you enjoyed that one, you should like this one too.

Registration is now closed for this event. Here’s a link to the NOR/SI.

This is a “pursuit” race, where boats start based on PHRF rating, with the slower boats beginning first at 11 am and faster boats starting throughout the next hour or so. The start line is near the dam, at the mouth of Pleasant Harbor Marina. Boats will charge up the lake, around Horse and Balance Rock and then back south around the “island with vegetation” in the vicinity of the 10-lane boat ramp, taking all islands to port. Here’s nice, big color map of the lake for reference.

After making the loop twice, the first boat across the finish line at the “no wake” buoys near the north launch ramp will be the overall winner. Boats should keep track of their own finishing positions.

Then, adjourn to the bar for (included in your entry) appetizers and (not included) beverages. Entry is just $10. Questions? Check with event organizer Tom Errickson.

The Tall Cactus course.

The Tall Cactus course, just like the Governor’s Cup course in December.

Scuttlebutt Founder Tom Leweck Booked for May Meeting

Tom Leweck

Tom Leweck

Have you heard the scuttlebutt?

I’ve heard that our May monthly meeting speaker will be none other than Tom Leweck, the founder of that most-read online sailing publication, Sailing Scuttlebutt, now run by Tom’s son Craig.

Tom began Scuttlebutt in 1997, when the Web was in its infancy. Then and now his pals loved hearing the sailing gossip and news from Tom, who is a consummate storyteller. Show up at the May meeting and Tom will regale you with lots of stories too.

The meeting is Tuesday, May 12, beginning at 7pm (but arrive early for dinner). Monthly meetings are held at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills Golf Course, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281-1205 (map) and both members and non-members are welcome to attend.

Tom calls himself, “The Original Curmudgeon” and lives up the honor. While working as a public relations guy, he was also a winning sailor and can still make a boat go fast. He says in May his topics will cover the waterfront, including “dinghy racing, keel boats, Transpac, Mexican Races, Scuttlebutt…and what’s important about our sport, and what’s not.”