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Chris Snow of North Sails One Design for February Meeting

Chris Snow of North Sails

Chris Snow, head of North Sails One Design

Chris Snow is in charge of the global operations for North One Design and a small boat sail specialist and he’s our February meeting speaker.

In addition to his 26 years with North Sails in San Diego, Chris has found time to do some sailing, racking up impressive results, particularly in J/24s. He’s seven-time National Champion, two-time North American Champ and finished in the top 10 of the J/24 Worlds seven times as skipper and tactician.

The meeting is Tuesday, February 9, beginning at 7pm (but arrive early for dinner). Monthly meetings are held at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills Golf Course, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281-1205 (map) and both members and non-members are welcome to attend.

Tempe Town Lake Results

The scores for the first week of racing at Tempe Town Lake are posted on the results page, or by clicking here.

Register for Spring Series Racing

Registration is open now for racing at both Tempe Town Lake and Lake Pleasant. Get into the action.

Click here to go to the racing page to register. 

Dueling on TTL. Photo: Debbie Borgman

Dueling on TTL. Photo: Debbie Borgman

Happy Birthday!

Mixed conditions, a little chilly, but by all accounts another fun Birthday Regatta & Leukemia Cup! Thanks to the very many people who made it happen.

Congratulations to the fleet winners: Matt Davis, Buccs; Gary Overbeck, Montgomery/Sage; Trent Sellens, Multi-Hull; Bob Worrall, PHRF Non-Spin; Al Lehman-Steve Quant, PHRF Spin; Greg Woodcock, Santana 20; Tom Errickson, TransLoch; Mike Hester, Viper; and you too Clay Poulson, Portsmouth.

Here are all the results.

And how about that football game? Crazy stuff, but a fun backdrop for a Saturday night party.

Commodore Chris Smith had to miss Saturday and Sunday since he was sick, and Peter Burgard offered this nice note to Chris:

“Chris, your crew at AYC did a nice job with the weekend activities. On the race course the Committee Boat communicated with sailors advising if the postponement flag was up or down, repeating the fleet start sequence and start & finish line protocol. It was information that spared the crews from having to monitor the Committee Boat flags and placards until their time to start which was much appreciated.

“The dinner Saturday night was a hoot. The food was good, there was plenty of it and there were two serving lines. The band played to my deaf ear blues tunes just loud enough to be heard, which was pretty cool. Not to forget the Arizona Cardinals game was on and the crowd was really pumped up. You would have enjoyed being there.

“Two final items, the AYC staff at the park entrance braved cold mornings to provide a friendly greeting to arriving sailors. What a great way to begin the weekend. And your Race Chairperson Peter showed up at the crack of dawn in his pajama pants to help Glenn and the Tucson crew with the Sunday AM coffee service.

“FYI, twelve TSC Sailors were on the water this past weekend.”

Pete Burgard & the Crew of Bandito

Juan Mauri Explains the Joy of Mast Rake and We Welcome New Members

Juan Mauri sketches the forces that play on a sailboat.

Juan Mauri sketches the forces that play on a sailboat.

Let’s see if I have this right. Upwind you want the center of effort over the center of rotation and downwind the center of effort should be forward of the center of rotation. Get those right and the boat will be balanced; get it wrong and there’s little you can do to get the boat to sail the way you want. Adjusting your mast rake even one degree can make all the difference.

Pro Sailor and sailing supply company proprietor Juan Mauri flew in from Texas to explain this at the January meeting—and also to ask how we can get more sailors and boats out on the water. Interestingly, he said that building boats that sail with smaller crews had a perverse effect, reducing the number of sailors because all those extra crew people are now on shore.

The board of directors this month voted in seven new club members and three of them were at the meeting to receive a welcome from Commodore Chris Smith and the crowd.

Chris Smith welcomes new members Mike Maloney and Kim Stuart.

Chris Smith welcomes new members Mike Maloney and Kim Stuart.

New member Jonathon Magick.

New member Jonathon Magick.

Terry Copeland joins AYC.

Terry Copeland joins AYC.

Freshly back from a trip to Australia, Emory Heisler says if you have a chance to sail there, do it! He holds an exchange burgee.

Freshly back from a trip to Australia, Emory Heisler says if you have a chance to sail there, do it! He holds an exchange burgee.

Buy a Birthday Regatta T-Shirt

A limited number of Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup T-shirts will be available at registration when you check in for the event. The shirts feature a full color copy of the original art done for the Birthday Regatta by watercolor artist Andrea Merican, a J/105 at full tilt. The shirts are just $15. (The original art will also be up for auction Saturday night.)

Here’s what it looks like:

Birthday T-Shirt 2016