Fleet Champs Crowned for 2015-2016

Congratulations to the winners of the Spring Race Series: Charles Ellis, C22; Paul Liszewski, PHRF Spin (on a tie-breaker with Tom Baker); Mike Ferring, PHRF Sportboat; Martin Lorch, Santana 20; Skip Kempff, Thistle. And to the fleet champs for the Fall-Spring Combined: Charles Ellis, C22; Tom Baker, PHRF Spin; Mike Ferring, PHRF Sportboat; Skip Kempff, Thistle.
The scores for week 5 of racing at Lake Pleasant are posted on the results page, or click here. The combined scores for Fall & Spring are here.
The TTL Spring Series was cut short by a lake lacking water, but that doesn’t diminish the accomplishments of the TTL Fall-Spring Fleet Champs: Cindy Pillote, Buccaneer; Dave Haggart, C14; Paul Miachika, Laser; Clay Poulson, Portsmouth.
The combined scores for Tempe Town Lake Fall & Spring are here.
The winners at both lakes will square off to determine the AYC Club Champion on Saturday, May 7, probably in Santana 20s. Steve Brown is working out the details.

Catalina 22 fleet champ Charles Ely says, "That way!" Photo: Chris Smith
Catalina 22 fleet champ Charles Ely says, “That way!” Photo: Chris Smith