Enter the AYC Tall Cactus Fun Run

The format for the Tall Cactus regatta is a straight duplicate of the Governor’s Cup Regatta. If you enjoyed that one, you should like this one too.
Here’s the link to the Racing page with the race documents and the “sign up” button.
This is a “pursuit” race, where boats start based on PHRF rating, with the slower boats beginning first at 11 am and faster boats starting throughout the next hour or so. The start line is near the dam, at the mouth of Pleasant Harbor Marina. Boats will charge up the lake, around Horse and Balance Rock and then back south around the “island with vegetation” in the vicinity of the 10-lane boat ramp, taking all islands to port. Here’s nice, big color map of the lake for reference.
After making the loop twice, the first boat across the finish line at the “no wake” buoys near the north launch ramp will be the overall winner. Boats should keep track of their own finishing positions.
Then, adjourn to the bar for (included in your entry) appetizers and (not included) beverages. Entry is just $10. Questions? Check with event organizer Tom Errickson.

The Melges 24 of Court Roberts. Photo: Tom Errickson
The Melges 24 of Court Roberts. Photo: Tom Errickson