Lake Pleasant Week 4 Results

Generally nice weekend, wasn’t it? Some decent wind, comfortable temperatures, well-run races by the Santana 20 bunch, and the best dinner so far this far, led by Peter Burgard.
The scores for week 4 of racing at Lake Pleasant are posted on the results page, or click here.

Still Dreamin'. The beard says Tom Baker at the helm. Photo: Mike Ferring
Still Dreamin’. The beard says Tom Baker at the helm. Photo: Mike Ferring

From Martin Lorch’s email to his fleet after the weekend:
On Saturday Kim Stuart as PRO did a superb job with the help of:
On R/C:
Mile Maloney, 1st Officer
Gerald Byrnes, certified driver
Dale Buchanan (flag signaling officer)
On the Wicked Awesome (WA):
Mike Parker, Certified Driver
Vern Bybee, Mark and buoy specialist
On Sunday:
Yours truly as PRO, Jack-of-All Trades,
Gerald Byrnes Certified Driver
Dale Buchanan (Flag Signaling officer)
Vern Bybee, 1st scorer
In style on the beautiful Riddell Chris-Craft. (Nice loaned runabout. Our WA went on the fritz!)
Mike Parker certified driver and mermaid catcher
Erika Parker (committed mermaid! (mark and buoy specialist)
A special Pete and Judy Burgard from Tucson’s only Sparkey, who served a wonderful BBQ shredded beef open faced sandwich with green corn tamales (from a special source in Tucson, coleslaw, cowboy beans and apple pie, Sangria, Merlot and beer. Thank you
All performed without hitch. Nice winds on Saturday and a repeat on Sunday morning until the wind died around 11 am.
Thank you to you all.
We wish Amanda Woodcock a speedy recovery and the same to Dave Cummings who underwent surgery after he experimented doing Evel Knievel type stunts.
For those of you who were under the weather and could not make it. Get well soon.
Hope to see you at Lake Pleasant on the 19th and 20th of this month, the last weekend of the fall series.
Martin Lorch
Santana 20 Fleet Captain