Welcome to the Arizona Yacht Club!

Mike Ferring

Really? Sailing in Arizona? Yes, really!

Sailing and racing at two lakes. Amazing speakers at meetings. Lots of great people in a club with about 220 families. It’s all part of AYC.

Check out our racing program, US Sailing-certified education opportunities, monthly meetings, cruising, and social events that fill our active calendar. And read my New Guy’s Guide, which offers more detail.


Mike Ferring

Club Stuff
How AYC Works – A description of the structure and operation of the club
How Tempe Town Lake Works
New Guy’s Guide to AYC
A Video History: Seven Guys Remember
Commodores: List of all AYC Commodores
Club Trophies and Awards
Bylaws as revised 2015
2015 Tax Return
Official Logos
Calendar of Events

Contacts and Officers

Arizona Yacht Club
P.O. Box 2728
Tempe, AZ 85280

  Position Name
  Commodore Mike Ferring
Vice Commodore Rob Gibbs
  Rear Commodore Sharon Bell
  Racing Fleet Captain George Sheller
  Cruising Fleet Captain Tom Errickson
  Junior Staff Commodore &
Leukemia Cup-Birthday Regatta Chairman
Bruce Andress
  Senior Staff Commodore
Chris Smith
Membership Mark Howell
  Membership Andy Oliver
  Treasurer Tony Chapman
  Secretary Scott Richards
Webmaster Mike Ferring