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Adopt-a-Boat Agreement

The Arizona Sailing Foundation (ASF) has agreed to make available C 14.2 boats to racers competing in the C 14.2 Nationals under the following conditions.
Price:  $75 for the event.
Waiver of Liability:  I affirm that the waiver of liability in the registration documents, including the online registration, applies to ASF.
Damage Deposit: Persons borrowing a boat from ASF will be held responsible for all damage, loss or theft to the trailer, the boat, or the additional equipment that they have borrowed, including blades, spars, sails or any other component thereof that was borrowed from ASF. The boat and equipment must be returned in the same condition as received, void of any tape or tape residue, hull numbers, scratches, or defacing markings. To this end, anyone borrowing a boat must provide a valid credit card number and deposit ($250) before they may take delivery of any equipment. In the event of damage, loss or theft of any ASF equipment or non-compliance to this agreement, the expense incurred in replacing or repairing of the damage will be charged to this card unless another method of payment is agreed upon.  The deposit will be returned if no damage to the equipment is incurred.