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Scot Tempesta Lives Up to Advance Billing

But then you knew he would.

Scot Tempesta takes home a cactus burgee. Photo: Chrisann Tortora

Scot Tempesta takes home a cactus burgee. Photo: Chrisann Tortora

Scot has been the ringmaster of Sailing Anarchy for 15 years, ever since he started it in a peak of “I’m not in the club” anger when Scuttlebutt didn’t publish a letter of his. He stirred the SA jambalaya for years until he figured out it would bubble and steam on its own and he could use his time better by attracting advertisers, which he’s done with great success. They may be wary of the tone and temperature of the thing, but he says it’s hard to deny the Google Analytics results, which he claims rank SA as the most popular sailing website by far.

Like most of us, he’s worried about the popularity of our sailing hobby: how do you attract new players, especially young people? How do you keep the kids interested if they can’t win races (they tend to drift away)? What about the whole foiling thing, which demands money, skill, and lots of wind. And here’s an intriguing question: What boat would you buy and what AYC fleet would you join if you’d just joined? Is there a fleet with momentum right now?

Besides sailing and s**t-stirring, Scot’s other career was as a radio talk show host in San Diego and he clearly has the talent for it. He could entertain for hours by himself, but it helps to have a few foils in the crowd—and John Riddell played the part perfectly, trying to defend Etchells against Scot’s attack. Scot is not an Etchells fan, thinking they represent a branch of uncomfortable, slow sailing despite their popularity with some of San Diego’s best sailors.

I clearly heard Scot say that he’d come back and talk with AYC again. Good idea!

Scot Tempesta (red shirt) surrounded by some of the monthly meeting crowd. Photo: Chrisann Tortora

Scot Tempesta (red shirt) surrounded by some of the monthly meeting crowd. Photo: Chrisann Tortora


Haggarts Snag Third at C14 Nationals

AYC’s Dave and Stacey Haggart finished a strong third in the Capri 14.2 Nationals held the weekend of July 11-12 at Mission Bay Yacht Club in San Diego. Martin and Cedric Lorch took fifth in the regatta.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that perennial champion Scott Finkboner had a couple weak (for him) races and finished a lowly second. Complete results available here.

A start during the 2015 C14 Nationals at Mission Bay Yacht Club.

A start during the 2015 C14 Nationals at Mission Bay Yacht Club. That’s Martin and Cedric Lorch closest to the camera.

Ready for Some Kool Kinnikinick Kamping?

Steve Nahkala works the barbeque at Kinnikinick.

Steve Nahkala works the barbeque at Kinnikinick.

The annual Kinnikinick weekend is Friday-Sunday, July 31-August 2 this year. No need to register; just show up in the cool pines of Northern Arizona.

Once again Steve Nahkala will be heading up the trip to the cool and people will begin to filter into the campsite Friday, ready to enjoy the remote beauty of the location and the fun gathering of AYCers and friends. The activities are as rustic as the surroundings, with “pasture golf” and horse shoes and Liar’s Dice.

Here’s much more information on the event, including map directions.

Campos Pull Out of the Transpac

Saturday morning (7/18): Christina and Steve Campo have abandoned their Transpac effort and are returning to LA.

The Transpac tracking system tells the story. Their lime green icon is pointed back at the mainland while the rest of the competitors are moving toward Honolulu. The brief description explains that they had a problem with the rudder on their Hobie 33, but the crew is safe and well. They were moving at a reduced speed of just three knots.

You can follow their progress here. Look for the boat Bazinga.

The tracking snapshot on Saturday morning (six hours delayed).

The tracking snapshot on Saturday morning (six hours delayed). That three-pronged object way out in front is the trimaran Lending Club 2, which was not in the race but has now finished, setting a new speed record for the trip of three days, 18 hours, knocking a day off the record. The next wave of fast boats can be seen just off the California coast, but on Saturday morning they were caught in light air and were moving slowly.



Christina and Steve Campo moments before they shoved off for a little sail to Honolulu in Transpac 2015. Unfortunately they won’t be getting leis in Hawaii.


July Meeting: Who is Scot Tempesta and How Can He Say Those Things?

If Scuttlebutt is your serious older brother in a serious gray suit, then Sailing Anarchy is your potty-mouthed, brawling, drunken, bare-foot little brother who just won’t shut up.

Well, the kid’s coming to dinner.

Scot Tempesta

Scot Tempesta

Scot Tempesta sailed a lot and well, but earned his living as a radio talk show host in San Diego, the kind of job where meek and mild gets you unemployed. Scot pleads Not Guilty to both meek and mild and in 2000, when he thought every sailing publication was just too boring, he decided to shake things up. He called it Sailing Anarchy.

A couple years ago Scot described SA’s beginning to Ocean Racing magazine, saying at first he just did it to bitch about things: “Especially bitching about people like Dennis Conner, and Peter Isler, basically people that for various reasons I did not like. I did not like them personally, I didn’t like the way they went about sailing. I just thought I could not be the only person with views like that, and if even I was, I didn’t give a damn and just did it!”

Since then Sailing Anarchy has gotten only a little more respectable, with a bit more actual, you know, content and each web page is ringed with advertiser links from serious companies that don’t seem to mind being associated with anarchy.

So, hang on. Scot Tempesta will be our July meeting speaker.

The meeting is Tuesday, July 14, beginning at 7pm (but arrive early for dinner). Monthly meetings are held at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills Golf Course, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281-1205 (map) and both members and non-members are welcome to attend.

Here’s a bit more that you probably didn’t know about Scot’s sailing background. He’s been a member of San Diego Yacht Club for three decades. He’s an accomplished sailor, winning the Lipton Cup for SDYC twice, has been two-time Schock 35 national champion, and has sailed five Transpacs and approximately 40 races to Mexico. He now sails the GP26 Sleeve of Wizard.

Scot claims Sailing Anarchy is the world's most-read sailing website.

Scot claims Sailing Anarchy is the most-read sailing website.

LLS Features AYC’s Tony Chapman in Leukemia Cup Advertisement

This ad will appear in the July 2015 Sailing World and Cruising World magazines.

This ad will appear in the July 2015 Sailing World and Cruising World magazines.

In July, when you open your Sailing World or Cruising World magazine, you’ll see our Tony Chapman in an ad for the Leukemia Cup Regattas, noting the good they do to raise money to fight blood cancers for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

At our annual Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup, Arizona Yacht Club has raised over $500,000 for LLS and the ad notes that Tony has been responsible for more than $100,000. Not by himself, he stresses, but with the help of all of us.

“A large portion has come from my fellow sailors,” he says, “and it makes me realize that as sailors we all support each other almost like family and like no other community I’ve ever been a part of, even when we may be competitors on the race course.”

Tony Chapman

Tony Chapman

Raising money for LLS is very personal for Tony. Thirty-five years ago, his father died of acute myeloid leukemia and he’s made it his mission to help fight the disease. This year he’s raised just under $12,000, the number it takes to qualify for the annual “Fantasy Sail” with leukemia survivor and Leukemia Cup chairman Gary Jobson. Tony, Chris Robertson and Emory Heisler have all been on past Fantasy Sails that commemorate top fundraisers.

Once again in January 2016, AYC will be presenting a first-in-the-nation Leukemia Cup and you’ll have an opportunity to pitch in to help LLS.

Here’s the full-size ad as it will appear in the magazines.


Sailing Tips from a World Champ

Champion sailor Bill Hardesty

Champion sailor Bill Hardesty

Bill Hardesty asked the crowd, “How many of you have a plan before the start?” Did you raise your hand? I did. But then he explained what he meant by a plan and suddenly mine looked pretty incomplete.

Bill Hardesty’s sailing resume is gold-plated: 10-time world champion, a 30-time national champ, and 2011 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year.

When Bill makes a plan for a start, he breaks it down to the second before doing what we all need to do when a plan doesn’t quite match the situation: improvise.

And had you heard of the 20-80 rule? Short explanation: it’s the rule that keeps you from driving all the way to the layline on one tack, leaving yourself some margin for wind shifts or competing boats getting in the way. If you have 20% of one tack remaining and 80% of the other, it’s time to turn the boat.

We had a nice June turnout to hear this exceptional sailor, watching as he moved magnetic boats and sketched starts and mark roundings and kept us all engaged and thinking.

It takes a lot of people to make a meeting go smoothly and Commodore Chris Smith says, “Mike and Maryellen Ferring provided the white board, boats and markers. Peter Lehrach and Victor Felice helped with the set up and dismantling of the sound system and screen and Victor took some fun photos. Steve Brown brought the trophies. Lori Reger welcomed guests. Peter Lehrach worked with Jim Brewer to kick off preparations for next year’s Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup. And big thanks to Cindy Pillote for digging into her personal supply of AYC swag, which we gave to Bill.”

Bill Hardesty talks through what it means to have a plan before the start of a race. Photo: Chris Smith

Bill Hardesty talks through what it means to have a plan before the start of a race. Photos: Chris Smith

June Meeting: Champion Racer Bill Hardesty

Bill-Hardesty-mugCan you handle another great meeting speaker? How about 2011 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year Bill Hardesty?

Bill has won ten world championships: As tactician for two world championships in the Melges 24, one in the Farr 40, one in the Melges 20, three World Match Race Tour overall wins, and as helmsman for three Etchells world championships. Oh, and he finished a lousy second in last year’s J/70 Worlds. In other words, the guy can sail.

The meeting is Tuesday, June 9, beginning at 7pm (but arrive early for dinner). Monthly meetings are held at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills Golf Course, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ 85281-1205 (map) and both members and non-members are welcome to attend.

From Bill’s online bio: Bill was born in Iowa and moved to San Diego at age three, where he lives today. He first stepped on a sailboat at age five, sailing catamarans with his father. He joined Mission Bay Yacht Club and sailed sabots in their junior program. He was successful even at a young age, winning two Sabot Nationals, three Youth Championships, and the High School Doublehanded Nationals.

Bill then went on to sail in college at the United States Merchant Marine Academy in New York. During his college career he received five All-American Skipper awards, won three National Championships and was College Sailor of the Year in 1998. He majored in marine engineering. After college he briefly campaigned the Laser but then took a break from sailing to work for a power plant in LA and then a manufacturing company in San Diego.

Here’s his very nice website with a little more information and some pictures.

Bill Hardesty (on the boat on the left) goes surfing. Photo: Sara Proctor

Bill Hardesty (on the boat on the left) goes surfing. Photo: Sara Proctor

Great Ride for the Commodore’s Celebration

Commodore's Celebration 2015-37

Dennis Davis cradles Ye Blunder Bucket and hefts the ASF Heavy Lifting Award, a double winner at the 2015 Commodore’s Celebration. Photos: Mike Ferring

The weather was perfect, the crowd raucous, the prizes many for the 2015 Commodore’s Celebration aboard the tour boat Phoenix on Lake Pleasant.

Dennis Davis, daughter Ema, and son Wilson were big winners for the night: all the Davises for the ASF “Heavy Lifting” award for contributions to the foundation and (on a very close vote) Dennis for the prized Ye Olde Blunder Bucket. Dennis edged out Paul Liszewski for the Bucket, charged with not sailing his Santana 20 even though it’s been in his driveway for a year and a half. (Paul came up short for turtling a 14.2 in light air at the club championship races.)

Emily Nowak was awarded the Wayne Jason Tucker award for most-improved junior; Sean, Bailey, and Claria Kohnen the Jerry Linderman Award for Most Improved Junior.

Dave Christensen received the Sportsmanship Award as an AYC “MVP” for his work keeping the scores for hundreds of races every year and for his many other contributions, from repairing boats to serving as race PRO.

And Dave and Stacey Haggart received the big punch bowl as the 2015 Club Champions. New to the club, the two dominated both the 14.2 fleet and the club championship this year.

Chris Smith officially took office as AYC Commodore, urging members to take people sailing in order to build excitement for the sport and to build membership.

Some 88 people shared the night, beginning with a tailgate party in the parking lot hosted by Sloop Dogg’s Chris Smith, moving onto the Phoenix for dinner and a cruise around the lake, watching the sunset under partly cloudy sky and very comfortable temperature.

Here are pictures taken by Mike Ferring.



AYC Elects Chris Smith Commodore

Members of AYC have elected the slate of candidates proposed for the AYC Board of Directors, headed by Chris Smith.

Here’s the entire slate:

  • Commodore: Chris Smith
  • Vice Commodore: Bruce Andress
  • Rear Commodore: Victor Felice
  • Junior Staff Commodore: Peter Lehrach
  • Racing Fleet Captain: Steve Brown
  • Cruising Captain: Tom Errickson
  • Membership: Bob Whyte

In addition, Cynthia Pillote moves to Senior Staff Commodore and John Riddell continues in the second year of a two-year term as membership chairman. At its first meeting the new board elected its final two members, Secretary Lori Reger and Treasurer Tony Chapman.

The membership also voted to make a small change in the club bylaws that would affect new members’ dues. Effective immediately, in addition to the initiation fee, new members will pay dues prorated for the time remaining in the AYC year.

Chris Smith

Commodore Chris Smith

Haggarts Dominate 2015 Championship Race

Dave and Stacey Haggart clobbered AYC’s other fleet champs. Annihilated them. Stomped ’em. Humbled ’em. Sound like an exaggeration? Consider this: Five races, five firsts. At that point Martin Lorch waved the white flag even though he still had a mathematical chance to win. Game over.

It was only in the first race that Haggarts were challenged, working their way through the fleet and solidifying first place with a perfect tack on Skip Kempff, drenching him with bad air.

The 2015 AYC Club Championship Regatta was played out at Tempe Town Lake in Capri 14.2s, starting with light wind and ending with a brisk breeze. On the water were sailors with a combined 15 championships—Skip Kempff, 7; Martin Lorch, 6; Mike Hester (crewing for Will Zornik), 2. And spectating, 10-time champ Don Hubele. Champs, make room for Dave Haggart.

Here are the scores.

Skipper R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total
Dave Haggart 1 1 1 1 1 5
Martin Lorch 4 4 3 2 2 15
Skip Kempff 2 2 6 4 3 17
Will Zornik 5 3 2 5 4 19
Matt Davis 3 5 5 3 6 22
Mike Baros 6 6 4 6 5 27
Paul Liszewski 7 7 7 7 DNS (8) 36

Steve Brown was the event organizer; Mike Ferring the PRO. Other committee members were John Mayall, Kathleen Roxlo, and Jordan Brown. A number of others helped out with boat exchanges.

Members of the 14.2 fleet who loaned their boats for the regatta were Ferrings, Haggarts, Bill Hutchinson, Martin Lorch, John Mayall, and George Tingom. ASF also loaned a boat.

Dave and Stacey Haggart demonstrate their dominance, leading the mob home. Photos: Mike Ferring

Dave and Stacey Haggart demonstrate their dominance, leading the mob home. Photos: Mike Ferring

The wind came up nicely in the afternoon, pushing competitors to full-hike.

The wind came up nicely in the afternoon, pushing competitors to full-hike.

Paul Liszewski flips Ferrings' boat at the windward mark. (Click for bigger size)

Paul Liszewski flips Ferrings’ boat at the windward mark. (Click for bigger size)

Competitors took a midday break for lunch.

Competitors took a midday break for lunch.

A young Mr. Riddell thinks there's nothing quite like some watermelon with your sailboat race.

Tate Riddell thinks there’s nothing quite like some watermelon with your sailboat race.

Congratulations to AYC Fleet Champions

Now it’s all over but the Club Championship for Spring 2015 racing. The Champ Regatta will be at Tempe Town Lake on Saturday, May 2, with the first gun at 9:30. Even if you’re not racing, come watch!

Congrats to the TTL fleet winners.

Spring and Fall-Spring: Buccaneer 18, Matt Davis; Capri 14.2, Dave Haggart; Laser, Will Zornik; Portsmouth, Clay Poulson for spring and Lori Reger for fall-spring.

The spring scores are here.

The combined fall-spring scores are here.

Some wild and windy racing for the final weekend of the spring series at Lake Pleasant. Congratulations to the season and fleet champions! Click here to see Chris Smith’s photos of the day.

Spring: Catalina 22, Bob Worrall; PHRF Non-Spin, Jerry McLaughlin; PHRF Spin, Tom Baker; PHRF Sportboat, Court Roberts; Santana 20 (tie), Martin Lorch and Mike Parker (Martin wins tie-breaker); Thistle, Skip Kempff.

Fall-Spring: Catalina 22, Mike Baros; PHRF Non-Spin, Charles Landis; PHRF Spin, (tie) Paul Liszewski and Tom Baker (Paul wins tie-breaker); Santana 20, Martin Lorch; PHRF Sportboat, Court Roberts; Thistle, Skip Kempff; TransLoch, Steve Dolter.

The scores for week 5 of racing at Lake Pleasant are posted on the results page, or by clicking here.

The combined Fall 2014 & Spring 2015 scores are also posted on the results page, or by clicking here.


A spinnaker parade on the final day of spring racing. Photo: Chris Smith


Court Roberts Wins Blustery Tall Cactus

The 2015 Tall Cactus Regatta was one to remember for the 19 boats that raced in breezy and blustery conditions. Knockdowns and round-ups were the conversation at the post-race get-together.

Court Roberts, sailing his Melges 24 was first to finish the 14 nm course in just over 2 1/2 hours. The pursuit race with slower boats starting before faster boats brought a very close finish, with the second-place Catalina 22 of Scott Battle only seconds ahead of the third-place J/80 of Chris Smith.

—Tom Errickson, Event Chairman

The winning Melges 24 of Court Roberts. Photo: Tom Errickson

The winning Melges 24 of Court Roberts. Photo: Tom Errickson

LPSC Cinco de Mayo Raft-up

The Lake Pleasant Sailing Club has decided to invite AYC members to the club’s annual Cinco de Mayo Raft-up on Saturday, May 2. (Normally this big LPSC flotilla is restricted to its members.)

The event is in Two Cow Cove (see map) and boats will start gathering around 1 pm. You can monitor the traffic on VHF channel 68. Here’s a flyer with further information.

LPSC offers a word of warning: Lake Pleasant party boaters are shooting for a world record raft-up of 1000+ boats tied together in Humbug! Traffic at launch ramps and parking lots could be intense.


Cedric Lorch Wins His Third High School Championship

Cedric Lorch has now won the High School Championship for the third year in a row, each time teaming with different crew. This year Cedric teamed up with Alex Baros to snatch the 2015 crown at Tempe Town Lake, sailing in Capri 14.2s on Saturday, April 18.

The morning races were sailed in light air, but by afternoon the breeze stiffened and the regatta was completed in good wind.

Here is an account of the day from ASF high school coordinator and regatta organizer George Tingom.

Three-time winner Cedric Lorch (left) with crew Alex Baros (right) and event organizer George Tingom (the guy in the middle).

Three-time winner Cedric Lorch (left) with crew Alex Baros (right) and event organizer George Tingom (the guy in the middle).

Celebrate on the Water with the Commodore

The air-conditioned interior of the Phoenix tour boat.

The air-conditioned interior of the Phoenix tour boat.

[button link=”″ bg_color=”#00703c”]Sign Up Now[/button]

It’s been a great year. The Birthday Regatta. Racing at LP and TTL. Capacity crowds at meetings. New members. So let’s celebrate! Join your Commodore and fellow members and friends for Arizona Yacht Club’s Party of the Year on the Phoenix on Lake Pleasant. It’s going down (the party, not the boat) Saturday, May 9. The three-hour cruise, complete with music, food, drink, and more, departs promptly at 6 pm. Boarding starts at 5:30.

Sloop Dogg Racing (Chris Smith) will host a complimentary (Free!) and complimentary (You look great!) pre-party Happy Hour and a Half starting at 4:30 pm near the shuttle waiting area in the parking lot at the top of the hill.

AYC volunteers will ferry guests from the top of the hill to the marina boardwalk.

We’ve arranged to be able to enter the marina without paying the gate fee. Just tell the person at the gate that you’re there for the Commodore’s Celebration.

So, No Gate Entry Fee + Food + A Sunset Cruise on Lake Pleasant = $45 per adult and $35 per child. The food will be an Italian buffet and bottled water. Adult beverages will be available for $5 each (some fancy ones a bit more) and soft drinks for $2.50 at the on-board cash-only bar.

There will be dancing: Appropriate footwear recommended, barefoot dancing encouraged.

The Phoenix is a 65-foot, 149-passenger, air-conditioned vessel with an enclosed main deck and an open-air, canopy-covered upper deck. Each deck can seat up to 100. There are two restrooms on board and the boat is handicap accessible. You can learn more about the boat and its crew by visiting:

The Phoenix, our party room for the Commodore's Celebration.

The Phoenix, our party room for the Commodore’s Celebration.