Photos of Catalina 22 Clinic

Christina and Steve Campo organized an amazing clinic day for Catalina 22s on Saturday, September 22. A herd of C22s came out for the event, plus many new people interested in trying this racing thing. In the pictures taken by Tom Errickson, you’ll see the tent, the group, the boats on the water—and you’ll get a small sense of the energy.

On the same day, George Sheller organized a clinic for Laser sailors at Tempe Town Lake and it turned out to be another exciting success, with lots of sailors and lots of learning and tweaking for the season. As a result, there are a herd of Lasers competing in the TTL fall series.

The C22 fleet was celebrating the 40th birthday for their boat, the venerable Catalina 22.


Some of the boats that came out to play.


The fleet launched the AYC race committee boat and ran starts and races.

Explaining the starting sequence from the deck of the race committee boat.

Ladies Day at the Lake

AYC is pleased to support the Lake Pleasant Sailing Club’s third Ladies Day@the Lake on November 10.

Please pass this info along to any woman you know who would like to learn more about sailing. There will be something for every skill level. Instructors include Mike and Maryellen Ferring, Fran Weber — winner of the 2012 SCWSA Peggy Slater Award, Nancy Erley, Lynn Buchanan and other notable sailors.

The Ladies’ Day@the Lake is a day-long, sailing summit for women sponsored by Lake Pleasant Sailing Club (LPSC). It is designed to introduce women to and/or enhance their skills in recreational boating through both land-based seminars and on-the-water workshops.

Five packages are available to choose from, each specially designed with classes complementing each other to give the student a comprehensive day of instruction at their level of sailing experience. Our instructors have been carefully selected for their subject knowledge and instruction skills. A small teacher-to-student ratio in these courses will assure students will receive personal attention.

All instruction, light breakfast, use of boats, water, goodie bag, course materials and a box lunch are included in the $85 fee for the Day@the Lake. Take advantage of this sure-to-be-fun learning opportunity. Remember, course enrollment is limited and registration closes on November 3rd or when a course is full. Don’t be left watching from the shore!


Welcome Aboard / novice
Full day in the classroom and on-the-water
For the newbie to learn the ropes, parts of the boat and what makes a sailboat work. Then take the helm of a sailboat to practice capturing the power of the wind. (All day classroom, dock-side and on-the water instruction.) This package includes the basics of boating safety, sailing terminology, points of sail, rules for Arizona waterways with hands-on sailing experience.

Pleasure Sailing / novice & experienced
Day sailing, vacation cruising and blue water sailing
Its all about having more fun. During this package students will review rules of sailing, best safety practices, preparation to get your boat underway as well as learn tips and more from experienced sailors and cruisers.

The Accomplished Sailor / intermediate to advanced
Reach the next level
Women choosing this package will learn ways to better make the boat do what they want. Participants will practice essential skills, discover tips and use practical skill building exercises to take them to the next level.

Racing 101 / novice & experienced
For friendly competition
Sailboat racing offers many opportunities to hone skills and stretch sailing legs. As an introduction to the exciting world of sailboat racing, this course package will culminate in a just-for-fun race. (must know port and starboard!)

Take a Kayak / novice or experienced 
Learn the basics 
Get a solid start or refresh your knowledge for flat water kayaking. Course focuses on safely taking a kayak for exercise, enjoyment and exploring the far reaches of Lake Pleasant and elsewhere.

Further information and registration available here.
Debbie Huntsman
Lake Pleasant Sailing Club


We’re Looking for People to Help on Race Committee

Do you like to help run races? Like to be on the water?

We could use your help.

We’re looking for a few good people either to step in to help fleets that are short of people or to serve on a regular basis and provide needed expertise and continuity to the committees. If you’d like to help out, please contact Fleet Captain Greg Woodcock.

It’s a great social time on race committee—a good time to get to know people in the club. If you’re new to racing, it’s a perfect spot to observe the process, to see what starting maneuvers work best, and to make connections that could put you on a crew.

People are needed for both Tempe Town Lake and Lake Pleasant.

Isabel Love Wins ASF-AYC Scholarship

Isabel Love’s successful AYC-ASF scholarship application.

Isabel Love will be sailing an ASF Opti class this fall, setting out on a lifetime of sailing that she says may one day see her sailing around the world. When you’re 8 years old, the entire world is open to you.

Isabel will receive $50 toward the tuition of the ASF class as part of a scholarship program for AYC members. She submitted one of the best applications we’ve ever seen, the essay and picture reproduced here.

If your child would like to learn to sail, consider ASF and remember the scholarship: here’s the link to the application. You’ll find more information on the education page.

Viper 640 North Americans

Hauling a trio of Vipers.

It’s a long way from Phoenix to Marblehead, Massachusetts, especially if you’re towing a trailer full of Vipers. Tony Chapman and Kelly Beaver made the trip for the regatta September 5-9, but Tony chose to crew for Tim Carter (Harbor City, CA) rather than sail his own boat, and the team finished a mid-pack 29th.

The overall winner was Pieter Taselaar with Willem van Waay and Nick Thompson aboard Bliksem. They managed to snatch the championship on the final day, overcoming a two-point deficit in Sunday’s only race to win the 2012 Viper 640 North American Championship by four points over Glyn Locke’s Fer de Lance. It’s Taselaar’s first in the Viper 640 NAs, but he’s an accomplished racer, winning a world championship in Melges 32s in 2009 and the Viper 640 Atlantic Coast Championship in 2011.

TTL ASF Work Day

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Please plan to join fellow sailors and club members down at Tempe Town Lake on September 15 as we do some much needed cleaning and maintenance on the ASF sailing education fleet of boats.

When: Saturday, September 15 from 8:00 am till noon.

Where: Tempe Town Lake Marina

What to bring: tools, scrub brush

Why: you will feel good about volunteering to help

Everyone is welcome and it would be wonderful to see anyone who has ever benefited from any of the Tempe Town Lake programs.

Hike to the Laser Fleet Clinic, Saturday, September 22

Laser Glitter on Tempe Town Lake. Photo: Mike Ferring

By George Sheller

Join the Laser Clinic at TTL from 1-4pm, on Saturday, September 22.

This will be designed as advanced clinic so us longtime sailors can learn some new stuff also. Therefore, I encourage all the Laser fleet to attend.

The first half will be a talk-around at a boat set up on shore. The set-up will be discussed, including why we do what we do, how to move around the boat and why, and the controls for various wind settings (that should be interesting because I’ll bet there are some differences in opinion—and maybe some misconceptions). Then we’ll move onto the water with student/teacher interface to practice what we talk about on land.

The final focus is to get the new people ready for the racing the next day. Countdown sequence, flags, location of the starts, where the marks will be set and how to start without fear. Mark roundings and a few simple rules of the road. Yes Mike [Bernard], we will advise them to stay away form crash ’em George.

We want sailing to be fun for the new sailors and we want to make them good enough to enjoy sailing and to eventually kick all of our butts.

 Anyone have kids? Bring them down. The top sailors in the world all have time in Lasers.

Lake Pleasant Committee Boat Work Party

It’s time to clean up and fix up the Lake Pleasant Committee Boat and runabout.

We’ll do it Thursday evening, September 20, beginning at 5pm. Please meet at Valley Marine, 7018 N. 53rd Ave., Glendale AZ 85301 (53rd Ave and Glendale). Some of the tasks that need to be done include:

  1. Replace Horns
  2. Move hardware that could snag a sail away from the side of the boat (especially hardware on the roof)
  3. Tighten the Ignition switch.
  4. Add step by step instructions to start the boat, where to put oil and gas, use the windlass, label the keys.
  5. Check the marks for leaks and patch.
  6. Check the mark rodes and anchors, noting those needing replacement.
  7. General Clean up.


AYC Sailors Place 3rd at Thistle Nationals


By: Ben Doane
Photos: Tina Deptula

The 2012 Thistle Nationals were held in San Diego at Mission Bay Yacht Club July 30 thru August 3. Two teams from Arizona Yacht Club made the trip to San Diego, Jason Rziha, Dan Perrine, and Antonia Johnson(3521) and Ben Doane, Trey Harlow, and Dennis Martinelli (3994).

Both teams were at MBYC the weekend of July 21 and 22 to compete in the Pacific Coast Championships. There were 21 boats registered and the wind was 6-12 kts. both days. We had 3 races each day for a total of 6. 3994 finished in 12th (Results). Our team had never raced together and it was a good way to practice. We were happy to get the cobwebs and major mistakes out of the way before Nationals. The boats stayed in San Diego while most of the sailors went home. My family and I stayed in San Diego and had fun visiting the city for the week. All week long the wind was 10-15 kts. and I was hopeful that it would stick around for the next week but, it didn’t.

The Thistle Class has very specific bylaws that direct the Nationals regatta (Bordes System). There were 60 boats registered that were split into 4 groups. There are two starts each race with 2 groups racing each other. Each group races the others thru 3 initial races before the fleet is split in half into Championship and President’s Divisions. The courses are also tightly controlled, they have to be a triangle, windward, leeward, finish (AYC’s Olympic) 5.6 to 7.3 nm in length.

Team 3994 was excited to get the racing underway. We felt we could do better than the last weekend. We wanted to focus on starts, strategy, and not making big mistakes. We wanted to have 1st row starts, play the middle of the course, and be consistent.

 Monday was 2 races in 6-12 kts. We had decent starts, 1 OCS that we had to go back and exonerate ourselves. We tried to play the middle of the course but, it was hard to find lanes to tack and found ourselves farther on the corner than we wanted to be. We stayed in the middle of the pack with a 17 and 15. We were just outside the cut and if we had a good race the next day we could make it.

Tuesday we went out for one race in about 8-12kts. We had another OK start and felt like the boat was moving ok but, ended with a 19. This was the last race before the cut and with that finish we would be in the President’s Division. 3994 had 51 points and the cut was made at 47. We were disappointed that we did not do better and make the cut but, tomorrow was another day and we start with zero points.

Wednesday, there were 2 races in 5-10 kts. We had MUCH better starts in the middle of the line for both races and came off the line in great position. We had pretty clear air and could work our strategy. We were pretty conservative and played the middle. We gave up a few boats that made out on the corners but, we had good boat speed and finished the day with a 4th and a 2nd. The wind was light and the boat felt bad but everyone else had to deal with the same conditions. Even though we had a heavy crew we found we did better in light wind (thanks Lake Pleasant).

Thursday was a little lighter than Wednesday, closer to 5-8 kts. We had a good start in the middle of the line with clear air and we were off. We led at every mark by several boat-lengths. The last downwind we started losing ground to one of the boats and rounded 2 boat-lengths ahead.  After a tacking duel we ended up in 2nd at the finish by a boat-length. We were pretty disappointed we lost the lead but, realized we finished the best race we had all week.  We were in 2nd place overall with 8 pts. 1st place had 5 pts and 3rd place had 10 pts.

Friday was 5-10 kts. with one race to go. The start was very crowded with several general recalls and a black flag eventually to get us going. This was one of the worst starts we had all week. We were buried in the middle of the line, no clear lanes to tack.  The one thing we knew was that the race was long enough we could make it back. At the windward mark we were 20 something, passed a few on the reaches and headed back upwind. We clawed our way back to the top half of the fleet upwind and finished with a 9th place.

After a great week sailing in the Nationals 3994 finished the regatta in 3rd place in the President’s Division (Results).  Every day, after the split, we climbed in the standings except the last day when we went down one place. When we could, we used our strategy, overall we had good starts, and we were pretty consistent. I was very happy with our regatta. MBYC hosted a great event and we had a great time racing.

Thank you Trey Harlow and Dennis Martinelli for a great week sailing and Stephanie Doane and Nina Harlow for watching the kids all week.


Racers and Crew Party Friday, September 7 from 5-7 pm

Racing season is nearly here!

Ready for some sailboat racing?

The Arizona season is coming fast and to help get you ready to race, we’re planning a party—a chance to get together with other racers, drink some beer or wine, and look for some crew-boat hookups for fall.

The party will be Friday, September 7, from 5-7 pm at AZ Wine & Beer at 2515 N. Scottsdale Road, just south of Thomas Road. Look for it in the center of the strip mall. And there’s lots of free parking.

They’ll offer some red and white wine options for $5 per glass and four different craft beers at a $2 or $3 discount. We’ll arrange for some munchies, too.

Who should come: Anybody interested in racing and would like to hang out with other racers. If you’re looking for crew or would like to crew, this is a great opportunity to match up people with the right resumes and personalities. You do not need to be a member of AYC to attend. Casual dress, of course.

Like to learn to race? Check out the Introduction to Sailboat Racing class, offered once a year in the fall.

September: The Secrets of My Best Boat Buy

At our next monthly meeting three of AYC’s most notorious boat shoppers will tip you on the secrets of their success.

It’s the Tuesday, September 11 Monthly Meeting, beginning at 7pm at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills Golf Course, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe. (map) Dinner at 6.

Boat buying whiz Bill Hutchinson

Mike “I’ll Drive Anywhere to Buy a Boat” Parker, Bill “I’ll Even Buy It Twice” Hutchinson, and Tom “I’ll Keep Buying and Selling It” Errickson will take turns tipping the crowd to their secret strategies for successful boat buying.

Their instructions: Offer the audience some tangible tips for buying a sailboat by dissecting one of your boat buys (or in Tom’s case, perhaps the boat buy of someone he knows). We’re looking for how to get the best price on the best boat.

Also, check out the “Pre-Meeting Meeting” on “How to Select the Right Boat.”

Mike Parker has towed boats home from all over the U.S.

September Pre-Meeting: Selecting the Right Boat

Wondering what boat’s right for you? Sort through the options: Length, build, performance, equipment, and on and on.

In September, we’ll hold a “Pre-Meeting Meeting” on “How to Select the Right Boat.”

How about a Hobie 33? We now have two club members who chose Hobie 33s.

What’s a pre-meeting? Before the regular monthly AYC meeting, we gather a dozen or so people around a table and simply talk about something they all care about. Such as how to select the right boat. We’ve asked three people to lead an informal Q&A: Mike Parker, Bill Hutchinson, and Tom Errickson, each an experienced boat buyer and seller.

The pre-meeting will start at 6 pm and will last 30 minutes. It will happen at the Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills Golf Course, 1415 North Mill Avenue, Tempe. (map)

We’ll limit the audience to 10 or 12 so it can be a comfortable chat in the corner of the restaurant. Reserve your spot by emailing Mike Ferring.

We did one of these in August on the subject of Bareboat Chartering and had a great discussion, with lots of good questions. And we’ll do more. What subject would you like to talk about? Email Mike.

Catalina 22 Clinic Day at Lake Pleasant—And You’re Invited

Catalina 22 Race Clinic Flyer 4Saturday, September 22, the Catalina 22s will have a clinic at Lake Pleasant and Fleet Captain Steve Campo says other fleets and boats may come and sail with them. They’ll be launching the race committee boat and setting a few marks.

As you may know, the Catalina 22 fleet was easily our biggest fleet just two or three years ago, but the numbers have been sharply reduced by the loss of entries from older members who aren’t able to race. Now Steve and Christina Campo are working to renew the fleet by drawing in new people.

Click here to see the full-size Catalina 22 Race Clinic Flyer

Not too late yet to renew your AYC membership

The renewal rate for AYC members is very good this year, but there are still a few of you who haven’t come through. If you haven’t renewed, here’s the link to do it.

The AYC bylaws require us to post delinquent members by mid-August and to drop them from membership at the end of September. So here’s the list of people who have not renewed. We are not posting the names of people who have told us they don’t intend to renew.

Bernie & Judie Armstrong, Marc & Anastasia Danner, Bill Dingwell, Bill Feil, Bill Hardy, Matthew & Thomas Jacobs, Charles Kaye, Travis Kenyon, Chalz & Wanjeri Kirubi, Rick & Lisa Lake, Larry Lowe, Kent & Sheri Maas, Luke Marino, Cooper Miller, Mary & Jeffrey Miller, Tara Odman, Katie Runnels, Steve Swanson, Ed Triebel, Richard Warren, Wieslaw & Grazyna Wojczak.

Tempe Town Lake Heat Stroke Final Results

What is it about triple-digit temperatures that keeps sailors off Tempe Town Lake?

The aptly-named Heat Stroke Series gathered 15 entrants this summer, but we never saw all those people at the lake. Schedule conflicts? Survival instinct?

The winners are often the people who are willing to brave more heat than competitors. And here they are: Cindy Pillote, Buccaneer; Mike Ferring by a tie-breaker over George Tingom in C14; George Sheller over new member (but experienced racer) Scott Sharples in Laser; and Clay Poulson in Portsmouth.

You can see all of the scores for the final week by clicking here.

US Sailing Level 1 Instructor Course Here in January

Registration is now open for the US Sailing Level 1 Instructor course, to be taught here on two intensive weekends in January—the weekends of January 5&6 and 12&13.

US Sailing requires a minimum of 8 students in the course, a number we’ve failed to meet the last two times this course has been offered in Phoenix. So we really need your support this time.

Here’s the sales pitch: Not only does the course prepare you to teach sailing, but it also makes you a better sailor. Course instructor Ray Deppa has taught all of the US Sailing Instructor courses in Phoenix, and he’s a real pro, someone who will leave you knowing more about this game we play. But teaching sailing is actually the best part. Introducing new people to the sport is a lot of fun—seeing them begin to understand how a boat moves through the water by wind alone and seeing the joy they get from figuring it out.

Sign up four weeks or more before the class and it’s $325. If you pass the course and teach for the Arizona Sailing Foundation, ASF will reimburse half your tuition.

I just paged through some of the US Sailing material on the course. You’ll find some information here. And the registration begins here. There’s quite a bit of paperwork involved and you’ll need to be a member of US Sailing (a good thing anyway) and you’ll need to pass a first aid and CPR course (definitely a good thing anyway). The prerequisites are extensive. My advice: don’t let any of that discourage you. The other students and Instructor Ray Deppa will help you through it. If you want to pass, you’ll pass.

For questions on the course, check with George Tingom, who organizing the course and has been involved in every one we’ve held since 2003 (when I took it).

Catalina Escorts

Sailing Companions.

Tony Chapman and Kelly Beaver sailed on the latest Pipe Dream with the owners John and Nancy Davis from Long Beach to Two Harbors on Catalina Island for the weekend and found these sailing companions.

The boat is a Davidson 50, formerly known as Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

Tony says the picture was taken at around 2pm, about 10 miles out of LA Gate on the outward trip. He says, “The pod of porpoises followed us for at least 10 minutes, playing in the bow wave most of the time.”