October Meeting: Peter Isler

Peter Isler

Fresh from flipping in the Fastnet, one of sailing’s biggest names will be our speaker at the AYC membership meeting, Tuesday, October 11, beginning at 7pm. AYC meetings are held at the newly-named Caddy Shack @ Rolling Hills, 1415 N Mill Ave, Tempe.

Peter was the navigator aboard Rambler 100 when it lost its canting keel and rolled over, sending its crew into the icy water. All were rescued.

Before the Fastnet turtle, Peter was better known for being a five-time America’s Cup contender, including a two-time winner on Stars & Stripes. Sailing fans will recognize his face and voice from his television commentary of the America’s Cup on ESPN and Versus.

He’s in demand as a sailing, business and motivational speaker. And he’s written several books, including his latest, Peter Isler’s Little Blue Book of Sailing Secrets, which was excerpted in the latest Sailing World magazine. You’ll find more on Peter’s background on his website.

This should be one of the most-attended meetings of the year, so arrive early!

Next Up: LP Opening Day

Thistles at Lake Pleasant. Photo: Chris Smith

While sailors in the north are pulling their boats and wrapping them in plastic to survive a frozen winter, the Arizona Yacht Club is about to fire the gun on Opening Day: Saturday, September 24, at 12:30 pm. Catalina 22s are on race committee and Martin Lorch will be Chief Chef for Saturday night’s dinner. Menu: Rotisserie chicken, rice with peas, corn and onions, green salad, dessert.

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time. Your registration will need to be in by the sound of the first gun Saturday.

 The fleets are shaping up this way: Catalina 22, PHRF Spinnaker, Thistle, Green and PHRF Sportboat. It appears there will be a Portsmouth fleet. PHRF Non-Spin is looking very iffy right now. Merit 25s expect to race in PHRF Spin.
Rob Gibbs’ new Green Fleet has attracted lots of interest and shapes up as a great way for people to sample racing or simply get out on the water with other sailors in a low-pressure environment. (More information on the Green Fleet here.)
The racers’ party was a big success. Mostly it was important for this reason: people who came to get crew positions seem to have gotten them. They’ll be on boats.
Here’s a hot tip for one very experienced crew person: Laurent Dion is still looking for someone to race with him on his Viper 640. Email Laurent with your interest.
If racing sounds like fun but you don’t know how to get started, consider the Introduction to Sailboat Racing class which begins soon. Here’s where you’ll find more information and a button to take you to registration.
We had a nice turnout for the practice races on Saturday (9/17). Now for the real thing!

New Portable Race Committee Station at TTL

The C14 TTL Race Committee using the new whatchamacallit. Inventor David Rawstrom stands at the left.

Version H, of the Portable Race Committee Station is what David Rawstrom calls it. The mad inventor and fabricator has created all of the Tempe Town Lake race committee “boxes” over the years, graduating from boards and PVC poles at the turn of the century through various versions.

This is the most elaborate version yet, built of a box from the long-discarded LP committee boat, a very tall flag pole, various bits of hardware, conjured with toil and trouble and eye of newt.

The new horn is loud. The new flag pole flies flags higher. There’s a VHF radio for communicating with the safety boat. And Martin Lorch tell us it drives much better on smooth-running wheels.
Thanks, Captain Rawstrom!!!

Racers’ Party September 9, 5-7 pm

Merit 25s downwind. Photo: Chris Smith

The Racers’ Party is on! Join the crowd in a private room at McCormick & Schmick’s, 2575 E. Camelback Rd. from 5-7 pm, Friday, September 9.

This is a purely social, informal gathering of race entrants and crew—and people who are interested in becoming entrants or crew. It’s a cash bar and some AYC-provided munchies. You’re also welcome to order something off the menu.

The restaurant is at the Esplanade (across from the Biltmore Fashion Square mall). You can use valet parking or park in the giant parking garage behind the restaurant. Parking in the garage is free; simply bring your ticket to be stamped.

Questions? Check with Mike or Maryellen Ferring or Mike Parker.

“Experienced” Members Tell Tales at September Meeting

Join us Tuesday 9/13!  Some of AYC’s most experienced, longtime members will be in the spotlight for September’s membership meeting, Tuesday, September 13 at 7pm at the newly-named Caddy Shack @  Rolling Hills (same place as always but with a new name), 1415 N Mill Ave., Tempe.

The club has been big and active nearly all of its 53 years and you’ll enjoy tapping into the stories from those earlier days, including some decidedly Blunder Bucket-worthy events.

Longtime AYC members

Professional photographer Tim George records longtime AYC members reminiscing about earlier days of the club. Photo: Mike Ferring

In March we gathered seven of the club’s veterans around a picnic table and asked them to reminisce. We recorded the conversation on HDTV video and I’ve now edited the digits down to about 11 minutes of the choicest nuggets. We’ll play the recording and then let the crowd try to deny it all.

This is a great opportunity for newer members to tap into the history of the club, to learn about what came before and to appreciate what these people did to keep sailing vibrant in the middle of the desert.

September 2011 – Compass Points

CLICK HERE for the PDF Version

Get yer boat ready!  Get yer crew figer’d out!  It’s TIME…for AYC 2011-12 Racing Season Opening Day. New to racing? Check out the “Racer’s Meet and Greet” party 9/9/2011, or join the new “Green Fleet” for a good excuse to sail without pressure to WIN!

1) Commodore’s Corner – Let the Games Begin!

2) Dating Game-Sept. 9th! Get Your Crew for 2011-12

3) 2011-12 Opening Day – Get Your Game On!

4) New to Racing?  Check Out the Green Fleet!

5) Welcome New Members! 

6) Kinninikinick Kampout with AYC, TSC and LSC! 

7) Get Your Sailing Kicks on Route 66 – BNAC 2011

8) Fleet of the Month – Buccaneer 18

9) 2011 Heatstroke Series Final Scores

10) For Sale! Want Ads!

Commodore’s Corner – September 2011

September is here and we hope the last days of super hot weather have passed by for 2011. And that makes it time to look forward to 2011 FALL SERIES!

Racing for many of us isn’t as much about the big pressure to win as it is about having a scheduled time to get out and spend some times with some of our best friends doing one of our favorite things.

If you’ve ever thought, “I’m not ready to race.”, check out the “Green Fleet” to find out more about ways to get out on the water on a regular basis, to join in the fun but to set aside some of the the “intensity” Green Fleets will be forming at BOTH Lake Pleasant or Tempe Town Lake.

And for the more competitive among us, or those of us that want to be, we also will have Introduction to Racing Class this month to help move you up the finishing place ladder.

Need crew? Want to crew? Check out the “Racer’s Party” next Friday 9/9.

The power boats start winterizing after Labor Day…we start SAILING!  This is OUR TIME of year!

Emory Heisler

p.s. How about those new membership cards, eh? Tap Brenda Shears, Roger Butterwick and Mike Ferring on the shoulder to say “Thanks!” for the nice work they did organizing and creating our new AYC Membership Cards!

Racing Party – Get New Crew! Find a Ride!

Come out and show how you operate BETWEEN THE SHEETS!

Join us UP-town and meet the racing gang at McKormick and Schmicks on Camelback Rd. AYC will have run of a little side room and be free to mingle with the landlubbers as needed over the rest of the place.

We will have PRIZES and FOOD, and I may let you have a bite of my nachos (if you are nice).

Who’s invited?
– Rookie crew who want to find a ride,
– Seasoned salts who want to shop their wares to the highest bidder
– Maniacal Malevolent Skippers looking to fill a hole in their motley crew
– Peeps looking to see what all this racing thing is about (read = Green Fleet)
– Sailors looking to promote our fine sport among the land-locked masses.
– YOU!!

Prize #1 Best Crew Resume!
Prize #2 Best Skipper Presentation – (hope to have a projector and computer)
Prize #3 Most inspiring story of “worst for first” (crew or skipper)
Prize #4 Most representatives of ANY fleet (my discretion)

Even if you are set for boat and crew – git yer keel out here and Party like a Pirate! There is a AMC Movie Theatre next door, shopping across the street. Make a night of it with your buddies, significant other, or both!!

Also sounds like a good time for a: FLEET MEETING –
Buccaneers, PHRF, SPIN, Catalina 22, Thistles, Merits, Portsmouth, – YOU COULD BE A WINNER

 Google Map of Location – 2575 E Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Michael Parker
Cruising Captain (aka AYC Party Manager!)
azexploder@hotmail.com, complaint line = 602.273.1341)

Opening Day 2011 – Order Your Shirts Now!

OPENING DAY T-SHIRTS! ORDER IN ADVANCE or BE LEFT OUT!   Get your sporty, stylish and slightly plagiarised tee shirt proclaiming your support of this Eco-Friendly sport. $15 per shirt – $17 for XXL – PRE ORDER BEFORE SEPT 9 – or no shirt for U…a small qty will be there for purchase. Do not need to pre-pay – just email azexploder@hotmail.com size, mens or womans style, and qty of each BEFORE 9/10/2011.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
GET READY!!!!  The approch of Opening Day brings a bunch of excellent memories over the past 9 years I have been privileged to attend. The butterflies start gathering early as the high temps start to descend ever closer to the double digits ( and always 10 degrees cooler on the water).

Never one to be leading the fleet, so that pressure is not a factor. The excitement of competition, building teamwork, and hanging out with my sailing buddies who understand the want to be around the water, fiberglass, and squeezing every erg of power out of a panel of strings covered with saran wrap, it is what feeds our other soul.

September 24 and 25, 2011 will be the 53rd opening day of your little sailing club in the desert. As always, there will be people painting, sanding, drilling, and pounding out in the parking lot at dawn. There will be the sound of new sails crinkling in the breeze as they are hanked on the first time, the smell of new fiberglass (some from repairs and some from fresh from the mold boats), and bright sunlight reflected from freshly washed and waxed 40 year old hulls. As the start time approaches, some yahoo thinking it would be funny, pulls the string on the only cannon allowed in the fleet – and the race to the launch ramp begins.

Then the parade to the starting line, with some returning to the dock to pickup the jib sheets left on the back seat and to throw Dave Rawstrom a tow line so he can start the first race on time today. The sound of the first horn signalling the start of our proud tradition begins the quest – not to win it all – for most – but rather to meet some more lowly goals for the season.
#1 NO fiberglass damage
#2 No DFLs (depending on your upbringing – “Dead Freaking Last” for me)
#3 My crew will someday want to sail with me again

Now for the High Level Details:
– 9AM: the USCGA will be available for COURTESY inspections with a sticker for passing (better them than to get AzGFD courtesy inspection that gives you a signed certificate for NOT passing).
– 10AM: FIRE THE CANNONS! Official opening of 2011-12 season
– 5pm: Dinner will be following racing. It is always a great food, beautiful scenery, and good friends. Race recaps from the Race Committee and race strategy from those skippers who where successful, and those not so much.
– 6pm: Prizes awarded during dinner for some random and completely arbitrary reason that I don’t even know yet.

REGISTER NOW on the web now and set your calendar those sailing days enjoying the great outdoors, or spend them mowing the lawn, painting the bathroom, or heaven forbid – sleeping in till noon….

Michael Parker
AYC Cruising Captain

Green Fleet – What’s That?

Learn Sailing at Any Age!

The Green Fleet is for new or “Less Serious” racers!

 Are you new to sailing or sailboat racing?  Are you trying to build a new crew to campaign next year?  Are you crew that wants some experience before stepping up to the big leagues?  Do you like to go sail with friends but want a little less pressure?   Is the most important thing on your boat your snacks?

Then the green fleet is for you!  For those who don’t know me, I’m Rob Gibbs.  I’m a US Sailing Certified Small Boat Instructor, a dinghie racer, a father of 2 and a husband of 1, and a guy who, up to this point, went sailing with his buddies and left the family at home.  Now that the kids are bigger and the wife is willing, we’ve got a bigger boat and “have fun and learn something” attitude.

Together with Emory Heisler (at TTL) our goal with the Green Fleet is to lower the barriers to entry to the sport we have come to love.  What that means to you is up to you!  If you have kids and resisted racing with the family, no more excuses!  If you want the opportunity to get out and practice in a safe, monitored environment without the pressure of racing, here’s your chance!

We’ll get together on Sat mornings (if you want) and introduce/review sailing concepts like Points of Sail & Trim.  We’ll go over the Rules of the Road, how to start, what the course chart is here and what it might be somewhere else.  If you have specific questions or topics you want covered, let me know!

Also, if you are crew and would like to secure a spot on one of the boats, please let me know.  There are some open positions I know of right now and there might be more as the season goes on.

My email is RobDaSailor@gmail.com.  For more information, check out the Green Fleet Page or just come sail with us!

Welcome New Members!

A great new “class” of members have joined AYC in recent months, from High Schoolers to Power Boaters (are we on our way to creating a “Power Squadron?”).

Christina Andaloro joins us following a year with the Arizona Sailing Foundation High School Sailing Club. She is now a freshman in college, but started taking official lessons 6 years ago in Cape Cod MA. She looks forward to attaining instructor level certification and contributing to AYC through Club equipment maintenance, racing, and social activities.

Shawn Cook took the SSR class and loved it. He is a Mesa resident, is a Laser sailor, and has been spending a lot of time down at the lake. He is interested in Club equipment maintenance and assisting with racing activities.

Luke Marino is a Freshman at Washington High School and has been sailing for about 5 years – most recently through the High School Sailing Club and before that racing in Opti’s. In the last 2 High School championships his boat was 2nd place! His dad also sails. He is continuing to take sailing classes, is interested in racing and cruising, and looks forward to achieving instructor level certification.

Mary and Jeff Miller: The Millers split their time between Scottsdale and the White Mountains. Mary is a long-time real estate broker in Snowflake, and Jeff works in Phoenix for APS four days a week. They’ve had a decades-long interest in sailing, having owned a very small sailboat in 1979, but only recently got a little more serious about the sport by traveling to Marina del Rey with two of their adult children to obtain a Basic Keelboat Certification in May of this year. They’re looking forward to gaining more experience and knowledge as time/schedules allow — hopefully with retirement figured in there somewhere! — and appreciate the opportunity to be part of this club.

Cooper Miller: Cooper, 25, now has his ASA Basic Keelboat Certification and is looking forward to sailing involvement with AYC members, with a special interest in crewing for more experienced sailors. He recently graduated from the U of A in Mathematics with an emphasis in Probability and Statistics and is pursuing a new career even as he also splits his time between the White Mountains and Scottsdale, assisting with the family real estate business as a licensed agent. He’s a long-time snowboard instructor, as well, and welcomes any interested folks up to Sunrise Ski Park this winter! Cooper is also an avid mountain biker.

Jim Murphy, a Scottsdale resident, is interested in racing and in helping with AYC social events. Jim has been sailing “all his life.” And his son Garrison has taken the High School Sailing class.

Randy, Tara, and Elliot Odman: The Odmans have extensive boating experience, but are new to sailing, thanks to the interest of son Elliot. Elliot sails in the high school program and just purchased his first boat, a sunfish, this winter. They are Mesa residents and interested in helping with new member support and racing.

Richard, Noami, and Lincoln Strand: Dick, a retired Radiologist, has recently rejoined the AYC. His family consists of his wife Noami, a son Nick who lives in NYC; daughter Natalie, living in Santa Monica; and an eight-year-old son Lincoln. Dick shares the following: “A few friends and I are just finishing the restoration of a 40 ft 1949 Matthew’s wooden motor yacht, the Euphrates, and will be keeping her in Newport Beach. She is a beautiful old boat and should be capable of coastal cruising, Catalina Island etc. I am an occasional sailor and was a member of the Arizona Yacht Club many years ago. And speaking of reciprocity, in 1988, I went over to watch the America’s Cup Race. The evening of the final race, I went to the San Diego Yacht Club, and using my Arizona Yacht Club membership card, got in and attended the victory celebration. I ended up sitting with Dennis Conner’s mother!”


Brenda Shears
Roger Butterwick
AYC Membership Directors

Buccaneer Championships – Route 66 Odyssey

Dave Rawstrom, Rob Gibbs and Emory Heisler journeyed 30 hours straight-through from AZ to Chicago in a 2000 “Exploder” for Buccaneer 18 North American Championships in Kenosha, WI. Not to worry, Dave, Rob and Emory are still friends.

T-minus 5 days to BNAC: Thanks to Nickel’s Boats stackable trailer design we stack 4 Bucc’s on 2 trailers.  Thank you TTL passer by helpers for extra hands!

And they’re off! Yee Old Exploder is packed and trailers are stacked.  On to Route 66: Desert, pine trees, high desert plains and we are there.  Route 66.  Did we get some kicks?  No!  What did we get?

Painted Desert, nothing, storms, nothing, New Mexico.  More storms, more nothing, Texas.  Nothing, 200 foot tall cross, trailer flat, nothing, Oklahoma. Sunrise over the one tree in OK.

Oklahoma City, toll booths, nothing, toll booths, nothing,Missouri.  Fireworks Superstore, Adult Bookstores, tornado-flattened Joplin, nothing, Girls-Girls-Girls, nothing, St. Louis. Mississippi River, Illinois, corn, corn, corn, Chicago.  Hotel, toll booths, toll booths, KENOSHA! That’s it in a nutshell.


It was the first time for all of us to visit Kenosha Wisconsin, first time in Dave’s lifetime setting foot in the state and his 3rd time sailing on lake Michigan, loved the waves!

KYC and Kenosha downtown have great small town character, cool shops (especially for tuxedos), ice cream, good restaurants (mmm… german food) , a real 24 hour Diner, free museum with mammoths, electric trolley ride, and this year a destination regatta.

Burgee Exchange

Monday’s welcome dinner of Brats and Beer was followed by the fastest national membership meeting ever, and was paired with a separate crew party that improved crew morale and left a few sleeping it off in the parking lot.

Racing had everything you could ask for, good predictable winds, time between races for siesta, swimming, chicken toss, water gun battle royale, and competitive group races.

A typical mixture of great breeze, too much breeze, no breeze was combined with equally varied flat water, wind chop on 4 ft. swells, and lazy doldrum filled swells as well.

The RC/PRO had some challenges and reminded us about just how good we’ve got it in AYC racing.   The Buccaneer Class Association learned some lessons and the PRO and racers figured out the local traditions. RC will be fantastic next time we visit.

Kevin & Big Dave (aka Maltbie-Brown)

Surprise guests arrived Thursday,  Maltbie and Brown BNAC 1 winners.  They won BNAC #1 in a borrowed boat but sailed Dave Rawstrom’s boat for their visit this year.

Blind Squirrel party: John welcomed us pirates to his home, really! Blind Squirrel’s combine vodka, Coors light and mystery ingredients. Truly an effective tonic. Buccaneers celebrated with Food, fun, hot tub, and a slide that ejects into the bushes.  We have a buccaneer member who owns a real lighthouse, cool!!!

Ed & Shannon Montano

Our hosts Ed and Shannon are a serious “power couple,” hospitality, organization, mix-ology expertise, Puerto Rican sandals, and charm. Thanks for a incredibly fun visit to your home town.
And then, back to Route 66 and 35 more straight-through hours in the Exploder for Dave and Emory.  The return run took a slight detour through Kansas, accompanied by an eclectic mix of power ballads on the iPod.

After 65 hours on the road together, even better friends.

ARRRR!! (hold the “gh”)

Dave Rawstrom, #5205, “Red Fish, Blue Fish”
Emory Heisler, #5239, “Erin Morgan”

Kinnikinick – 2011 “Escape to Pine Mountain”

For more about 2011 Kinnikinick check out this story from the Tucson Sailing Club. They and Lake Pleasant Sailing Club joined this year’s AYC annual campout in the woods, the Kinnikinick weekend, and Peter Burgard snapped some pictures and wrote some words and published them in the club’s newsletter. Click HERE for the TSC Aug 2011 Windbreaker newsletter.

Kinnikinick Kampout 2011
Cruising Captain – Mike Parker

The 2011 “Escape to Pine Mountain” was a huge event for my family. It was our first scheduled opportunity to escape the heat, the traffic, and the playstation in the valley of the SUN. Not that the event as a whole was so huge, but getting my kids away from the TV was virtually miraculous. Many obstacles had to be overcome. Things like sudden onset of a ailment requiring proximity to a bathroom, to queasy carsick feelings of the back row passengers in a SUV crammed with six people, camping gear, chairs, outdoor games, and a midsized dog. All of it resolved with patience, no schedule, and the first potty stop at 6500 feet and 80 degree sunshine.

We arrived as scheduled – Saturday sometime. There where already some adventurous and practiced campers setup in the area with sailing burghy and race mark signalling their territory and that we where in the right place. Paper plates guiding the way to the fresh and clean porta-potties spaced out around some shady and pine needle covered tent spots. We picked up a mooring… i mean, a camp spot upwind of the potty, and the kids took off into the woods like oil dripped on water. No video games, music players, or fighting over computer time… it was just about heaven.

After unloading the gear and making lunch – amazing how the kids will wander back just as you are finishing food prep – we were joined by helpful (and hungry) kids from the already established camps. Tents setup, camp gear stowed, we set off to mingle with the others already playing horse shoes and relaxing in the cool shade around the fire pit.

Members of Lake Pleasant Sailing Club, Arizona Yacht Club, and Tucson Sailing club were all strewn about the gentle slope in all sizes of tents, camp trailers, and vans. Ahhh, such a heart warming – cool weather – sight!

A few hearty sailors who took a stack of Lasers to the lake for some afternoon sailing while most others took a nice nap. The winds must have been perfect, since one of the sailors related that he had never gone so fast in a laser before. It’s amazing what a “Fresh” breeze and no hills to funnel the wind can do for you. Later in the afternoon, while relaxing and getting to know some of our TSC and LPSC brethren, our attention was drawn to the table where piles of shish kebabs, pots of corn, and plates of veggies and sides where being dropped from campers all around. Dinner was imminent. And from the looks of things, it was going to be an amazing feast. Off to camp, we brought out offering, including another table to pile the overflowing food (and adult beverages).

And it was an amazing feast. Of course, my kids only ate the hot dogs and way too many sm’ores cooked over the sensible and warming campfire, but that is OK, more kabobs for me.

All – in – all, about 60 people made up the campout this year. Perhaps it was a light turnout for the annual event. But it was fun, and we got to meet some very friendly people who were there to have a good time in the peace and quiet – and coolness – of the not so distant forest. I have always had to move mountains to make it to the mountains, but once I get there, the people, the peace, and the separation of all things buzzing and chirping always make it worth the effort.

Fleet of the Month – Buccaneer 18


Buccaneer Fleet

Buccs Start at Lake Pleasant

ARRRRR!!!! The pirates of AYC! The Buccaneer 18 fleet is the only one-design fleet that gives you a three-sail boat (main, jib and spinnaker) and the option to sail with fleets at both Tempe Town Lake and Lake Pleasant. The Buccs also make regular excursions to join other Buccs in San Diego (March, August), Long Beach (May, November) and elsewhere around the country.

There are over 20 Buccaneer 18s in Arizona, and half of those racing, so whether you’re a new recruit or “salty dog” we have lots of sailors to compete with at your level so you can improve your sailing and have a great time doing it.

To learn more about getting a Buccaneer 18 or crewing on one, contact one of the pirates listed below or see the National Bucc Site or the Yahoo! group. The AYC Buccaneer fleet is ready to offer lots of help for anyone who would like to join the raiding party.

Buccaneer Harken One-Design Deck Layout

Buccaneer Fleet Captain: Steve Brown
Western Region Buccaneer Class Rep: Emory Heisler

2011 Heat Stroke Final Scores

Here are the results of the 2011 Heat Stroke series scores, with throw-outs. Congratulations!

Oddly, participation dropped off as the mercury rose. By the time we reached the dreaded dog daze of August, there were just two or three boats on the race course and often as many people on race committee.

Congratulations to all the stalwarts who braved heat exhaustion to go sailing and to the fleet winners:

Emory Heisler, Buccaneer;
Mike & Maryellen Ferring, C14;
Mike Bernard, Laser;
Clay Poulson, Portsmouth (in whatever he happened to bring to the lake that day).

Fall Fleet Scramble Brings Consolidation, New Sport Boat and Green Fleets

When the gun sounds to start the AYC Lake Pleasant Fall Race Series on Saturday, September 24, there will be two new fleets on the starting line—and apparently two fleets consolidated into other fleets. Let me explain.

Tony Chapman and Viper headed for the shipping lanes.

Both the Viper 640s and the Merit 25s have been flirting with the magic five-boat minimum entries the last couple years. Fleets that get five entries become “active” fleets, eligible for scoring, participation in the club championship races and voting seats at the table for the fleet captains’ meetings.

While the Merits were once a 9-10-boat fleet, Captain Roger Butterwick says this next year they won’t be able to come up with five entries and will instead become part of the PHRF Spinnaker Fleet. The Vipers managed five entries last year, but Charles Kaye has sold his boat.

Now, for something new.

PHRF Sport Boat Fleet. What’s a “Sport Boat”? We’ve defined it as an asymmetrical spinnaker, monohull boat. The fleet became possible when three and possibly four J/80s promised to join the action. From PHRF Non-Spin come new J/80 competitors Peter Hartleb, Chris Smith and me, Mike Ferring. Chuck Moretti has owned a J/80 that’s been bobbing up and down in a slip at Pleasant Harbor Marina that will now have sisters to race with. Chuck has joined the club and hopes to make at least two races this fall before racing more regularly in the spring. Then there are the Vipers, Tony Chapman, Greg Jackson, Laurent Dion and maybe Mike Leal. And now that Spin champ Dave Christensen has sold his J/24, he says he’ll finally bring that Mini 650 out of the garage and onto the water.

Green Fleet. Rob Gibbs has decided to spearhead a revival of the former Challenger Fleet, but with a few twists. He’ll encourage new competitors, just as the Challenger Fleet did, but there will be even less emphasis on competition and more emphasis on having fun on the water. Coolers and kids encouraged. No protests. And—get this—no scoring.

Registration is now open for all fleets at both Lake Pleasant and Tempe Town Lake. TTL’s opening day is Sunday, September 11 and LP’s is Saturday, September 24. For questions about the Sport Boat fleet, contact Mike Ferring. For the Green Fleet, check with Rob Gibbs.