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From the Commodore’s Chair-February 2011

The 2011 year has been a busy year already with our Birthday Regatta and many other activities.  The March General Membership presentation will be Nicholas Hayes, an author who has recently been speaking all over the country about how sailing programs are being revitalized. I hope you can attend that session as it will be all of US that will need to help the club go forward.

The club does not go forward on its own, and relies on the continued participation of the membership.  Please step up and ask what you may do to help the club.  I know that each member will bring their strengths to the club if even for an hour a month. Clearly we need your help.

I am looking forward to the Commodores Dinner which will be coming up May 14th at the Chart House at McCormick Ranch.  We will have a festive evening of great dining along with awards and summary presentations with introductions of the next AYC governing board.  Planning is already under way and details of the event will be made available very soon.  So don’t forget to block that date for a very nice evening and watch the website or look for e-mails coming soon about the event.



Joe Motil
Arizona Yacht Club

January 2011 Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting Call to order 7:02, Joe Motil’s Home

Attendees:  Motil-Commodore, Heisler-Vice Commodore, Harlow-Fleet Captain, Pillote-Membership, Jackson-Jr. Staff, Parker-Sr. Staff

Absent: Chapman-Treasurer, Sahali-Membership, Rear Commodore-VACANT, Cruising Captain-VACANT, Secretary-VACANT

Secretary (Heisler-substitute)
– December minutes provided by C. Pillote.  Approved by Heisler motion, Parker 2nd, unanimous.

Treasurer Report (Chapman)
– Absent. No report.

Membership (Pillote, Sahali)
– Bob Hastings, John Healy nominated. Approved by Heisler motion, Jackson 2nd, unanimous.

Cruising Captain (vacant – Parker substitute)
– Preparations underway for Tall Cactus, Catalina in July

Fleet Captain (Harlow)
– Birthday Regatta ready
– LP Maricopa County Fees remaining within budget.

Jr. Staff Commodore (Jackson)
– Birthday Regatta ready.  Reviewed volunteer schedules.

Sr. Staff Commodore (Parker)
– No items

Rear Commodore (VACANT-Motil substitute)
– More GM meeting ideas needed
– Commodores Ball set for Chart House – McCormick Ranch

 Vice Commodore (Heisler)
– 2011-2012 Board Planning Meeting ideas discussed.  2/1/2011 meeting will include invited guests of ASF Board, Candidates for 2011-12 AYC Board, Former Commodores for planning.

Commodore (Motil)
– No additional items

– Next Meeting Locations: Feb 1-Heisler’s, March 1-Lucille’s Tempe Marketplace, April 5-Greg Jackson’s, May 3-Pete’s (Ballot Count), May 14-Chart House, June 7-Heisler’s

Meeting Adjourned 8:33pm
Submitted: February 1, 2011,  Emory Heisler – Vice Commodore / Acting Secretary

SCYA Midwinter Regatta – AYC Special Rate

What a deal!  $15 for SCYA Midwinter Regatta – an AYC Special Offer

Get this!  AYC has made special arrangements for all boats registered for the AYC 2011 Spring Series to race in the AYC Hosted SCYA Midwinter Regatta races….FOR JUST $15.00!!!! FIFTEEN BUCKS!  Sweet!  Just say, “I’m in!”

Every registrant gets a sail-cloth regatta document portfolio AND a chance to win SCYA Midwinter HARDWARE!  Backpacks actually!

AYC Special SCYA Midwinter Registration – CLICK HERE

Rembering Boats of a “Zippy” Nature

Submitted by Dennis Lynde

After reading Rick Johnson’s excellent article in compass points about a Martin 242 named “ZIP’, it brought back memories of another time, many moons ago, of another “ZIP” that sailed with AYC.

This “ZIP” was a Montgomery 17 flush deck, which was my first new boat, and pride and joy. Pale yellow, with multi colored stripes, 1200 lbs displacement, 25 ft. mast, no interior, shoal draft keel with centerboard, and a ball to sail. We raced her for 3 years with the club, and in San Carlos Mexico, with Tucson Sailing Club, which also had several M17 flush decks sailing in their club. Al Jr. was a crew down there with me at least once. We also put the mast in the water when a wind shift knocked us down while under spinnaker. Very exciting. I sailed with her for 3 years, until I decided I wanted a boat with accommodations below, and good light air capability. Thus did the San Juan 24, “Bigamy” come into my life, but that story will be for another time.

Do YOU have a story about any of the many one (or two) of a kind boats that have sailed with AYC over the years?  They have likely been in either the Portsmouth or PHRF fleets.  Here are some photos of a few that may help you remember!.

 It would be nice if any of you have a special boat in mind, or just one you were fond of that you would write and mention in an article too!  Send them to CompassPoints@ArizonaYachtClub.org .      .org .     

Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendars!

Next week!  February 8 – General Membership Meeting
Greg Jackson will share photos and stories from his cruise to the South Pacific!!
And it’s time to start planning for 2011-2012 Board of Directors Nominations!! 

March 8 – General Membership Meeting and BOARD NOMINATIONS
Join us at 6pm prior to the March 8, 2011 meeting at Pete’s to help build the 2011-2012 AYC Board of Directors election slate!

 May 14 – Commodore’s Ball at the Chart House Restaurant – Scottsdale
The Chart House
! Spectacular Waterfront Dining and Views of Camelback Mountain across the Lake.  Mark your calendar today for a great night of  fun with your friends and families!

April 30 – Tall Cactus Regatta! 4/30/2011
Another event organized by MIKE PARKER PRODUCTIONS!!!! You saw how he rebuilt the Governor’s Cup.  Don’t miss this annual trek for an overnighter in Humbug Cove.  It’s sure to be a weekend to remember (or for some, maybe that they’ll never be able to forget????!!!!!)  Come out and see someone earn the Blunder Bucket!

New TTL Key Cards Being Issued

In case you didn’t hear, this is from Okie at Tempe Parks and Rec:

We will be changing our card keys for marina access on Monday, February 14, 2011. That means that the current key you are using will not work at the marina starting Monday, 2/14 and you will need a new key. I or my assistant Ryan will be at the marina (we are usually in the shade cover area that the rowing shells are stored) at the following times to distribute new keys:

Saturday, February 5, from 6am to 12 noon.
Thursday, February 10, 4pm to 6:30pm
Saturday, February 12, from 6am to 12 noon.

You will need to show a card key to get a new card key. Your old key will work (as was mentioned) until 2/14. Then the new key will start working and the old card should be thrown away as it will no longer work.

I understand this will be a bit of a hassle for some of you to get to the marina at the times listed. However it will allow us to operate  a more efficient card key system and it therefore needs to be done. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you all,

Jr. & Sr. High School Sailing on Tempe Town Lake

We have eight students, but with ten 14.2’s and two 420’s we could have 24 students! We meet every Tuesday 2 ½ hours 4:00 – 6:30 PM.

Training to sail and race is taught by US Sailing certified instructors.  There is a safety boat on the water at all times.  Beginning students usually sail with an instructor on board the first few times.  The objective of the class is to have fun on the water.  More details on the AYC education page web site.

Once a year there is an Arizona High School double handed championship.  A perpetual trophy is to be displayed at the winner’s school until the next year.  Individual trophies are given to the skipper and crew.  Skippers must be 9-12 grade level; crew can be from Jr. High School.  This year the race will be in the east basin of Tempe Town Lake on Saturday April 16th.  And the boats will again be Capri 14.2’s.

The race NOI and SI will be available in Mar-11.  Pictures from last year below.

Regatta Raises $41,000 to Fight Blood Cancers

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) 2011 Leukemia Cup Regatta, held January 14-16 at Lake Pleasant, raised $41,000 to support the fight against blood cancers. The Society’s signature sailing event has raised more than $300,000 in Arizona in the last 4 years. “We would especially like to acknowledge the Arizona Yacht Club (AYC), for their commitment over the past 9 years in running a safe and very competitive sailing race for us,” said Jon Meyers, Executive Director of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter. “The need for continued investments in research is critical. More than 900,000 people in the United States are currently living with leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma and an estimated 55,000 will lose their battle over the coming year.” The chapter holds its sailing fundraiser in conjunction with the AYC, who celebrate their Birthday Regatta over the Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday weekend each year.

Fundraising events depend upon the support of the area community, and LLS gratefully acknowledges its 2011 Leukemia Cup Regatta sponsors: Arizona Yacht Club, Wolters Kluwer, Protea Medical Center, Phoenix School of Law, ST Microelectronics, Smith Law Group, West Marine, North Sail, SailShop, AGM Technical Solution, Arizona Boating and Water Sports, Mt. Gay Rum, Sailing World, Vineyard Vines, Jobson Sailing, John MeCray, Ken Gardiner, The Heislers, AmeriChoice, United Healthcare, Colligo Marine, Casa Technology Systems and Full Sail Brewery.

The three days of the Regatta proved once again that the wind in Arizona can be great, good and also non-existent, all in the same weekend!  Friday, January 14, saw consistent wind all day out of the north to northeast. Saturday, January 15, was a typical Lake Pleasant day with a couple of races off to the north before the midday shift and another race or two off to the south. Sunday was good in the morning, but without a hard and fast shift to the south, fleets checked out around noon. The wind did come back up, but by then the RC had flown the AP/A and everyone was on their way home. A special thank you to Peter Howson of SailLog.net for coming out and taking some really great pictures. Check them out at www.saillog.net

Congratulations to all of the event winners:

Bucc 18

Maggie Blumm & Dennis Martinelli


Doug McMillan

PHRF – MultiHull

Brad Smith

PHRF – Non Spin

Greg Woodcock

PHRF – Spin

Al Lehman & Steve Quant


Michael Leon

Viper 640

Juan Mauri

Congratulations, sailors, and we look forward to another amazing year next year!

Courtesy of Kerri Weiss, Special Events Manager LLS of AZ

Spring Starts Saturday!

Spring Racing at Lake Pleasant, that is. Have you registered yet?

There are 33 boats signed up as of 7pm Thursday.

The Spins have now “fleeted” (after pilfering two of our non-spin stalwarts!), Merits are at 4 entries, Buccs at 3, and most Vipers have yet to sign up. (Five entries are required to constitute an active fleet.)

Here they are as of 7pm Thursday before our first race weekend:

Matt Davis Buccaneer 18
Charles Rush Buccaneer 18
Michael Parker Buccaneer 18
James Batz Catalina 22
Robert Frazier Jr. Catalina 22
Myles Hassett Catalina 22
Paul Liszewski Catalina 22
Martin Lorch Catalina 22
Robert Worrall Catalina 22
George Tingom Catalina 22
Raymond Gazzera Catalina 22
Roger Butterwick Merit 25
Jim Douglas Merit 25
Ricky Gilchrist Merit 25
Steve Kusic Merit 25
Dianna Andress PHRF Non-Spinnaker
George Campbell PHRF Non-Spinnaker
Peter Hartleb PHRF Non-Spinnaker
Greg Woodcock PHRF Non-Spinnaker
Mike Ferring PHRF Non-Spinnaker
Bruce Andress PHRF Spinnaker
Michael Axtman PHRF Spinnaker
Gordon Bean PHRF Spinnaker
Robert Gibbs PHRF Spinnaker
Chris Smith PHRF Spinnaker
Clay Poulson Portsmouth
Thom Dickerson Thistle
Jason Rziha Thistle
Dan Schott Thistle
Michael Yarnell Thistle
Trey Harlow Thistle
Skip Kempff Thistle
Greg Jackson Viper

Sign up by clicking on the link on this page: https://arizonayachtclub.org/?page_id=634

Spins are on RC, which could mean a good dinner. Could.

Mike Ferring

2011 Birthday Regatta Photos

Hi eveyone…

We’ve had a couple of folks submit photos via the Photos Upload Link.  Here they are along with a few of my own added. Also, don’t forget to visit our visiting Professional’s Site – www.SailLog.net – for some really great pics!

Courtesy of Peter Howson

Courtesy Chuck Landis

Courtesy Dennis Lynde

Our Guest PRO Andrea Caroe

Watching the Finish Line


Reynolds 33

Bucc Parade

C22 Starting

Birthday Regatta Results!

Photo Courtesy of SAILLOG.NET

Well, the 3 days of the regatta proved once again that the wind in AZ can be great, good and, well, non-existent all in the same weekend day.  Friday was consistent wind all day out of the North to Northeast.  Saturday was a typical Lake Pleasant day with a couple of races off to the north before the midday shift and another race or two off to the South.  Sunday was good in the morning, but without a hard and fast shift to the South, fleets checked out around noon.  The wind did come back up, but by then the RC had flown the AP/A and everyone was on their way home. Thanks to Peter Howson of SailLog.net for coming out and taking some really great pictures.  Check them out at www.saillog.net

Congratulations to all our winners:

Bucc 18 Maggie Blumm & Dennis Martinelli
C-22 Doug McMillan
PHRF – MultiHull Brad Smith
PHRF – Non Spin Greg Woodcock
PHRF – Spin Al Lehman & Steve Quant
Portsmouth Michael Leon
Viper 640

Juan Mauri

Here are the complete list of scores.

Birthday Regatta – Fleets So Far!

Many of you have asked for a participant list by fleet…here ya go!

This is the last week to sign up so get to the RACING PAGE and sign up!

(Fleets subject to change based on NOR/SI minimum sign up criteria and discretion of PRO.  This list is BIRTHDAY REGATTA Sign Ups.)



Buccaneer 18



Buccaneer 18



Buccaneer 18



Buccaneer 18



Catalina 22



Catalina 22



Catalina 22



Catalina 22



Catalina 22



Merit 25



Merit 25



Merit 25



PHRF Non-Spinnaker



PHRF Non-Spinnaker



PHRF Non-Spinnaker



PHRF Non-Spinnaker



PHRF Non-Spinnaker



PHRF Non-Spinnaker



PHRF Spinnaker



PHRF Spinnaker



PHRF Spinnaker



PHRF Spinnaker



PHRF Spinnaker



PHRF Spinnaker



PHRF Spinnaker



PHRF Spinnaker



PHRF Spinnaker



PHRF Spinnaker



PHRF Spinnaker