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Race Results from Lake Pleasant Week 3

"Kicks" at Lake Pleasant

Great weekend of racing at Lake Pleasant – Great dinner Saturday night!  The quote of the evening was from Martin Lorch, “It’s a good thing nobody liked it because I don’t have any left!”  Get the weekend’s Race Scores. Thanks to Joe Barnett for taking photos…See them at:



Governor’s Cup – 20 November

The AYC Governor’s Cup has been revived!  Traditionally a long distance point to point race on Lake Roosevelt, it’s moved to Lake Pleasant and is a 26.2 mi “marathon” course with creative scoring.  Read the NOR’s and SI’s carefully! Click below to sign up today!  Sign up before Nov 12th for Early Bird pricing.

Tempe Town Lake Official Opening – Tues 26 October

Finally we got the official word from the City that TTL will be officially re-opened @ 5:00 am on the 26th of Oct.  Here was the official announcement:

Hi All,

Thank you for your patience as we work to get Tempe Town Lake back to normal and boat-able (new word!) once again. The date for the opening of the lake to recreational boating and fishing has been set for Tuesday, October 26 at 5:00am. There will be a function at the marina with the Mayor, City Council and hopefully representatives from the many diverse groups within our Boating Community. The function is from 5am to 9am and we are hoping for a lot of press coverage. If you are coming to the ceremony and want your group to be recognized please send Kris Baxter a note at: kris_baxter@tempe.gov

I wanted to also touch base on some safety points and some logistics before we begin boating:

Programmed Use Forms: Be sure that these are in to me before your club/organization begins its boating program. If you have already submitted them, which many have, thank you.

Lights: Now is a good time to check your lights to be sure they are working, as today the sunrise is at 6:35am and sunset is at 5:51pm. Most of our boaters will be starting or finishing their sessions in darkness. The light policy is as follows:

A red or red/green light on the bow of the boat and a clear white light on the stern that can be reached by someone in the boat and waved in case of danger. On Tempe Town Lake it is permissible to use a red light on the bow, but a red/green light is preferred. It is important to note the lights need to have a minimum 180 degree visibility and are to be attached to the boat and not to occupants of the boat.

Traffic Pattern: As we all know the traffic pattern on the lake is counter clock wise. We are expecting a lot of boats out in those first few weeks, please stick to the traffic pattern for everyone’s safety.

Safety Boats: All clubs/programs that store boats in the safe harbor can put them back, as the ramp and safe harbor entrance are now deep enough. Please understand that this means you can put your boat in and take it to the safe harbor and park it. This is not an early green light to do any form of boating. Please also use the mooring spot you have been using in the past. Call me with any questions.

Boat Rental: We have a new vendor who will be on the lake for boat rental beginning October 30. Their name is Tempe Boat Rentals and it is operated by Boat Rentals of America. They will stage out of the docks by Tempe Beach Park. We have not had rentals on the lake in a while and we are very excited to have this company working on the lake. Their contact number is: 480-303-8903 and their web site is: boats4rent.com

Thanks all, I hope to see you at the marina next Tuesday morning (ceremony is from 5am – 9am) or at least boating on the lake.



Here is the AZCENTRAL Video Interview of Mayor Hugh Hallman on Opening Day.

US Sailing 2010 Meeting Icebraker Invitation

US Sailing’s 2010 Annual Meeting is on Thursday the 21st of October at the Embassy Suites in Scottsdale.  The “Icebreaker” we are hosting is 5:30 to 7:30.  AYC is hosting a booth and you are invited to come and mingle with the leaders of your National Sailing Organization. Please let Joe Motil (commodore@arizonayachtclub.org) know if you plan to attend.  For more information on the meeting see US Sailing’s Website

Good Luck to Bryan Dunham

For those of you who may not know, Bryan Dunham is being deployed overseas and is no longer able to serve as our Vice Commodore.  This was a letter he sent to the club:

Dear AZYC,

It is with deep and heartfelt regret that I must submit my resignation as Vice Commodore. As many of you know, I am deploying again with our U.S. armed forces in support of our various causes worldwide. Unfortunately the requisite preparations began much earlier and are requiring more of my personal time than I anticipated. Due to this I have been unable to attend to the duties of the Vice Commodore in a timely manner. I bear full responsibility for the neglect of my duties and apologize for my performance. You all deserve an officer who can dedicate his or her full attention to the duties and responsibilities of the position. The success of the Yacht Club has always been dependent on the dedication and enthusiasm of volunteer members and I encourage all of you to step up and do what you can. I hope that you can all understand that I have precious little time left before my departure and wish to spend what little I have left with my immediate family.

Sincerely ,

Bryan Dunham

I’m sure we all wish Bryan well as he sacrifices to defend our country.  We thank him and his family for their contributions.

That having been said, there are now 3 open board positions: Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, and Cruising Captain.  There is no rule that says if you take on one of these positions, you must do the “5 year slog” that has burdened past commodores.  I encourage everyone to do what they can and serve their club in the way they find best for them.  Personally, Tuesday nights are tough for my family, so I haven’t taken a board position, instead I volunteered to take up the website and run the Ship’s Store.  Whatever you do, be sure you give back to your club!

News from the Membership Desk

Please join us in welcoming Matt Davis, Dave Brickner, and Sean Eanes to the Arizona Yacht Club. Matt is racing his Buccaneer 18, Slur, in the Fall Series. Sean has also signed up for Fall Racing and is racing his Windrose, White Pearl, at Lake pleasant. Dave used to sail a Santana 21, and is in the market for a new boat. If you see Matt, Dave, or Sean, please welcome them to the Club!

Other news from the membership desk.renewal season is finally over, which means no more nagging emails from the membership directors—at least not until next Summer. Thank you to everyone that renewed!!! The Club depends on its members for support.

2010-2011 Season membership cards went out a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t received yours yet, please contact a membership director at membership@arizonayachtclub.org.

Finally, we’re working on the membership directory. You should see the new directory in your mailboxes in a few weeks.

We hope you have a great 2010-2011 Season.

Emory Heisler et al. at the September 2010 Membership Meeting

No TTL is Good News for Mission Bay One Design Regatta

One Club...One Love...One Design - Mission Bay Yacht Club 2010With TTL turned into a dry wasteland, ok, “Riparian Area”, dinghy sailing in AZ this summer has been reduced to trailer “sailing” across Wal-Mart parking lots under spinnaker….EXCEPT for the Mission Bay One Design Regatta -MBOD!  Of course Mission Bay Yacht Club and the MBOD held each August is lways a favorite place for Zonies to visit, but with TTL empty it was a MUST!


Yes, the Bucc 18s have been sailing MBOD since 2003.  But this year with no TTL, and with Capri 14.2 Nationals scheduled at MBYC Sept.19th, the C14s joined in the fun too.   The weekend was outstanding as usual with wonderful weather, carousing in Mission Beach and Old Town, and PERFECT Mission Bay sailing conditions.

For the 14.2s, seeing John Mayall pull into MBYC’s parking lot was no surprise. But seeing son Sean pop out of the car with him – instead of one of John’s many other crew members – was an excellent surprise.  Sean, is a Junior at Corona Del Sol High School in Tempe and took the opportunity to “tune up” for C14 Championships.  Apparently it worked! Rick and Lisa Lake also came along and flew the AYC “mega  burgee” from their mast, and Mike and Maryellen Ferring filled out the AYC 14.2 dance card for fun on the water and with “camera in hand” as usual.

Anchoring the Bucc 18 Fleet was San Diego local Gary Geisler joined by “Grand Mum” Carole Vaillancourt and friend Ryan Scofield from Sacramento.  Of course the “usual suspects” from AYC Bucc Fleet arrived in force, Rob Gibbs, Emory Heisler, Mike Parker, Cindy Pillote, Dave Rawstrom and family,  and (drum roll!!!!) Commodore Joe Motil and his darling – and brave – wife Katherine.  Our Commodore’s adventure is a story in itself….so were Rob Gibbs’ Friday night escapades (you’ll have to ask him ;o).

The MBOD Results were far less important than the fun, the friends and the COOL WEATHER.  And even when TTL is back for Heat Stroke 2011….you can be sure we will be returning for MISSION BAY ONE DESIGN…..

Tempe Town Lake to Start Filling 10/8!

Got this in an email from Okie at Tempe Town Lake HQ!

Hi All,

I know there has been a lot of news in the media lately about the lake’s filling and opening, so I just wanted to give you a heads up with the facts:

Lake begins to fill: Tomorrow, Friday, 10/8 the lake will begin filling at 7am. There will be a media gathering at 7:30am at Boat Beach (bottom of Lakeview Dr). All are invited to attend.

Lake opening date: The City is shooting for Monday, October 25, but this is not yet set in stone. Once the lake is full, we need to go through an inspection process of the docks and be sure all safety procedures and safety boats are in place. Some of these things we may be able to do before the lake is totally full, but our Risk Manager is being very cautious about letting City Staff on the water without a totally full lake. The City is moving forward to open the lake as quickly as possible, but I am sure everyone understands that safety comes first, as is always the case with boating.

Everyone can safely assume the earliest date will be Monday, 10/25 but it may be moved a little later because of these initial safety precautions. I know everyone is as excited as I am to get back in a boat on Town Lake and we can definitely see the finish line. Thanks all for your patience…


Get your boats ready!

Sept Membership Meeting

At the September Membership Meeting we had Joe “Okie” O’Conner and George Sheller give us an update on the status of the Tempe Town Lake dam repairs and future plans for City of Tempe “mixed use” facilities at the lake.

We had some new faces interested in membership.  Gilbert Kanitario who crewed for Ray Gazzera on Opening Day at Lake Pleasant signed up that night!

There were a few burgees exchanged and good fun was had by all!

TTL – Where Will the Water Come From?

Tony Chapman takes 3rd @ SA ISAF Regatta

This year’s Sailing Anarchy ISAF “Sportboat” Regatta was held at Coronado Yacht Club, Coronado California.  It’s a location that is not unfamiliar to AYC Sailors.  In the past, they have hosted some of the small boat fleets for the SD NOODs held in March.  Bucc and Viper sailors know it well.  The Viper fleet bailed on Opening Day events at Lake Pleasant and trucked out to the coast for this event.  The Viper overall winner was a boat with a Ullman Sails Sailmaker on board, with the runner up being Drew Harper, from Spinnaker Sailing – the West Coast Viper Distributor.  Keeping that in mind, what a great showing for the AZ Viper Fleet!  Congrats TONY!

Sailing Anarchy has a whole section on it. You can play “Where’s Stacey” on the page as well!

Here is the YouTube video sponsored by Ullman Sails

Capri 14.2 Nationals – AYC Winners!

Submitted by John Mayall

While the weekend of September 17-19 brought record temperatures to the Phoenix area, some fortunate Capri 14.2 sailors were able to spend a few wonderful days in San Diego participating in the annual Capri 14.2 Nationals hosted by the Mission Bay Yacht Club. Three teams made the road-trip and they were; Rick and Lisa Lake, Steve and Christina Campo and Sean and John Mayall. The event began on Friday with the second annual women’s Nationals. Lisa Lake recruited Morgan Henderson, a local Mission Bay sailor and skippered to a very respectable fourth place in a fleet of nine boats. Christina placed sixth and it is worth noting that it was the first time Christina had skippered the boat in a racing event. Also, Lisa was the highest placing boat with an all female team. Go girls!

Sean and John Mayall

Saturday and Sunday found the boats competing in a gold fleet for experienced racers and a silver fleet for less experienced sailors. Racing conditions were fantastic as usual and both days had winds in the 10-15 knot range with minimal oscillation. There was plenty of hiking and lots of very close racing. The Arizona Yacht Club was well represented in the Silver fleet with Sean driving to first place and bringing home a Capri 14.2 Nationals perpetual trophy. Steve/Christina sailed to a second place finish and Lisa/Rick took fourth. Looks like Sean and Steve will be in the gold fleet next year.

Renew Your AYC Membership for 2010-2011

Renew your Membership before the deadline!

Check your online account on the Active registration system. Pay outstanding balances, change your password, etc.

2nd Annual Ladies Day at the Lake – 2 October

Sign up now!

Practice Race Day – This Saturday 18 Sep

Lake Pleasant 18 September starting about 11:00. Come out, tune up and have some fun! Beer and Nachos to follow at Spinnaker Point!