The Spaghetti Bowl for Setting Race Marks

By David Newland, Lake Pleasant Lake Captain I remember the first time I stared at a Lake Pleasant mark set bucket and wondered about that cleat bolted to the side (…and those bricks). After some instruction (and trial and error), I figured it out. And, fortunately,

Lazy, Crazy Daze of Autumn

The pictures tell the story. Surprisingly patient sailors waiting for a breath of air on Tempe Town Lake (11/10). Kick back, enjoy the sun. Don't move or you'll yank the laminar flow from the drooping sails.   Seven Sunfish were out, decorating the water with colorful

TTL Turns Tumultuous Twenty

By Mike Ferring It was never supposed to be quite like this, but 20 years after water gurgled into the ditch that was the Salt River along  the 202, the small body of water that became Tempe Town Lake is still a key part of Arizona

LP Wind: Just the Facts

By Mike Ferring What month has the best wind at Lake Pleasant? There's a lot of legend and guesswork swirling in the breezes of AYC. I remember vividly listening to the argument for moving the Birthday Regatta to February, the assertion that it's warmer then and the

Another Light Wind TTL Weekend

By Bob Naylor - Sunfish Fleet Captain   Wind conditions for Sunday’s races (10/13) were less than favorable on an otherwise beautiful Sunday afternoon. Sailors relied on their light-air tactics for much of the day while contending with periods of no wind, very light wind, 180-degree wind

The Amazing Jerome Rand

Jerome Rand got a standing ovation when he finished speaking at the AYC October monthly meeting and I don't recall that ever happening before. But then, it was quite the story he told. The tale really needs to begin with his 2012 trek along the Appalachian

LP Fall Week Two Proves Flukey

And how unusual is that? On Saturday we gave some serious thought to giving up when the wind failed to show until well into the afternoon, but when it arrived we enjoyed some good racing, bouncing west-east on windward-leeward courses. Sunday arrived with with strong north wind

TTL Race Weekend #3

By Clay Poulson, Portsmouth Fleet Captain Week three of the 2019 Tempe Town Lake race series turned out to be a dandy. The racing dinghy fleets were greeted with fairly steady westerlies ranging up to the mid teens. A bit up and down but generally, we