Current AYC Volunteer Opportunities

AYC Adopt-a-Boat Coordinator

This role may be a good fit for:

  • Current TTL racers who are willing to show up a little early.
  • Current Adopt a Boat sailors.
  • Anyone familiar with rigging the primary boats: Lasers & C14.2s.
  • A retired sailor.

There may be a need to help with rigging, backing up and launching, and getting the boat back to storage without killing the mast. The mast killer keeps overhead electrical wires and masts from striking.

Coordinator Roles/Responsibilities (in general)

  • Be the primary contact for participants.
  • Establish timely communications with participants.
  • Confirm participants’ membership in AYC.
  • Confirm registration in the race series.
  • Ensure the “Boat Use Agreement” is completed and signed.
  • Collect and review the “Boat Use Sailor Checkout Test” (six-question test).
  • Coordinate other helpers to meet with participants as needed.
  • Keep forms for each Adopt a Boat participant until the season is over.
  • If reported or discovered, communicate needed boat repairs to ASF.

Email Bob Naylor if you can help

AYC Greeter Team

We need 1-4 people to volunteer and self-manage their rotation at monthly meetings and other social events. It’s a fun position that helps you get to know the many great members of AYC! Here’s the gist of the role:

  • Welcome members and guests, manage sign-ins, and provide name tags. 
  • Provide burgees for burgee exchanges.
  • Assist Commodore in meetings, as needed.

More details will be provided once volunteers are secured.

Email Deb Heisler if you can help

AYC Safety Committee

Our membership recently approved changes to our Bylaws by establishing a standing Safety Committee to ensure a continuing focus on water safety for club events. Our new Safety Committee will:

  • Advise and make recommendations to the Racing and Cruising Captains and the AYC Board of Directors related to safety matters.
  • Create, maintain, and communicate Emergency Actions Plans for club on-the-water events.
  • Investigate safety incidents and provide written findings and recommendations to the AYC Board of Directors.
  • Provide membership with messaging and information related to sailing and boating safety.

We need a few members to staff our new Committee.

If you have expertise or a general interest in boating and water safety and are interested in serving on this Committee, please get in touch with Bob Naylor by email: