PHRF Sport Boat

The Sport Boat Fleet is built for speed.

It’s the home of the Viper 640, the light, rapid, carbon-fiber-rich 21-foot, scoop-tailed speed boat.

Viper 640 at speed
Viper 640 at speed. Photo: Chris Smith

Right now AYC also has a J/70, Melges 24, and Ultimate 20.
Exciting, right? Here’s a video of the 2014 Viper 640 North American Championship in Long Beach.
PHRF Sport Boats are monohulls flying asymmetrical spinnakers. They conform to the SoCal PHRF rules.
Southern California PHRF rules
SoCal Ratings by Manufacturer
AYC Sport Boat Fleet Rules

Mike Hester is thumbs up!

For further information, contact Fleet Captain Mike Hester

Sportboats on a spinnaker run. Photo: Joanne Aspinall