The Viper 640 is one of the world’s most exciting racing boats!
This 21-foot racing keel boat has suddenly become one of Arizona Yacht Club’s most competitive fleets, with some of its top sailors. Light, agile, and responsive, if you give these boats a little wind, they’ll fly. New and used boats are available immediately.
You Tube Video downwind (and You Tube has various other Viper videos)+

  • LOA: 21’1″
  • LWL: 19’1″
  • BEAM: 8’2″
  • DSPL: 725 lbs.
  • BALLAST: 185 lb.
  • DRAFT: up 1’10, down 4’6″
  • SA: 252 sq. ft. plus spinnaker 425 sq. ft.
  • DESIGNER: Brian Bennett
  • Open transom

Viper National Class Web site
AYC Viper Facebook
Contact Fleet Captain Laurent Dion.