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Summer Campout

Steve Nahkala works the barbeque at Kinnikinick.
Steve Nahkala works the barbeque at Kinnikinick. Photos: Mike Ferring

The Annual AYC Summer Campout will continue to be called the “Not-Kinnikinick,” because we’ve left the traditional deep-in-the-woods camping spot in order to move to Dairy Springs Campground by Mormon Lake.
The dates are Friday to Sunday, August 2-4, 2019.
Cruising Captain Heather McClain says that we’re doing this year’s campout as a joint venture with the Lake Pleasant Sailing Club, with them in lot A and us in lot B.
You can just show up and grab a spot, but organizers Matt and Andi Baker can also reserve a spot for you. Email Andi to let them know you’re coming. And you can also reserve a spot on the parks website.
Otherwise, it’s the usual low-key social thing. Some people arrive on Friday, so you could too. More people appear on Saturday. There’s some sailing, hanging out, Liar’s Dice, eating, and that kind of stuff. Pot luck Saturday night. Tom Ohlin will fill you in on more of it below. There’s no registration and no fee.
Sailing at Lake Mary 13 miles away if you bring your own small boat.
Scavenger Hunt for kids (some boys and girls in previous years returned from the forest with interesting items)
Forest Golf Driving Competition
Horse Shoe competition (we need one more set of shoes & stakes)
Frisbee Golf
Best camping creative craft (make something out of “stuff” found)
Chubby Bunny (marshmallow stuffing) contest

Kids compete for certificates in lots of games.
Kids compete for certificates in lots of games.

The Schedule
Friday Dinner – Do your own thing.
Saturday Breakfast – Open grill. Bring your eggs, bacon, pancakes, and bread for French toast and somebody might even cook them for you.
Saturday Dinner – Open grill. Bring your own meat to grill and if your last name starts with A-H Side Dish (beans, pasta, casserole, etc.); I-P Salad or Veggies (Greens, Potato, etc.); Q-Z Dessert
Sunday Breakfast – Survivors’ Breakfast. Open Grill. Same as Saturday,
History of Kinnikinick, by Tom Ohlin, Who’s Been to Nearly All of ‘Em:
The Kinnikinick Campout started in the early 80’s with three or four couples camping for the weekend. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the break from the heat and the relaxed social atmosphere and it just grew every year. I think we peaked at about 120 folks and have had as few as a dozen or so.
The location was PRIMITIVE! You packed out what you packed in, except AYC provided the required Porta-Johns. The area was bounded by meadows and road, so it was very difficult for kids to get lost if they never crossed a road or meadow. The trees in the area are large Ponderosa pines, so there was some relief from the sun.
The accommodations are still whatever you bring, from pup tent to motor home. We usually have a potluck dinner on Saturday night and have horseshoes, pasture golf, bocce ball, Liar’s Dice and BS to fill in the day. Some folks come up as early as Wednesday, several on Thursday, but most on Friday.
This is a really fun event and gives new members as well as long-timers a great opportunity to socialize and enjoy the cool pines. The weather is always cooler in the high country but can be a bit wet. Plan to bring a dish to share for the Pot Luck and come up for a great time!

Tom Ohlin
Tom Ohlin has been a fun fixture at summer campouts.