Race Committee Tool Kit

Thank you for volunteering to serve on Race Committee and being an essential part of AYC’s on-the-water activities. Please review the information about the lake you will be serving at, and don’t forget the “Common Stuff.”

Lake Pleasant Information

Mike Ferring produced a short introductory video about the club’s racing at Lake Pleasant.
Video: Arizona Yacht Club Sailboat Racing – Lake Pleasant (3 minutes)

Lake Pleasant Mark Setting
You need to know how to handle the race marks and the anchoring system—and doing it wrong will make a complete mess that someone else will have to fix. Lake Captain David Newland and his son Josh created this video to show how it’s done correctly.
Video: Setting Race Marks at Lake Pleasant (7 minutes)

Lake Pleasant Chart L

Lake Pleasant is less than one hour north of central Phoenix. If you’ve never been there, plan at least 90 minutes to get there, take the shuttle to the Valet Dock, and get settled for departure. Here are directions to Lake Pleasant.

Tempe Town Lake information

We usually use one of two boats docked in the TTL Marina. The boats are owned by ASF and used during AYC races. Please use the Powerboat Checklist when aboard either boat as an operator. The list is comprehensive and also includes items related to Lake Pleasant. Please indicate, on the checklist, any items that are NA to TTL.

Tempe Town Lake Marina is plunked down in the middle of metro Phoenix, bordered on the north by Route 202. Here’s more information and directions on how to get there.

Tempe Town Lake Chart D / Additional Chart Information

The Common Stuff

Approved Powerboat Operators and AYC Powerboat Checklist (PDF printable)

Race Write-up and Photos
Event photos are usually taken by someone on RC. The person serving as PRO is asked to identify someone from their fleet to take a few pictures or do a brief write-up on the day’s event.

Please submit your write-up and photo upload notifications to the club communications team.

Photos: If you took photos, please sort through them and upload your best 20-30 shots to our AYC SmugMug account. Please, no photo dumping or blurry pics.
You give the club permission to use your photos on our Facebook page and in our weekly newsletter by uploading your photos. Members may also download them for free.

Please submit your write-up and photo upload notifications to the club communications team.

Beginning in fall 2022, any protest or redress hearings will be conducted online. Hearing requests must be filed according to the Sailing Instructions using the US Sailing app, the form linked below, or by sending a simple qualifying email to the Racing Captain.

Hearing Request (Protest) Form (PDF)

Approved Powerboat Operators and AYC Powerboat Checklist (PDF printable)

Arizona Yacht Club Fleets
Arizona Yacht Club has several fleets, each active with many boats and good sailors. See the fleet page here.