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Ruth Beals Cup

The first annual Ruth Beals Cup Regatta was created in 2005 by club members Maryellen Ferring, Wendy Larson, and Marilyn Moyer-Ward and named after our Club founder, Ruth Beals. These women then expanded the event to include a social after the race. They were not just the visionaries of this regatta, but they also executed it.

This woman at the helm race is a bring your boat PHRF scored fun day with a few men along as crew.

Winners and Crew by Year

2021Alexia LorchMartin Lorch
Cedric Lorch
2020Alexia LorchMartin Lorch
Cedric Lorch
2019Brooke MillerJeff Coulter
2018Cindyl PilloteBob Worrall
2017Chrisann TortoraMike Hester 
2017Ellen WesleyVictor Felice
2015Maryellen FerringMike Ferring 
2014Maryellen FerringMike Ferrring
2013Cynthia PilloteChrisann Tortora
2012Amy GrotheSteve Grothe
2011Maggie BlummCarina Freedman
2009Amy GrotheSteve Grothe
2008Sheila ReedLucien Sahali
2007Barbara TingonChristine Renaud
2005Barbara Tingon Joyce Wieler