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Tempe Town Lake Scores

The scores are posted for last weekend of racing at Tempe Town Lake. Click here for scores.

Tempe Town Lake Scores

Scores for TTL 13 Mar are posted.

Click here for Scores.

Annual High School Sailing Championship

This year’s High School Sailing Championship will be held 16 April 2011 at Tempe Town Lake.  Click on the RACING PAGE for NOR, SI and Sign up forms.

TTL Week 6 Scores

Scores for Tempe Town Lake Week 6 are posted.

Click here for results.

Tempe Town Lake to add Paddleboarding to its Watersports

Hey everyone…not sure if you heard about this or not.  There was an article in the Arizona Republic not to long ago.

Anyway, for more information about classes, dates and times click here.

Please also remember that a sailboat under sail must GIVE WAY to a “human powered” craft…even if we’re racing!


TTL Week 5 Race Results…

…ARE POSTED!  Check them out and see who was there and who was square!  CLICK HERE!

TTL Week 4 Race Results

Week 4 Race Results are posted!  CLICK HERE to see who was hot, and who was not…

New TTL Key Cards Being Issued

In case you didn’t hear, this is from Okie at Tempe Parks and Rec:

We will be changing our card keys for marina access on Monday, February 14, 2011. That means that the current key you are using will not work at the marina starting Monday, 2/14 and you will need a new key. I or my assistant Ryan will be at the marina (we are usually in the shade cover area that the rowing shells are stored) at the following times to distribute new keys:

Saturday, February 5, from 6am to 12 noon.
Thursday, February 10, 4pm to 6:30pm
Saturday, February 12, from 6am to 12 noon.

You will need to show a card key to get a new card key. Your old key will work (as was mentioned) until 2/14. Then the new key will start working and the old card should be thrown away as it will no longer work.

I understand this will be a bit of a hassle for some of you to get to the marina at the times listed. However it will allow us to operate  a more efficient card key system and it therefore needs to be done. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you all,

TTL Week 3 Results Posted

Week Three Results are posted on the RACE RESULTS page!  See where you stand (or sit!??!?)

Tempe Town Lake – Results from First Two Weeks

Off to a bit of a slow start in the first two wees of racing at TTL, but here are the results anyway:

Tempe Town Lake Results

Fall Race Series Winners

Congratulations to all Fall Race Series Fleet Champions:

Lake Pleasant

  • Catalina 22 –  None Yet – Martin Lorch
  • Merit 25 –  Blue Streak – Norman Anderson
  • PHRF Non-Spin – Melissa Kay – Mike Ferring
  • PHRF Spin –  Bad Idea – Dave Christensen
  • Thistle – [No Name] – Trey Harlow
  • Viper 640 – NAGA – Charles Kaye

Tempe Town Lake

  • Buccaneer 18-  Slur – Matt Davis
  • Capri 14.2 – Sea Ya’ – Mike Ferring
  • Laser – [No Name] – Mike Bernard
  • Portsmouth – Waterdog – Joe Motil

TTL Final Results POSTED!

TTL Final Results are posted on the RACING RESULTS PAGE!

Congrats to our Fleet winners for the first half of our season…get ready for next season by SIGNING UP NOW!

Spring Series Sign Ups POSTED!

Ahoy Sailors,

I know everyone is focused on getting ready for the Birthday Regatta, but don’t forget to sign up for the SPRING RACE SERIES! NORs and SIs are posted and you can REGISTER ONLINE for these series along with the Birthday Regatta.

Get to it you scallywags!

TTL Week 4 Scores Posted

Yes, we’re a week behind…these are NOT the final results…but they are results!

TTL Scores are on the Racing Results Page


TTL Week 3 Scores Posted!

What a crazy Sunday afternoon…wind gusts over 20mph AND the Ironman Triathlon made for a spectacle!  To see how everyone did, check out these race results!

George Tingom hits YouTube!

Tempe Town Lake Race Results

The good, the bad, and the ugly…

Race Results for the TTL Race Results from Sunday the 14th of Nov are posted.

Race Scores Updated!

See the latest race results from TTL and from LP at the Race Results Page.

Here are some photos from the action at LP this weekend.

AYC Race Training Returns to TTL!

It was an agonizing 91 days, but finally our favorite little city lake is full and everyone seemed to really be happy about it.  Reasonable winds made for competitive one design sailing.  Most of the Laser fleet was neck and neck all the way around the course and Emory Heisler bested the Bucc 18 fleet single-handing! (or so he says…scores forthcoming!)  Speaking of scores…great job C14.2 fleet to RC Duty! Thanks to Dave Evans for the great photos and to Joe Motil for lending him the camera and for posting them online…click here for the full Picasa Web album.

Tempe Town Lake RACING (Finally!)

I know it’s been a while, but TTL SUNDAYS are BACK!  Sign up now online if you haven’t already.  According to NOR/SI C-14s are Race Committee.  As this is the last day of October, First Gun is 3:00pm.  Come out, get wet and GO SAILING!