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Your Photos on Our Website!

We’ve updated the AYC Website to allow you to POST your photos directly to the site!  Of course, we’ll have to take a quick peek at them before we let them show up – it is a family friendly club after all…

Anyway, you can navigate to the page from the menu on the website or you can go directly to the page here:


We look forward to seeing your fantastic photos!

AYC Web Team


SolarPower2Go – New AYC Website Sponsor!

I’m happy to announce that the AYC Website has a new sponsor:  SolarPower2Go!  They specialize in high performance, portable solar charging gear for your devices.  Their backpacks and computer bags come with embedded solar panels that charge a state of the art battery pack, able to charge your cell phone, iPod, GPS, DSI, Camera, iPad or even a laptop & more! These bags are tough, lightweight, waterproof and made from recycled materials.  Check them out at www.MySolarPower2Go.com and watch for them in the Compass Points and on our website.

More Ways to Stay in Touch with Your AYC

Hi everyone,

Several of you have asked me about how Facebook works or how to get information sent to you from the website, so I thought I would do a piece on some of the new features of the site, many of which are why we moved to the new format in the first place.

First off, the simplest way to get information sent to you from the website is right at the top where is says “Subscribe to the Feed Via Email.”  This simply emails you anytime anyone posts a new article to the website.

Speaking of that, who can write articles?  Well, anyone can write an article and send it to me and I’ll get it posted.  The longer answer is that members of the board have access and can write and publish directly to the site.  ANYONE can comment on an article.  If you see an article on the front page of the website you can click it to read the rest of the story.  If you have an opinion or a comment, there is an opportunity to leave your thoughts at the bottom of each page.  You have to leave us some information and your comment has to be approved (just to make sure random people don’t send in bogus spam) but that happens pretty quickly.  This is not meant to replace the Yahoo group, just another opportunity to have a discussion.

We also have a page to submit photos for us to use.  This is a great, easy way to get published on the site.  I’m going to make every attempt to use the photos in articles.  On the form there is an opportunity to tell us the story behind it, if there is any…

So then we get to the social media stuff.  By far, the most popular place for social media is Facebook.  First thing you’ll need is an account.  They are free and you can use it to keep up with all your friends as well as the AYC.  Just go to the Facebook homepage and sign up.  If you’ve never used Facebook, here is a short video on how to sign up for an account and find and become a fan of the AYC Fan Page.

Now that you have a Facebook account, you can search for the Arizona Yacht Club page using the search bar at the top or you can go directly to www.Facebook.com/arizonayachtclub.  Once you are there, you should see something that says “Like” this.  It should look like this:

Alternatively, you can open our website www.arizonayachtclub.org and go to to the box on the lower right side and “like” the page there.  Once you do that, you will receive status updates to your Facebook homepage.  I’ve set it up so that any NEW post also shows up on the Facebook page.

So, the last thing you can do is to “Follow” @AZYTCLB on Twitter.com.  Again, you’ll need a Twitter.com account and all you have to do is search for us.  Here is our Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/azytclb

If you have questions, please use the comment block at the bottom, because if you have a question, chances are someone else does to!  Thanks!

AYC Website Photo Upload Page

Hey everyone,

In a continuing effort to include YOUR stuff on our website we’ve added a place where you can submit your photos for inclusion in articles.  All we ask is that you give us some information about your photo and maybe a little background story if we don’t already have a post going on that event.  We can’t promise all photos submitted will be used, but we’ll definitely do our best to include your (appropriate  🙂 ) submissions.

The Web Team

ArizonaYachtClub.Org goes MOBILE!

As we continue to upgrade the website, the most recent advancement is the ability to view a “slimmed down” version on your mobile phone. Just navigate your mobile browser to www.arizonayachtclub.org like you normally would on your computer and you will get the 10 latest posts, a search function and access to all of the pages in the menu items.  Hopefully this will help get you to the right lake on the right day!

From the Commodore’s Desk…

Ahoy Friend,

Welcome to the newly revised AYC website. This is a new effort at taking a great idea and trying to make it even better. What you see before you is the result of efforts to upgrade and add features to one of our main communication tools, the AYC website. Much of what was created before is being utilized in the new design. This is so that members and anyone wanting to find out about sailing in Arizona, can interact with our site.  Change always seems tough but the technologies of today require adaptation.

Please join me in a well deserved thank you to Mike Ferring for his multiple years of service as webmaster,  shaping and giving the website much of its look and style. Mike has done a fabulous job with our website.  Nicely done!  After many years of dedication, Mike made his decision to pass the baton on. Rob Gibbs has accepted the challenge as the new webmaster and stepped up to help renovate the new website you see before you.

There are new social networking tools embedded into this website. These enable a broader range of communication formats that allow you to be notified directly of current events and activities when they are posted. As with all new things, it will take time to shape it into the mature product our former web sight had become but it will allow for easier maintenance and facilitate a broader outreach.

Yours in sailing,

Joe Motil