AYC Junior Sailing Awards

Wayne Jason Tucker Trophy: Most Improved Junior Sailor

Wayne Jason Tucker

The Wayne Jason Tucker Perpetual Trophy is awarded annually in the spring to the Junior who shows the most improvement in sailing skills in any sailboat, 16 feet or under.

The Junior Sailor must be under the age of 16 years and must be a member of the Arizona Yacht Club. The Junior Sailor must show skills in rigging, boat handling, seamanship, and safety procedures. The Junior Sailor must display courtesy and sportsmanship.

Each year, the winner’s name will be engraved on the trophy with the year of the award. A certificate shall also be awarded to the recipient.


2023 – Razel Holloway
2020 – 2022 Not Awarded
2019 – William Steenken
2018 – Myles Danner
2017 – Myles Danner
2016 – Ema & Wilson Davis
2015 – Emily Nowak
2014 – Ian Altobelli
2013 – Isabel Love
2012 – Ema Davis
2011 – Not Awarded 
2010 – Jack Griffin
2009 Abigail Verplanke
2008 Aaron Sycamore
2007 Drew Zambroski
2006 Alex Heisler
2005 Andy Zimmerman
2004 Reed Deardorff
2003 Tally Buckstaff
2002 Not Awarded
2001 Maggie Blumm
2000 Not Awarded 
1999 Shawn Groce 
1998 Mike Chacon
1997 Mike Chacon 
1996 Ashley Smaltz
1995 Not Awarded
1994 Chris Haning

Wayne and Dotty Ann Tucker established the award in memory of their son Wayne Jason Tucker (6-27-1974 to 4-4-1994). Boats Jason sailed: Sabot, Fatty Knee, Windrose 24, Laser, San Juan 7.7. At age three, Jason was sailing with his parents during races and pleasure sails. Jason’s mother, Dotty Ann Tucker, helped start the first AYC Junior sailing program, with Jason single-handing his first sailboat at age 10. By high school, Jason owned a Laser and zipped along Lake Pleasant and Chaparral. He often accompanied his parents and AYC on many outings to California, including sails to Catalina Island, San Diego Harbor, Newport Beach and Long Beach. In honor of Jason, the Wayne Jason Tucker Trophy is awarded annually to an AYC Junior sailor.

Jerry Linderman Award: Most Improved Junior Racer

This AYC award is named in memory of longtime AYC member Jerry Linderman and honors the junior racer who shows the most improvement during the year.


2022 – Avery Danner
2019 – Ethan Wei
2018 – Ethan Wei and Matthew Haggart
2017 – Colin Gibbs
2016 – Ethan Swatz
2015 – Tie: Sean, Bailey, and Claria Kohnen
2014 – Peter Blake
2013 – Wilson Davis
2012 – Ema Davis
2011 – Tony Eanes
2008 – Phillip Eason