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Birthday Regatta

Click here to see the extensive information and registration for the Birthday Regatta scheduled for February 16-18.

governor’s cup regatta

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

Long Racecourse Chart

Short Racecourse Chart

The 2023 Governor’s Cup Regatta will be a novel “Fiasco” pursuit race format. It’s a pursuit race where slower-rated boats start first and faster-rated start later with times calculated so that all should finish at the same time, if equally sailed. If wind is expected to be light, we’ll sail the short racecourse chart; if it’s expected to be stronger, then it’s the long course. The racecourse will be announced when starting times are announced.

Fiasco? That’s truly nuts: boats start and finish, round marks in any order and any direction. Here’s more.

Lake Pleasant Racing

Note: Race Documents were updated on 8/9/23

15November2023: Amend Sailing Instructions to show the start line may be either between the RC mast and a red ball or between the mast and a robotic mark with an orange flag. The finish line may be between the mast and a yellow ball or between a blue flag on the signal boat and a yellow ball.

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions
Lake Pleasant Chart L
Additional Chart Information

TIME: Races begin at 12:30 pm Saturdays and 8:30 am on two Sundays

Race Committee Assignments (Subject to change)
September 30 & October 1: Catalina 22 (September 30 canceled)
October 7: Santana 20
October 28: Portsmouth
November 11: Thistle & Multi-Hull
November 18 & 19: PHRF Spin
December 2 Makeup Day Activated: RC Special Group

Tempe Town Lake Racing

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions
Tempe Town Lake Chart D
Additional Chart Information

TIME: Races begin at 3pm during September and October; 2pm during November and December.

Race Committee Assignments
September 17: Portsmouth
September 24: Laser
October 8: Sunfish
October 22: C14
October 29: Portsmouth
November 12: Laser
November 26: Sunfish
December 10: C14

Additional Information & Resources

Sky view of the Lake Pleasant Race Committee signal boat.
The Lake Pleasant Race Committee Boat. Photo: Mike Ferring
LAKE PLEASANT VIDEOS (click to expand)

Video: Arizona Yacht Club Sailboat Racing – Lake Pleasant (3 min video)

Video: Lake Pleasant Mark Setting
How to handle race marks and the anchoring system—doing it wrong will make a complete mess. Lake Captain David Newland and his son Josh prepared this video to show how it’s done.

Racing at Lake Pleasant (LP)
Racing at Tempe Town Lake (TTL)

Lake Pleasant is less than one hour north of central Phoenix. If you’ve never been there, plan at least 90 minutes to get your boat ready, in the water, and to the starting line. Here are directions to Lake Pleasant.

Tempe Town Lake Marina is plunked down in the middle of metro Phoenix, bordered on the north by Route 202. Here’s more information and directions on how to get there.

Interested in crewing this season? Read more on our Crew Connection page.

Protest or redress hearings will be conducted online. Hearing requests must be filed according to the Sailing Instructions using the US Sailing app, the form linked below, or by sending a simple qualifying email to the Racing Captain.

Hearing Request (Protest) Form (PDF)

2021-2024 Racing Rules of Sailing: Effective January 1, 2021
US Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024 Website


Video: Swanage Sailing Club – Sailboat Rescue and Safety Training Video (15 min)
This video includes how to right a capsized boat: small, large, and catamarans; towing, retrieving a person in the water, dropping safety crew to help; acting fast to avert danger; and handling injuries.

Powerboat Operators for Tempe Town Lake & Lake Pleasant Boats
To drive an AYC-owned boat for race committee duties at Lake Pleasant or an ASF-owned boat at Tempe Town Lake, you must be 18 or older and attend the current AYC-required training. Training is normally held in the Fall of each year, before the beginning of the racing season. List of Powerboat Operators

Arizona Yacht Club Fleets
Arizona Yacht Club has several fleets, each active with many boats and good sailors. See the fleet list here.

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