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Racing Entries and Information

Ruth Beals Cup Regatta

October 9 at Lake Pleasant
This annual Distance Race honors AYC’s founder Ruth Beals with competitive racing between women skippers.

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions (revised Oct-8)
Race Chart (revised Oct-8)

2021 Fall Racing Series

Series: Any fleet with five (5) or more series registrants by September (tbd) will be deemed an active fleet. Fewer than five will be combined with a handicap fleet.

Day Entry: You’ll need an entry for each day you race. Day entries are not eligible for series scoring.

Lake Pleasant

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions
Lake Pleasant Chart L
Additional Chart Information
Arizona Yacht Club Sailboat Racing – Lake Pleasant (3 min video)

LP Race Committee – Fall 2021:
September 18-19: Sport Boat
October 2-3: Santana 20
October 16-17: Catalina 22 and PHRF Non-Spin
October 30-31: PHRF Spin
November 13-14: Thistle and Multi-hull
Races begin at 12:30 pm Saturdays and 9 am Sundays

Tempe Town Lake

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions
Tempe Town Lake Chart C
Additional Chart Information

TTL Race Committee – Fall 2021:
September 12: Sunfish
September 26: Laser
October 10: C-14.2
October 24: Portsmouth
November 7: Sunfish
November 28: Laser
December 5: C-14.2
December 12: Portsmouth
Races begin at 3pm during September and October, and at 2pm during November and December.

Approved Powerboat Operators for AYC & ASF Boats

Updated October 2021: To drive an AYC-owned boat at Lake Pleasant or ASF-owned boat at Tempe Town Lake, you must be 18 or older and hold certification for safe powerboat operation from US Sailing, be a US Small Boat Instructor or have a completion certificate from BoatUS Boat Safety Course (online & free). Those holding certificates from the BoatUS Boat Safety course must also attend an AYC on-the-water practical at Lake Pleasant.

Boats at Tempe Town Lake are owned by the Arizona Sailing Foundation (ASF) the city of Tempe now requires any powerboat driver to hold a BoatUS Safe Boating certificate of completion. AYC is also requiring TTL drivers to attend the on-the-water practical at Lake Pleasant.

Sign Up Here If you’re interested in being an AYC powerboat driver.

List of AYC Approved Powerboat Operators


2021-2024 Racing Rules of Sailing: Effective January 1, 2021
RRS 2021-2024 version from World Sailing -PDF/ WS Study Version PDF
US Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024 Website
Unofficial Study Version PDF
Protest form

Information for Race Committee members: You need to know how to handle the race marks and the anchoring system—and doing it wrong will make a complete mess that someone else will have to fix. Lake Captain David Newland and son Josh prepared this video to show how it’s done.

New to racing? Want to try it?
Our club Racing Fleet Captain and all of our individual Fleet Captains are knowledgeable about racing and are an excellent resource to our club. Feel free to contact any of them with your questions (see fleets below).
Consider being crew, taking our introductory class, or plunge in using your own boat or an adopted boatHere’s a written introduction to Lake Pleasant racing and here’s a brief introduction to Tempe Town Lake racing. The procedures are a little different at each lake. Do you have a cruising boat and consider yourself a cruiser? Consider racing your cruising boat. Here are links to racing tips on this website.

Rules and Start Sequence: Here’s a chart to help you follow our five-minute Lake Pleasant start sequence. And the three-minute Tempe Town Lake start. At Lake Pleasant, AYC follows the US Sailing RRS 5-minute start sequence, but to save time we use rolling starts. When one fleet’s race begins, another fleet is immediately on the start clock.  The Lake Pleasant Course Chart “L” shows the configuration of the “Boards” we use to start races.

Arizona Yacht Club Fleets

Arizona Yacht Club has several fleets, each active with many boats and good sailors. The fleets include:

We have two scheduled race series at Lake Pleasant in the spring and fall of each year, plus the annual Birthday Regatta & Leukemia Cup in February. Small boats race Sunday afternoons at Tempe Town Lake, with races running nearly year-round. Race day start times vary by time of year so that racing ends near dusk.
Each Lake Pleasant series contains five race weekends and we normally get in five-six races each weekend, depending on wind. Races begin at 12:30 p.m. on Saturdays and at 9 a.m. on Sundays. See the calendar for schedules.

Lake Pleasant is less than one hour north of central Phoenix. If you’ve never been there, plan at least 90 minutes to get your boat ready, in the water, and all the way to the starting line. Here are directions to Lake Pleasant.

Tempe Town Lake Marina is plunked down in the middle of metro Phoenix, bordered on the north by Route 202. Here’s more information and directions on how to get there.

Many racing documents are Adobe Reader pdf files. If you don’t have an Adobe Reader on your computer, you can get one free by clicking on the Acrobat logo.  It’s easy. Really.