Photos: View and Share

We appreciate having photos from our events to use on our website and social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, and you are welcome to submit a FEW of yours. We ask that you adhere to the photo criteria below. NO PHOTO DUMPS, please!

Criteria for Sharing

  • If you don’t care about credits, just upload your favorite pics but make sure they are good ones. Select the top few that you think we’d all enjoy viewing.
  • If you volunteer as an event photographer, read Shooting Sailboat Racing tips first. Please limit the number of submitted photos to 10-15 per event unless you are the official photographer for a larger event like one of our bigger Regattas.
  • Do a batch renaming of your files so we know who gets photo credits. If there is someone in the pic you’d like to identify, add their name. Something like this: event_month-year_your last name. Instructions here.
    • From File Explorer, select all the files you wish to rename, then press the F2 key. The name of the last file will be highlighted. Type the new name you wish to give to every file, then press Enter. All the files you selected are christened with the same name but with a number in parentheses to make each filename unique.
  • Submit only clear photos and lean down the multiples to “the one.”
  • Again, sort and rename the photos before uploading. NO PHOTO DUMPS, please!

Upload your photos directly to the AYC SmugMug account.
This site has a handy drag-and-drop option allowing you to select photos from your library or file folder and upload them quickly. Photos on your phone? Download the SmugMug app for easier uploading. You can also rename photos on your phone!
Upload: Arizona Yacht Club SmugMug Photo Library.

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