Share Your Photos

We appreciate having photos from our events to use on our website and social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, and you are welcome to submit a FEW of yours. There are two ways to share, but we ask that you adhere to the photo criteria below. NO PHOTO DUMPS, please!

Criteria for Sharing

  • If you volunteer as an event photographer, read Shooting Sailboat Racing tips first. Please limit the number of submitted photos to 10-15 per event unless you are the official photographer for a larger event.
  • Submit only clear photos and lean down the multiples of the same shot to “the one.”
  • Again, sort the photos before uploading. NO PHOTO DUMPS, please!
  • Do a batch renaming of your photos – Read “Shooting Sailboat Racing” tips above.

1. Our preferred method is for you to upload your photos directly to the AYC SmugMug account. This site has a handy drag-and-drop option allowing you to select photos from your library or file folder and upload them quickly. Photos on your phone? Download the SmugMug app for easier uploading. Upload: Arizona Yacht Club SmugMug Photo Library.

2. Submit a link to a specific folder from your preferred image library, such as Google Photos, Dropbox, Smugmug, etc.