Share Your Photos

We appreciate having photos from our events, and you are welcome to submit a few of yours. There are two ways to share, but we ask that you adhere to the photo criteria below. NO PHOTO DUMPS, please!


  • Please limit the number of photos to 15-20 per event unless you are the official photographer for a larger event.
  • Submit only clear photos.
  • Please sort the photos before uploading. NO PHOTO DUMPS, please!

1. Our preferred method is for you to upload your photos directly to the AYC SmugMug account. This site has a handy drag-and-drop option that allows you to select photos from your library or file folder and get them uploaded quickly. Photos on your phone? Download the SmugMug app for easier uploading.
Click to upload: Arizona Yacht Club SmugMug Photo Library

2. Submit a link to a specific folder from your preferred image library such as Google Photos, Dropbox, Smugmug, etc.