Multihulls: Fast & Fun

Multihull sailing has been around for a while but has gotten some new attention with the foiling cats of America’s Cup and GP Racing among others. Closer to home, cats are among the best boats for handling light to crazy breezes. We go fast when it’s 5 or 25mph on the water: the only limit is your skill and comfort level. We can race bigger boats on Lake Pleasant or participate in the Tempe Town Lake regattas with Hobie Waves or H14s.

This year we’re working on getting back to what made beach cat fleets strong, strong social ties along with great racing and events. We’ll be out at Lake Pleasant for the race series with campouts at Pleasant Harbor Saturday night. Come set up/learn about your boat or help someone with theirs on Saturday and be fresh and ready to race on Sunday morning! You can learn to sail on a Wave or Hobie 16 and/or scream along on one of the spinnaker boats. We sail locally at Pleasant or Roosevelt and travel out to visit other events hosted at Rocky Point or San Diego.

Find out more by contacting Tom Sinnickson, Fleet Captain.

Multi-Hull Fleet Rules

Tom Sinnickson and Steven Dawson Racing H16s at Pleasant.
Photo: Duane Darling

Arizona Fleet 42
The Fleet42 all-makes catamaran club is a local beach catamaran sailing club. Our open fleet includes A-Cats, Formula 16/18, Hobie, NACRAs, Prindle, SolCat, BiMare, and other makes. Many cat owners participate in AYC racing events and organize unique catamaran sailing, training, and pure fun. Visit their website and their Facebook page.
Contact Fleet42 Commodore: Scott Winkler

AYC and Fleet 42 camping out at Pleasant Harbor for
Birthday Regatta 2022
Alter Cup Multihull Championships 2021