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Quick in All Wind

The Thistle is a 17-foot open dinghy designed for racing and daysailing. The sail plan consists of a main, jib, and spinnaker. The large sail area makes the boat fast in most winds.
The original boats were built in the 1940’s, constructed of wood and are still very competitive. Thistles are now built with fiberglass hulls, but still use wood for the rails and gratings. The boats are fast and beautiful.
The Thistle class is a national organization. It’s broken into districts throughout the United States, each district made up of several fleets located in separate cities.
Fleet 127 (part of the Southern California District) in Phoenix, Arizona has 12 boats, including new boats, older wooden boats, and everything in-between. Our skippers have just as wide a range of experience from novice to very experienced, including club champions.
If you’re interested in racing or day-sailing please contact Jason Rziha for more information. Or click to the Thistle national site.
Here are the latest Thistle Fleet Rules.