Green Boating & Clean Regattas

Our planet’s water sustains each one of us and provides endless hours of fun for a sport like ours. The Arizona Yacht Club is committed to practicing and educating its members and others on Green Boating and Clean Regatta best practices. We want to protect and secure clean water for future generations.

Clean Regattas

In 2019, we hosted the Buccaneer Nationals and obtained the Silver Level Certification for our efforts. We adhered to the best practices as published by Sailors for the Sea. Read the Sailors for the Sea interview with AYC Clean Regatta Organizer Debbra Heisler- Committed to the Cause.

Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta Certificates

2019 Buccaneer North American Championship: Silver Level Certification
2020 Birthday Regatta and Leukemia Cup: Silver Level Certification

Our first Clean Regatta was a success thanks to all the Buccaneer sailors that embraced the initiative and did their part.
Go Green, Go Clean With The Resources Below: