The Membership Process

Not complicated. When you click on the “Join” link, you’ll be taken to an online membership site to answer some questions and pay the initiation fee and initial dues. You must pay before being considered for membership.

We’ll ask the usual stuff: name, address, email, and phone. We’ll ask about any boats you might have (but you don’t need a boat to join). Since we want you to be active in the club, we’ll ask what club activities you’d like to help with.

And we’ll ask about sponsors. Sponsors? Yes, not the kind that pays money for advertising, but club members who might know you and would vouch for you—who would say you’re someone we’d want as a member. Don’t know anybody yet? Go ahead and apply for membership anyway. One of our membership people will contact you and chat about your interest in sailing. That membership person will probably sponsor you and arrange for a second sponsor.

At the next meeting of the board of directors (held the first Tuesday of each month), the membership directors will propose you for membership and the board will vote. They nearly always vote “yes.” Nearly always a “no” vote comes because the board isn’t convinced that the applicant is joining AYC to sail with us and to support the club as a member volunteer but perhaps is joining to benefit from reciprocal privileges.

Still have questions? Email the membership directors.