Member App

On-The-Go Access to Member Only Information

We know how easy mobile phone apps have made our life, and now there is one more for you to consider downloading. Wild Apricot for Members – the app links to your AYC profile, member contacts, and events. It is simple to use with only four main menu options:

  1. Profile: You can view and update your profile, renewal due dates, and view your membership eCard.
  2. Members: Want to get in contact with another member? With the eRoster you can quickly find someone and then email or call directly from the app. And the member roster is always up to date!
  3. Events: Here you can view event details, register and pay for an event, and view current registrants. You can also add the event to your calendar and click on the location icon for directions to the event site.
  4. Tickets: This area displays your current registrations and past events dating back to 2014.

Note: The app uses your current login credentials – email and password.

Available for Android and iPhone products.
Go to your device’s app store for download.