Reciprocal Privileges

Visiting Other Yacht Clubs

One of the most exciting benefits you get by belonging to the Arizona Yacht Club is a chance to use some of the West Coast’s most glamorous yacht clubs. As a member of the Southern California Yacht Association made up of over 90 member clubs, we can enjoy full-fledged reciprocal agreements that permit AYC members in good standing to have temporary access to these clubs’ basic services.

When you consider that many yacht clubs have fine premises, restaurants, bars, launching and boat storage facilities (and membership dues that reflect all this luxury), it’s clear that reciprocal privileges are a perk to be treasured, nurtured, and cultivated. Abuse them and we could all lose them.

To maintain goodwill between the AYC and these reciprocating clubs, it’s important to follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure you bring your AYC membership card in good, legible condition. Duplicates are available from the AYC membership directors for a nominal charge but ask at least two weeks before you need the card. You can also print a copy of your membership card from your AYC member profile.
  • Be prepared to present your membership card as soon as you arrive at the reciprocal club. Some clubs have barriers or security guards to prevent unauthorized access, so explain that you’re visiting under their club’s reciprocal agreement. Please do not try to enter without your card; if access is denied, please do not argue. Disappointing as that may be, plan to return later and notify AYC membership directors of the problem to see if they can arrange a more favorable welcome next time.
  • Once you’re cleared to go in, you may be asked to sign a guest book. It is a general courtesy to introduce yourself to the on-site club officer, mentioning your home club and thanking them personally.
  • Needless to say, be gracious and courteous. You are an envoy for AYC, and our entire club will be judged by your actions. Encourage their members to visit us in the winter. Tell them about our great Birthday Regatta, Spring/Fall race series, and our two primary sailing locations (Lake Pleasant and Tempe Town Lake). Offer our Web address.

Which clubs offer reciprocal privileges?
Most of the clubs listed in the Register of American Yacht Clubs. This register is compiled by a for-profit group and began before the days of the world wide web. Some clubs use the register as a reference, but most clubs offer reciprocal privileges whether they appear in this register or not.

Here is a link to their slightly-clunky website.
Click on the “Members Only” link and enter this information:
User name: club1040
Password: y100446c

When you know you will be visiting other clubs, it is recommended that you contact each club individually to discuss the reciprocal privileges they offer to AYC members and what you will need to provide in order to use them. In addition to your membership ID, some clubs require a letter from the Commodore or a Membership Director. With internet searches, locating a yacht club and contacting them before your visit is easy.