February Meeting: North to Alaska

"Windshift" in Kuntze Inlet

Wonder what it would be like to cruise the coast of Alaska? Al and Sandy Lehman lived that adventure and offered the stories and pictures at the February membership meeting: North to Alaska: 12 Years Cruising the Inside Passage.
The Alaska trips probe the rough, beautiful and unpopulated country, as if stepping into an age when the world didn’t operate on Internet time. People who live in the small villages along the way put up with extreme conditions: Al described how the frozen winters are constant dark overcast and how average rainfall is more than 180 inches. Many of the people have to travel dozens of miles for supplies.
The picture is of Lehman’s sailboat Windshift, but they later switched to making the trips by trawler.
All the women in the big Valentine’s Day crowd got a rose and a box of candy for joining their AYC friends at the meeting.

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