ASF Boats Gleam After Work Day

Washing and polishing the ASF fleet. Photos: Bob Nesbit

The Arizona Sailing Foundation boats have a shiny look today after being washed, buffed, and tweaked during a Saturday (2/4) work party. It was all part of an effort to have the boats ready for the spring series of classes by the nonprofit AYC subsidiary, including Start Sailing Right and Sailing Skills Development for adults, high school classes, and two Opti classes for kids.
The 3+ hour work session included cleaning the storage area, washing all the boats and making sure all the rigging and sails are ready for the rough treatment they tend to get from beginning sailors. The work detail was organized by ASF president John Mayall and board members George Tingom and Greg Dean. Some of the others who jumped in to help included: Pat Blumm, the Davis family, Paul Eyssautier, Mike Ferring, Phil Freedman, Chalz Kirubi, Dick Krebill, Bob Nesbit, and Decker Williams. There were at least 3-4 others whose names we missed.
We thank everybody who lent a hand. Next: Let the classes begin!

Greg Dean pushes one of the clean boats into the final line-up at Tempe Town Lake.

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