Sailing Around the World…Just Because


By Bob Naylor

Have you ever wanted to cast off and leave it all behind?  See the world – the whole world – on a sailboat?  Lois and Gunter Hofmann did just that. They gave the heave-ho to their successful but demanding technology careers, bought a 43-foot catamaran, SV Pacific Bliss, and took off on an eight-year, swashbuckler of an adventure, traveling 34,000 nm and circumnavigating the world.  Lois went on to write three award-winning books about their journeys, one for each third of the world.

So reef that main, tighten that safety harness and ride along as Lois shares their adventure at our next monthly meeting. Lois and Gunter have presented to many yacht clubs with critical acclaim. We’re sure you’ll enjoy their story too!

Date and Time: Tuesday, September 8, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

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Lois Joy Hofmann is an author, motivational speaker, adventurer, photographer, and circumnavigator who has reimagined and reinvented her life several times. An entrepreneur and former CEO, Lois discovered higher highs and lower lows than the roller coaster world she left. The decision to sail around the world propelled her out of the intense field of human genetics and biomedical technology and into the thrills, dangers, and bliss of cruising life. As she shares her passions with others, she inspires them to fulfill their dreams, whatever they may be.  When not traveling, Lois resides in San Diego, California and Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. Visit her  website here.