Commodore’s Corner : Wrapping up Year 64

Congratulations to all of you for making this another great year for the Arizona Yacht Club! We came across the start line a bit hesitant after COVID, but we caught the wind and held steady for a championship finish.

If the boots aren’t a perfect fit, don’t worry, you might just grow into them!

Being your Commodore has, at times, seemed like some big boots to fill. As I’m nearing the end of my term, I reflect back and appreciate how much I’ve learned and what we’ve accomplished. Your BOD took care of their roles and responsibilities, leaving me time to tackle a few other things I deemed important.

I scheduled regular meetings with the Maricopa Water District for relationship building and to bring some club needs to the table. In the process, they became sponsors for the Leukemia Cup and have offered a firm commitment to their ongoing support. They have a superb team of players and it’s been a joy to work with them.

We’ve stayed the course regarding the normally scheduled races, regattas, meetings, other social events, and ASF and AYC classes because of the support and countless hours given by the AYC BOD and so many of you, the AYC membership. Improvements have been made to our equipment and new opportunities have been offered. You did this – so again, congratulations, and thank you!

As Commodore, I started counting down the months left in my term just after the Birthday Regatta. Am I ready to be relieved of my watch? You betcha! Has the past year been an incredible journey? Undoubtedly! Please plan on attending our year-end social event, the Commodore’s Celebration on Saturday, May 14. It promises to be an enjoyable evening filled with cocktails, tasty food, awards, and great people.

I know the new elections are still to come and the competition is fierce, but I’ll be presumptuous and assume you’ll have me for another two years as your Staff Commodore. I look forward to supporting the new board with my sage wisdom. I say that tongue-in-cheek since I still have much to learn. Over the next few years, I plan to wrap up some unfinished projects and help facilitate a few long-term projects safely into harbor.

I’d be amiss without thanking my husband, Emory, for his unwavering support. He was visible to all when he stepped in to take on the Birthday Regatta for a second time. Behind the scenes, he helped keep me from excessive heeling or even capsizing a time or two and often acted as my cheerleader – without the short shorts & pom poms – thank goodness!

It’s been an honor and a privilege to serve as your Commodore, and I hope it’s been a memorable and rewarding year of sailing, fun, and camaraderie for each of you.

Blue skies and fair winds,

Deb Heisler
AYC Commodore, 2021-2022